Our Mission

To help businesses and investors better understand and manage their opportunities and risks.

We believe that if order exists in what appears to be chaos, illuminating that order has value. Our products enhance the ability of professionals to use real estate derivative instruments in a manner similar to the futures and options contracts available in more traditional commodities. Investors can participate in real estate markets, managing both risk and opportunity, without owning physical properties. Real estate professionals can better understand the risks and rewards of a given market.

Radar Logic owns patent-pending technology for the creation of a daily cash price representative of real estate values for a local region and for the creation, execution and settlement of financial derivative products based on these prices. Radar Logic provides a synthesis of full market information, rather than interpreting selected elements of data.

We bring the power of research and analytics to the marketplace in ways never before available. By extracting knowledge from the vast amounts of available data, Radar Logic empowers professionals with new ways to manage market participation and opportunity.