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About Us Radarlogic

About Us

Radar Logic is a technology-driven data and analytics business that produces a daily “spot” price for residential real estate in major U.S. metropolitan areas.

Data are captured from public sources and translated into the Radar Logic Daily™ Prices for 25 U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), the Manhattan condo market, and a 25-MSA composite. The prices reflect the actual prices paid for residential real estate on any given day and are computed using proprietary and transparent algorithms. In the future, coverage will expand to capture additional real estate segments and other economic markets.

We’re Featured On…

Radar Logic provides the tools and support needed to power the Residential Property Index™ (RPX™)market.

Our prices advance the development and trading of financial derivative instruments based on residential real estate. A vibrant derivatives market permits both real estate industry participants and traditional investors to manage their businesses in sophisticated ways.

Our Mission

To help businesses and investors better understand and manage their opportunities and risks.

We believe that if order exists in what appears to be chaos, illuminating that order has value. Our products enhance the ability of professionals to use real estate derivative instruments in a manner similar to the futures and options contracts available in more traditional commodities. Investors can participate in real estate markets, managing both risk and opportunity, without owning physical properties. Real estate professionals can better understand the risks and rewards of a given market.

Radar Logic owns patent-pending technology for the creation of a daily cash price representative of real estate values for a local region and for the creation, execution and settlement of financial derivative products based on these prices. Radar Logic provides a synthesis of full market information, rather than interpreting selected elements of data.

We bring the power of research and analytics to the marketplace in ways never before available. By extracting knowledge from the vast amounts of available data, Radar Logic empowers professionals with new ways to manage market participation and opportunity.

Who Are We?

We’re are a joint team of designers, writers, gardeners, and mechanical and electrical engineers who somehow still manage to do the same job – review and pick out the best products.

When we aren’t busy doing research in our lab, you can find us in the local park laughing, enjoying the fresh air, and probably discussing something work-related (it’s okay if you want to call us geeks). And we believe this is the key to our success – friendship we’ve formed along the way.

Another factor we consider crucial in combining all these areas together is that each one of us is an expert with over a decade of experience and passion in their field of expertise.

Oh, and here’s the story behind our name.

We wanted it to express what we do

After days of thinking, and seemingly endless repeating of words like “guide,”discover,” etc., we’ve finally come up with the one that echoed to this day: “Radar”. The “Logic” part was easier to figure out, as it represents that our research is methodological and guided by some logical principles.

What Do We Do At Our Lab?

Just like the radar – we detect the best products in a particular category after having evaluated more than a dozen of a kind.

While doing the research, we pay attention to the crucial factors such as the quality, performance, highlight features, and, finally, value for the price.

We believe our mission is to save your time & money by selecting the best products on the market, based on the criteria above.

With that in mind, we’ve developed tests at our lab that are efficient at investigating precisely these (so that you don’t have to).

It wasn’t an easy process. On day one, we had no ideas about the structure of the reviews – we only knew how to determine the quality of a product.

Soon enough, we’ve come up with an efficient and systematic strategy, and our tests have grown to be more and more productive!

Sure, the form of our articles has been re-polished several times, but we agree that now it contains all the essential sections. Apart from our top five products, we always make sure to provide you with a buying guide that contains all the necessary bits and pieces for the purchase.

Mostly, we just try to fit our findings, creative skills, and passion for details into a couple of pages!

Do We Earn A Commission, And Does It Affect Our Judgment?

While we may get a commission for purchases made through affiliate links, our work is never affected by that.

What does that mean?

Well, simply put: once we get a bundle of products for a specific category, we’re not aware of whether a particular one is promoted or not. It is only when it makes it to our top list do we learn that it was advertised.

So, our primary aim is staying objective and honest to our readers and to ourselves. 

We figured – if we write reviews that aren’t truthful, and earn for products that are bad, what then?

Our readers will be dissatisfied and return the products; therefore, we won’t make a commission, but more importantly, we’ll have the pressure because we lied.

Hence, all our recommendations strive from unbiased, quality-driven opinions.

How Do We Choose Our Categories?

Usually, it takes us approximately a couple of days – even weeks – to make a shortlist of products that we want to write about and then comes planning, collecting of popular products on the market… Let’s just say that the process of choosing the categories for our research is neither easy nor fast.

Of course, we look for the categories we are able to dissect fully, that is, that we are competent in reviewing them.

We also research what the current trends are and always have in mind which products can be valuable and interesting for our readers.

By the way, reach out to us with any recommendations about what we should review next – we’re very open, and we’ll be happy to get down to it, if possible.

Why The Top 5?

We perceive how difficult it is to make up your mind sometimes – we do it every day – so we want to make it as easy as possible for our readers to pick the product that best suits their needs.

In our opinion, 5 is the golden ratio because it covers all the specific types of a product, and our readers get to choose the best one without having to make any compromises or spending too much time on the matter. Also, if five is too much, we make sure to include the top three – the best overall, the budget pick, and the runner-up at the end of each review.