The Best Tactical Belts In 2023

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Top 5 Best Tactical Belts 2023:

  1. Klik Belts Tactical Belt
  2. Hanks Gunner – USA Made Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt
  3. Fairwin Tactical Rigger Belt
  4. GRIP6 Belts for Men & Women- Nylon Belt
  5. 5.11 Tactical Men’s 1.5-Inch Convertible TDU Belt

Tactical belts are extremely useful, especially in situations like hunting, camping, search and rescue, and police and military action. Whatever situation you find yourself in, a tactical belt with essential tools can be crucial for your well-being or well-being of others.

There are many good tactical belts available and finding the right one depends on your personal needs and the items you plan to carry. Whether it’s knives, guns, flashlights or something else, the most important thing is that the belt is strong and durable to manage anything without sagging or stretching.

If you’re looking for a tactical belt but don’t know what to consider or how to choose the best one, we’ve made this list of best tactical belts to help you. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best tactical belts money can buy!

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5 Best Tactical Belts In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Klik Belts Tactical Belt – Best Overall

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If you’re looking for a tough and durable tactical belt, you will not go wrong with Klik military-grade tactical belt.

Cleverly designed with Austrian precision and American craftsmanship, this belt is always ready for action. It’s ideal for emergency services use, law enforcement, and those who carry every day or hold gear like knives, lights, radios and so on. 

Klik tactical belt is made of double-ply heavy-duty nylon and this makes it one of the strongest belts on the market. It’s 1.5” wide so it will be able to handle just about any weight you put on it. It can support holsters for carrying concealed weapons, all kinds of tools and gadgets, and it’s made for heavy-duty use so it can also support extremely heavy weights!

Most tactical belts have strong buckles, but this one beats them all. The patented Cobra buckle on Klik tactical belt is made of 7075 aluminum with a quick-release feature. 7075 aluminum is one of the strongest metals available that even the aerospace industry has been using for almost a century. 

The combination of double-ply nylon and aluminum patented Cobra buckle makes this belt one of the strongest tactical belts in the world! Not only is the belt rigid and extremely durable, but it’s also comfortable. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes, it’s fully adjustable and it can fit easily into all belt loops.


  • Military-grade quality
  • Made of durable double-ply nylon
  • Quick-release buckle is extremely strong
  • Rigid and comfortable


  • It’s a bit pricey

2. Fairwin Tactical Rigger Belt – Budget-Friendly Belt

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Undoubtedly one of the best budget-friendly tactical belts out there is this one by Fairwin. It’s extremely functional, flexible and comfortable so it’s suitable for everyone who’s looking for a good and affordable tactical rigger belt.

The belt comes in many sizes, from S to XXXL. All sizes have a width of 1.5 inches, and whatever size you choose, you’ll have the ability to adjust it accordingly thanks to the notches.

Fairwin tactical rigger belt is made of high strength, fast-dry, eco-friendly 1000D nylon and it has a solid metal belt buckle. This makes it a tough, sturdy, and comfortable piece build to last. If you need a tactical belt that can support a lot of weight, you will not be disappointed by this one, because it was designed for heavy-duty use and it can bear up to 1100 pounds!

Another useful feature on this belt is the quick release buckle. When you push the golden tabs down at the same time, it will release quickly and smoothly. It will only release if both tabs are pushed at once, so even if you accidentally press just one tab, the belt will stay fully locked.

Considering all functionalities and the strength and flexibility of the material, this Fairwin tactical belt is ideal for military training and outdoor camping activities!


  • Strong, fast-dry nylon material
  • Solid metal buckle with quick release feature
  • Made for heavy-duty use
  • Supports up to 1100 pounds
  • Affordable price


  • Too wide for some belt loops

3. Hanks Gunner – USA Made Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt – Premium Gun Belt

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Hanks Gunner belt was carefully designed by skilled USA craftsmen specifically for carrying a concealed weapon. It’s an amazing belt for everyday use that was built to last.

What makes this tactical gun belt indestructible is the top layer which is the toughest part and it’s made of 100 percent full-grain leather so you can be sure it will never sag, stretch or split.

The belt is 1.5 inches wide, so make sure it can fit into pants you plan to wear with it. It also has a removable buckle which is fastened with removable Chicago Screws instead of snaps. This is a very helpful feature because it allows you to easily change the buckle and you don’t have to worry about any snaps breaking, because there are none!

If you want a classic but strong belt that you can wear every day casually but you can easily turn it into a tactical gun belt that will give you easy access to your firearm when necessary, you’ll love Hanks Gunner belt. It comes in many sizes from 28” waist to 76” waist and you can choose between five colors, including black, brown, chestnut, natural and oak.

Overall, this is a classic looking tactical gun belt made of high-quality timeless leather that you’ll be able to wear for a long time!


  • Made of 100% full-grain indestructible leather
  • It has a removable buckle
  • Ideal for carrying a concealed weapon
  • You can also wear it casually


  • It needs some time to break-in

4. GRIP6 Belts for Men & Women- Nylon Belt – Most Versatile Option

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The Grip series belts are tactical belts made in the USA from military-grade nylon. They are tough, extremely durable and lightweight.

GRIP6 belt was cleverly designed so it doesn’t have any holes or complicated belt systems. Instead, it has a patented “Badgerbite” lock that is guaranteed to stay tight all day. The belt is comprised of a belt buckle and a military belt strap. These two combined can support up to 2000 pounds without breaking!

This belt is made of high-quality nylon, ideal for heavy-duty use. It is rigid and strong but also quite comfortable and great for every day casual wear. The buckle on this belt is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, which is extremely strong and able to survive tough conditions. With this type of belt buckle, you don’t ever have to worry about replacing it for any reason. 

When it comes to sizes and colors, this belt is unbeatable. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns, and straps and buckles are interchangeable so you can combine them however you like.

Because of its simple design, you can wear this tactical belt casually too. It can work as a golf belt, a work belt, a hiking belt, a ratchet belt replacement, a concealed carry belt and so much more!


  • Extremely versatile use
  • Patented lock stays in place all day
  • Supports up to 2000 pounds
  • Military-grade belt strap and aerospace-grade buckle


  • It can take time getting used to the lock system

5. 5.11 Tactical Men’s 1.5-Inch Convertible TDU Belt – Convertible Design

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Any tactical situation or climate condition you can imagine, this belt is suitable for it. What’s really unique about this belt it the convertible feature. It’s an innovative design that allows the belt to be converted into a tie-down or secondary carry strap!

The belt is strong and durable thanks to its tightly woven 100 percent nylon construction.

It is a heavy-duty tactical belt with 1.5” width so you can be sure it can withstand heavy loads and extreme situations. The manufacturer claims it can support up to 6000 pounds without snapping! On top of all this, the belt has quadruple-stitched reinforcements that offer added strength and increased durability.

The non-metallic buckle is also quite sturdy and it was designed to be metal detector-friendly. The material used to make the buckle is plastic. This plastic is strong and durable enough to go the distance. It’s also fade-resistant and fray-resistant which is ideal for everyday tactical use.

This belt is made for tactical and patrol activities. It was strategically built for convenience and even weight distribution that optimizes comfort while at the same time providing exceptional and reliable functionalities. 

All in all, this is a strong tactical belt with amazing features that make it ideal for hunting, camping, hiking, and police and military actions. And the best thing is that it comes at an extremely affordable price! 


  • Can support up to 6000 pounds
  • Clever convertible design
  • Quadruple-stitched reinforcement
  • Made for tactical and patrol activities


  • Sizing is unreliable according to some customers

Why You Should Buy A Tactical Belt

You may be in doubt whether you really need a tactical belt or not, and the answer is probably yes, you do, and here’s why. Even if you already have ordinary belts, none of them can do what a good tactical belt can do.

Once you start wearing a tactical belt, you’ll notice that it actually has some benefits, like versatility, concealment, and convenience.

Tactical belts offer more versatility compared to regular belts. They can do so much more than just keep your pants in place. Thanks to their extra strength, you can attach things to them without stretching or breaking the belt. 

Furthermore, tactical belts also come with special features that are designed to conceal whatever you put in them, so you can carry knives, guns, and ammo without attracting unwanted attention.

On top of all this, tactical belts are designed to allow you to always keep essential tools within easy reach. This is extremely convenient since you always know where they are and you don’t have to waste time searching for things in your bag or elsewhere.

Types Of Tactical Belts

There are several types of tactical belts and you should really think about your needs before you choose which one to buy.

1. Instructor

Instructor belts are capable of supporting weights of at least 500 pounds and some can even support as much as several thousand pounds. They have some type of clipping mechanism and have heavy-duty seams and buckles that can support such weight, and they have several rows of stitching for added strength. So, if you need a tactical belt that can support heavy loads, then you should opt for an instructor belt.

2. Rigger

A rigger belt is designed for rappelling and it’s ideal for rock climbing, fast-roping, or ziplining. It has an anchor point and it holds up your pants during strenuous activities. However, rigger belts are not made to hold any gear and many people see this as a huge downside, but it all depends on your personal needs.

3. Gun

Gun belts are most often used by police and military, but they are also popular with gun enthusiasts. They are made to be thick and rigid enough to support firearms. They have many pouches that are easily accessible and they allow you to always keep your hands free. Gun belts are also known as duty belts.

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Tactical Belt

After you choose which type of tactical belt best suits your needs, there are some other factors you should consider, like what material it’s made of, how safe and comfortable it is, the width and rigidity of the belt and so on.

1. Material

Tactical belts are made of various materials and it’s a matter of preference which one you’ll choose. However, whichever material you decide to go for, it’s crucial that it’s a strong and thick material. After all, the point of tactical belts is not how it looks, but how it performs. 

Tactical belts have solid and robust construction and they are much thicker, stronger and durable than regular belts. The most common materials used for them are nylon and leather. Nylon is usually cheaper, but leather is more aesthetically pleasing so, again, it all depends on what is more important to you. 

2. Width

It’s essential that your tactical belt is nice and wide so that it can evenly distribute the weight of the gear attached to it. Most belts are between 1.25 and 2 inches wide and you shouldn’t go for anything less than that because it may not be as effective at holding your equipment. Don’t forget to check whether the belt you want can go through the trousers you plan to wear!

3. Rigidity

The rigidity of a tactical belt refers to how stiff it is. Many belts are reinforced with some kind of liner that makes them stronger and more durable, and it also ensures that the belt stays put.

Rigidity is important because if the belt is too loose or it sags over time, you will not be able to quickly draw your firearm, flashlight and other tools, and it will not be as effective at holding your gear. 

4. Comfort

If you plan to wear a tactical belt for extended periods of time, then it has to be comfortable. Both leather and nylon belts are quite nice and comfy. However, a leather belt may take a little while to break in and with a nylon belt, it’s crucial that you choose the right size for you.

Final Thoughts And Recommendations

There are so many amazing options when it comes to tactical belts. From leathery classic ones to military-grade nylon models, the choices are endless! So, we have to admit it was not easy to choose only five tactical belts that will make this list. However, when we look at the final results, we can say with confidence that these are our top recommendations.

Best Overall: Klik Belts Tactical Belt

  • It’s not a surprise that this Klik tactical belt made it to the top of the list. This belt is made of a combination of double-ply nylon strap and 7075 aerospace-grade aluminum buckle. It’s exceptionally durable and it can carry extremely heavy loads. If you need a belt that will last you a long time, this one will not disappoint you!

Premium Choice: Hanks Gunner – USA Made Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt

  • If you’re looking for a leather tactical belt with a classic look that only gets better with time, you’ll love Hanks Gunner belt. You can wear it casually every day and turn it into a strong tactical belt at any time. Made of full-grain leather, you can be sure this premium looking belt will last you for years to come!

Budget-Friendly Option: Fairwin Tactical Rigger Belt 

  • If you’re on a budget or simply don’t want to spend a lot of money on a tactical bet, this Fairwin tactical belt is ideal for you. It’s made of strong, fast-dry nylon with a sturdy, removable belt buckle and it can support up to 1100 pounds. It really is an amazing choice that comes at an affordable price!

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