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About Us

Radar Logic is a technology-driven data and analytics business that produces a daily “spot” price for residential real estate in major U.S. metropolitan areas.

Data are captured from public sources and translated into the Radar Logic Daily™ Prices for 25 U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), the Manhattan condo market, and a 25-MSA composite. The prices reflect the actual prices paid for residential real estate on any given day and are computed using proprietary and transparent algorithms. In the future, coverage will expand to capture additional real estate segments and other economic markets.

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Radar Logic provides the tools and support needed to power the Residential Property Index™ (RPX™)market.

Our prices advance the development and trading of financial derivative instruments based on residential real estate. A vibrant derivatives market permits both real estate industry participants and traditional investors to manage their businesses in sophisticated ways.

Our Mission

To help businesses and investors better understand and manage their opportunities and risks.

We believe that if order exists in what appears to be chaos, illuminating that order has value. Our products enhance the ability of professionals to use real estate derivative instruments in a manner similar to the futures and options contracts available in more traditional commodities. Investors can participate in real estate markets, managing both risk and opportunity, without owning physical properties. Real estate professionals can better understand the risks and rewards of a given market.

Radar Logic owns patent-pending technology for the creation of a daily cash price representative of real estate values for a local region and for the creation, execution and settlement of financial derivative products based on these prices. Radar Logic provides a synthesis of full market information, rather than interpreting selected elements of data.

We bring the power of research and analytics to the marketplace in ways never before available. By extracting knowledge from the vast amounts of available data, Radar Logic empowers professionals with new ways to manage market participation and opportunity.



  • Global Skyline LLC formed to own and market intellectual property designed to facilitate derivatives in real estate.
  • Global Skyline LLC files U.S. patents covering the intellectual property associated with producing and utilizing daily real estate prices in derivative financial instruments and markets.


  • Global Skyline Inc. incorporated in Delaware. Global Skyline Inc. acquires 100% of the interests in Global Skyline LLC.


  • Global Skyline initiates partnership with Ventana Systems, Inc. to jointly develop the daily real estate price.
  • Global Skyline Inc. completes private equity placement.
  • Global Skyline Inc. changes its name to Radar Logic Incorporated.


  • Radar Logic Incorporated merges with Ventana Systems, Inc., which will continue to operate as an autonomous subsidiary of Radar Logic.
  • Radar Logic forms Radar Logic Research LLC, a joint venture with Miller Samuel Inc.
  • Radar Logic initiates publication of the Radar Logic Daily Prices for residential real estate.
  • Trading begins in Radar Logic’s Residential Property Index (RPX) market.
  • Radar Logic announces plans to acquire Miller Samuel Inc.
  • Radar Logic begins publication of RPX Monthly Housing Market Report.
  • RPX exceeds a quarter of a billion dollars in its first seven weeks of trading. 


  • Trading in Radar Logic’s RPX exceeds $2 billion in volume.
  • Radar Logic begins publication of RPX Manhattan Condominium Price. 
  • Radar Logic begins publication of RPX Manhattan Neighborhoods Prices.
  • Radar Logic begins publication of the Radar Logic Premium Research Reports.
  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development uses Radar Logic as a source for determining median home prices as part of the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008.


  • Trading in RPX exceeds $3 billion in volume.


Ventana Systems, Inc.

Ventana helps organizations in complex situations make better decisions through advanced technology. The technology generally focuses on a combination of good models and treatment of data. Ventana’s personnel have backgrounds in science, applied math, dynamic and robust modelling, statistics, computer simulation, optimal control, noisy data and indirect measurement. An appropriate analogy to Ventana technology is radar, because like businesses radar systems must make decisions based on contradictory and noisy evidence. Ventana uses some mathematical algorithms originally developed for advanced radar systems.

SunGard Computer Services

In March of 2007 Radar Logic Incorporated selected SunGard Computer Services to completely manage the infrastructure used to deliver their core technology.

SunGard is a customer focused and flexible provider of data center outsourcing services. SunGard delivers value through cost effective, quality services so that their customers can focus on their core business. Cost effective solutions are achieved by leveraging common infrastructure and maximizing resource utilization. Quality is achieved through a commitment to customer service and operational excellence guided by the ITIL framework.


Michael A. FederPresident and CEO

Michael Feder has over 30 years of experience in financial services, having begun his career at the Chase Manhattan Bank in 1973. He joined The First Boston Corporation in 1980, where he became a managing director in capital markets in 1988. Prior to joining Radar Logic as President and CEO in 2005, Mr. Feder was the CEO of The Feder Group, a private investment banking advisory firm located in New York City. Mr. Feder received his B.A. from Hamilton College.

Quinn EddinsDirector of Research

Quinn Eddins joined Radar Logic in 2008 after completing graduate programs in real estate development and city planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From 2004 to 2005, Mr. Eddins oversaw the construction of water infrastructure in rural Yemeni villages as a consultant for the Yemeni Government’s Public Works Project. In 2005, he joined the World Bank Group in Washington, DC, where he contributed research on water resource management to the World Bank’s 2007 flagship report on water policy in the Middle East and North Africa. In addition to his degrees from MIT, Mr. Eddins holds a B.A. in Humanities from Stanford University and a M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University.

Emanuel C. TramaChief Information Officer

Emanuel Trama has more than 15 years of experience leading technology operations and initiatives across large-scale, complex organizations. He is the Founder and CEO of Prime Network Group, a growing Information Technology Service Company dedicated to serving newer financial corporations in the New York Tristate area. During his first 10 years in the Information Technology field, Mr. Trama served in a variety of management positions at private companies such as The Blackstone Group and Credit Suisse First Boston.

Board of Directors

Elizabeth Rad
President, Corrado Properties Inc.

Michael A. Feder
President and CEO


From time to time, Radar Logic has positions available for those with strong quantitative, programming, or marketing skills. For additional information, contact Quinn Eddins at (212) 965-9982 or