The Best Card Shufflers In 2023

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Erin Carpenter

Top 5 Best Card Shufflers 2023:

  1. Brybelly Four Deck Card Shuffler
  2. CHH Six-Deck Card Shuffler
  3. GYFHMY Electric Card Shuffler
  4. CHH Hand Cranked Card Shuffler
  5. Miles Kimball Automatic Card Shuffler

We know you like cards. 

We also know your wife likes you less because of that. 

We’re pretty sure that she goes crazy when you round up the boys for a Friday night poker game in the kitchen.

If you expected us to offer a solution for this –  sorry, we don’t have it. However, we can help you shuffle those cards faster and more effectively, and make your wife like you even less!

No, we’re not going to teach you some crazy techniques. Why bother using your hands, when you can get a card shuffler to do the job for you?

Join us in our quest to find the best card shuffler, and we’ll help you buy the one for your specific needs.

5 Best Card Shufflers In 2023: Detailed Reviews

Shufflin’ ain’t easy, and neither is Googlin’ for card shufflers! 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it, because we did all the hard work. Below are the fruits of our labour, so please, take a look at the top card shufflers on the market right now.

1. Brybelly Four Deck Card Shuffler – Best Overall

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What does a good card shuffler need to be? It needs to be simple, reliable, and able to handle several decks at a time. Well, Brybelly can do all of that (and more!), so come and check it out! 

Before we forget – it looks pretty cool too!

If you’ve ever played a multi-deck game, you know that manual shuffling is a bore, but the good news is that Brybelly’s device can help you out here! It makes this process quick and efficient, and all you have to do is flick a single button.

This baby can take up to four decks at the same time, so it is perfect for players of Canasta or any other game that requires multiple decks. As for the card size, it has to be standard, or otherwise, the machine may not be able to handle it.

The shuffler is made from plastic so it’s lightweight and portable. It’s powered by four C batteries, which makes it even easier to be carried around wherever you need it.

Now, the main flaw of Brybelly’s product is how loud it is. Don’t get us wrong; most automatic card shufflers are loud, but this one makes a bit more noise than is expected.

All in all, this is a practical and stylish device that’ll suit most card players no matter which game they prefer.


  • Simple to use (it has only one button)
  • Handles up to four decks at once
  • Lightweight 


  • Relatively loud

2. CHH Six-Deck Card Shuffler – Best Six Deck Card Shuffler

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In case four decks aren’t enough for you, then wait ‘till you get a load of this. Meet CHH card shuffler – a device that can handle not one, not four, but six decks at a time! 

We assume that a model like this one will appeal to Hand & Foot players, or some other crazy game that requires a ton of cards. Even though it has a big capacity, CHH’s shuffler isn’t massive (H7.63 x W8.25 x D4.25), so you’ll be able to carry it with you.

Another great thing about this product is that it works with a variety of cards, not just standard ones. However, we’d suggest you inspect this claim further with the online community. What we know for sure is that the shuffler’s easy to set up and operate. Just like the previous product, CHH is powered by four C batteries, but they’re not included in the price.

Some users said that the construction isn’t high-quality and that the guides on the catching tray broke after months of use. Also, the device might start slacking if you use it a lot, especially when loading all six decks at once. 

Those who are looking for an affordable and simple card shuffler should give CHH a chance.


  • Handles up to six decks at once
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Not the best build quality

3. GYFHMY Electric Card Shuffler – Best High-End Card Shuffler

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Folks who are looking for something a bit more reliable and “high-tech” need to take a look at GYFHMY’s electric card shuffler. This, friends, is a beast, so read on to see what it can do.

What’s unique about this machine is that it can shuffle plastic cards both wide and narrow. It is suitable for standard decks as well as most major card brands, and it can take up to two decks at once.

Most of the users agree that the shuffler never jams and that the cards are properly jumbled up every single time. The shuffled cards end up in the dispenser where you can take them out one by one like a dealer does, or take out the entire deck.

The device is built from thick plastic, and the sides are covered with PU leather, which is a rare thing among these products. It feels well-built and sturdy, so you can handle it without worrying that it’ll break.

When it comes to the power source, the shuffler uses four AA batteries, and it also has a power adapter. These options make it an excellent stay-at-home shuffler, as well as a portable device.

GYFHMY’s product is expensive, but players who want to kick it up a notch and have a long-lasting professional machine will get their money’s worth.


  • Feels sturdy and well-built
  • Doesn’t jam
  • Two power sources (batteries and adapter)
  • Works with different types of cards


  • Expensive

4. CHH Hand Cranked Card Shuffler – Best Manual Card Shuffler

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If you’re a manual kind of guy (or gal), then here’s another CHH machine for you, but this time it’s a manual one (duh!). This product is one of the highest praised hand-cranked shufflers on the market, so let’s see what it’s all about.

First off, this device can only handle two decks at once, so it’s ideal not for deck-a-holics. In other words, if you want something to shuffle your six decks ultra-fast, then you ought to look elsewhere.

The machine is as simple as they make them – you place two decks on the sides, crank the handle, and you’ll get a shuffled double deck in two seconds. If you’re shuffling more than two decks, just repeat the process. 

Now, you’re like, “Thanks, Captain Obvious!” You’re welcome!

Since this is not an automatic machine, it is automatically (see what we did there?) less noisy. Shuffling away deep into the night won’t be an issue with this device, even if you have the fussiest of neighbors.

The product looks a bit kitschy with its “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, so this might throw some people off. Another issue is that the handle tends to slip off the sprocket, so be careful how you turn it.

There’s nothing more to add here, really. Those who like to crank it will enjoy this little contraption.


  • Very simple to use
  • Affordable
  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Kitsch design
  • The handle slips out

5. Miles Kimball Automatic Card Shuffler – Best Budget Card Shuffler

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The final product on our list is for shoppers on a budget, and we just hope they didn’t get there by gambling away their salary. Jokes aside, Miles Kimball is a well-known name in the card industry, and their shuffler is cheap but effective. Let’s check it out.

This device has a two-deck capacity, and you can feed it standard-sized decks only. As most of these machines, this one too is super-simple to operate. All you have to do is place the decks on the side platforms, press the button, and take out your freshly shuffled deck.

As you may have expected, the construction of the device isn’t the greatest, and it feels a bit flimsy when you hold it. However, you shouldn’t have any issues unless you fondle it too much. Miles Kimball’s shuffler uses four AA batteries for power, and it has no alternatives.

A problem that some players faced was that the device would only take one deck at a time. Aside from this, many users complained about how noisy it is. But hey, it’s an automatic shuffler; that’s what you can expect from it.

If you’re after a cheap automatic model, then this is probably your “best bet”. Yes, the pun was intentional. No, we’re not sorry!


  • Very simple to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cheap


  • Poor construction
  • Noisy
  • Might not take both decks at once

What Is A Card Shuffler?

It doesn’t take a lot of explaining to tell what a card shuffler is. This is an electromechanical device that shuffles cards better than (most) humans can, in a genuinely randomized fashion. 

This little apparatus is ultra-fast and, more importantly, it handles the cards gently so that they last longer. On top of this, by using a card shuffler, you won’t be exposing the cards to natural hand oils, which cause discoloration and make them break down faster.

What To Know Before Buying A Card Shuffler?

Like with every other product, there are a couple of things to think about before buying a card shuffler. Now, you’re (probably) no expert about these devices, and you don’t need to be, because we’ll teach you all you need to know in just a few minutes.

Take a look at the most important features below!

1. Type

There are two types of card shufflers – automatic and manual. 

Most people reading this article probably prefer the automatic kind because it’s more convenient to use. Also, folks suffering from arthritis will definitely want automatic shufflers. On the downside, these models are usually pricier and make quite a bit of noise, so they’re not for everyone.

Manual shufflers don’t need batteries to work, and they’re – you guessed it – a lot cheaper. Manual devices are also less likely to malfunction and don’t make as much noise, which can be a big perk for certain players.

2. Card Size

One of the crucial things to know is that not all cards can fit a given card shuffler. These devices are generally made to shuffle standard-sized decks, so troubles might occur if you’re using special cards (irregular sizing, special material). 

To make sure you don’t miss-match the cards and the machine, it’s vital to check the product specifications and see what kind of playing cards it can take. In case you can’t find this information, ask the previous customers. Simple as that!

3. Deck Capacity

How many decks do you want to shuffle at the same time? Is it one, or more? 

You’ll have to answer these questions before buying because different card shufflers have different deck capacities. Certain models can take in up to six decks at once, while others can handle only two.

Generally speaking, shufflers with larger capacities tend to cost more, regardless of whether they’re automatic or manual. 

So, if you play card games that require more decks, then be sure to check the capacity!

4. Power Source

When it comes to automatic card shufflers, they can be either battery-powered, AC powered, or both. 

Battery-powered devices tend to be less pricey and more portable because you don’t have to bother with the adapter. However, batteries might run out in the middle of the game, so you’d have to carry spare batteries with you at all times.

Adapter powered models are seen as more reliable, and if you don’t mind paying a bit more, then go for this type.

5. Construction

Thinking about the construction and material of the card shuffler is important and not just because of the appearance.

Sure, you want your little device to look cool, but you don’t want it to break at a light impact now, do you? Of course, you shouldn’t be throwing the shuffler around, but accidents do happen, and the device should be able to take a hit. 

Are you looking for a lightweight model? The material is the key factor here as well, and you definitely wouldn’t want a cast-iron shuffler or something like that. 

6. Size

The dimensions of the card shuffler come right after the weight, or before, depending on what you need. This factor is critical if you’re concerned with the portability of this product, so don’t buy a bulky shuffler if you intend to carry it a lot.

7. Noise

Like we mentioned before, card shufflers are not exactly quiet-operating machines. However, their noise levels vary, and if you’re bothered by a loud racket, then pay attention to what customers say about this factor. 

Also, it’s important to point out that automatic shufflers are louder than manual ones, so keep that in mind. 

We’ll tell you one thing – it’s better to get a silent device if you’re playing poker in the kitchen while your wife’s sleeping upstairs!


We know that being a card player means taking chances – that’s the joy of the game! But, it’s not good to risk when looking for a card shuffler, as it may lead to lots of unnecessary frustration. If you want to avoid this frustration at all costs, choose one of our top three products from today’s list!

  • First, we’ve got Brybelly’s four-deck card shuffler, and this model is more than you’ll likely ever need. It can take multiple decks, shuffle quickly, and won’t cost you a fortune. What’s not to like?
  • The runner up is CHH six-deck shuffler, which is great for games like Hand & Foot. It is reliable and portable, but you want to be careful not to drop it.
  • Our third pick is the incredible GYFHMY electric card shuffler, a model for those who are willing to pay more for genuine quality. This is a well-build, smooth-operating shuffler that will last you for a long time to come.

That’s all for today, folks, and we hope that you found something for your (gambling) needs. Stay sharp, and see you at the table!

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