The Best Tactical Gloves In 2023

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Erin Carpenter

Top 5 Best Tactical Gloves 2023:

  1. Mechanix Wear M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves
  2. TitanOPS Tactical Outdoor Gloves
  3. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves
  4. Glove Station Combat Tactical Gloves
  5. Seibertron S.O.L.A.G Outdoor Tactical Gloves

There is an old saying, “Don’t go out into the rain without a raincoat.” 

No, you pervert, we’re not talking about that.

Our poorly chosen metaphor is an introduction to the article about tactical gloves, and we want to say that you shouldn’t go hunting (or just shooting guns) without them.

Gloves? Do I look like an old French lady?” says a hunky alpha-stud. 

Hold up big fella’; we mean no offense. Your hands take a beating when handling big guns, and there ain’t no shame in wanting to protect them.

You’re a reasonable person, and as such, you’ll be interested in reading about the best tactical gloves of this year. Scroll down and check our reviews!

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5 Best Tactical Gloves In 2023: Detailed Reviews

Do yourself a favor, don’t search the interwebs for the best tactical gloves; there’s too many of them. Too many gloves, and too many things to consider – it’ll take ages. Trust us; we’ve been through it! 

Since we already did all the heavy lifting, it’s up to you to read about the top five models that we found and reviewed. Go on then – they’re right below!

1. Mechanix Wear M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves – Best Overall

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Mechanix Wear is a reputable brand, highly praised for the quality of their gloves. This quality is achieved with a combination of materials and superb design created by dedicated professionals. Ok, enough praises, let’s dissect this pair.

M-Pact Coyote tactical gloves are made for military uses in the desert and hot climate in general. The company’s TekDry material covers the top of the hand to ensure airflow and much-needed breathability in hot weather, and prevent perspiration.

The gloves have rubber padding covers the knuckles and spreads across the length of the fingers. However, there’s no padding on the index, which provides the shooter with more trigger-finger dexterity. Also, the inner side of the thumb and the index are covered with rubber strips to give you more traction and a better grip.

The inner side of the glove is made from 0.8 mm synthetic leather, which allows the hand to move relatively freely. The palm is partially padded to help with impact absorption while having a minimal impact on dexterity.

Since the M-Pact Coyote is made for warm weather use, it doesn’t have any thermal insulation. So, it would be a mistake to buy this pair if you intend to use it during the cold season.


  • Breathable, good for hot weather
  • Excellent padding
  • Preserves trigger-finger dexterity 
  • Comfortable


  • Not for cold weather

2. TitanOPS Tactical Outdoor Gloves – Best Knuckle Protection

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If you’re all about reputable military tactical gloves, then you need to check out this pair from TitanOPS. These gloves are comfortable and non-confining to the hands, so there’s no reason for you not to read on!

The gloves are made from a combination of materials, including leather lycra, microfiber, and nylon. Each material has a specific purpose, and when working together, they create a versatile glove.

You might notice the hard plastic knuckle protection, and yes, it works really well. The reinforced palm offers additional protection, but it doesn’t sacrifice your dexterity. 

The inner side of the fingers is made from microfiber, which provides you with an excellent finger feel. The military velcro strap enables you to adjust the tightness, which, as you know, has a huge impact on the overall comfort. 

As for maintenance, TitanOPS gloves are machine-washable, but the even better news is that you won’t need to wash them very often. They are odor-free and bacteria-resistant, so wearing them in hot weather shouldn’t be an issue.

Even though they’re advertised as a year-round product, we wouldn’t recommend them for winter use, and especially if you live in a very cold climate.

To sum up, the TitanOPS gloves are well-made and durable, with superb knuckle protection, and if you don’t mind the small setbacks, go ahead and get them.


  • Hard plastic knuckle protection
  • Well-made
  • Pretty comfortable
  • Easy to maintain


  • Not for cold weather

3. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves – Best Light Gloves

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One of the most highly praised tactical gloves is, without a doubt, PIG’s Full Dexterity. As the name suggests, this pair was made for folks who want to retain the maximum freedom of movement while still getting protection.

If we needed to describe these gloves with only one word, it would definitely be “comfortable”. They have no hard parts that could scratch or irritate your skin and are made from relatively thin layers of materials.

Speaking of thinness, PIG decided to make the glove extra thin around the index finger, and we don’t have to explain why. Also, the material provides you with extra sensitivity and a “second-skin” feel, so handling tiny objects won’t be a problem.

Don’t think that the gloves are without padding, though. The knuckles are covered with a layer of thin yet strong padding, so this part of the hand remains protected. The outer side of the fingers is reinforced with synthetic suede for the same reason.

Now, the gloves are pretty expensive, and this is perhaps their biggest downside. Besides this, they’re also not optimal for temperatures below 30 F. All in all, if you want light and slim tactical gloves, then this might be the pair for you.


  • Light and slim
  • Provides the hands a lot of movement freedom
  • Great grip


  • Expensive
  • Not for cold weather

4. Glove Station Combat Tactical Gloves – Most Breathable Gloves

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Those who like thick layers of hard materials between their hands and the outside world will be interested in Glove Station. These tactical gloves are made for combat and to withstand everything that goes with it.

Similar to the TitanOPS model, these gloves have large rubber knuckle protection. However, some users claim that the rubber cuts into one’s skin upon impact, so be sure to do more research about this. 

If there’s something that this model is exceptionally good at, it’s the grip. The PU leather palm, as well as the fingertips, will not slip no matter which surface you grab. As for the upper part of the hand, it’s made from padded mesh with rubber vents on the fingers, which results in amazing breathability.

Even though the gloves look ultra-durable, we’ve seen reports by customers how the gloves didn’t last very long. According to some, the stitches were undone after only several days of use, but we believe that these incidents are exceptions rather than the rule.

Glove Station’s price is hard to argue with, as these are one of the more affordable gloves on today’s list. In case you don’t mind a bit of discomfort and want to take a chance with durability, then you’ll like this pair.


  • Excellent protection from impact
  • Great breathability
  • Good quality for the price


  • Questionable durability
  • The knuckle protection might be uncomfortable

5. Seibertron S.O.L.A.G Outdoor Tactical Gloves – Best Budget Gloves

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Last but not least, we bring you Seibertron – gloves that aren’t to be messed with! This pair is probably the best budget option in the world right now, and if that’s what you’re after, give them a look.

First off, we have to mention that these are not the most breathable gloves out there, so they’re not for those whose hands sweat a lot. However, if you don’t mind this, then keep reading as there’s much to like here.

The gloves are durable and will last you for a long time. You will, most likely, see some signs of wear-and-tear after short use, but don’t worry as this is only superficial damage, and won’t hurt the gloves overall performance.

One of the best features of Seibertron is the wrist velcro strap, which can be used to adjust the tightness. It’ll keep the gloves securely in place, and provide you with lots of comfort. The knuckle and finger padding does a decent job of keeping these parts safe and pain-free.

The gloves are machine-washable, which is extremely important given that your hands will probably sweat in them. Unfortunately, they’re not for very cold or hot temperatures, so it’s best to use them in moderate climates.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great knuckle protection
  • Excellent strap


  • Not very breathable
  • Unsuitable for very cold and very hot temperatures

What Are Tactical Gloves?

Like we hinted in the intro, tactical gloves serve as a protection for your hands when firing guns and moving through rugged terrain. They are designed so that they don’t hinder the movement of your fingers while protecting them from impact and scratches.

These gloves were first invented for police and military personnel but are now available to the broader public, and they’ve found a lot of users in the hunting and paintball communities.

What To Know Before Buying Tactical Gloves?

It wouldn’t be wise to buy the first pair of t-gloves that you see now, would it? Of course not, and you know this, and that’s why you’re going to take the time to learn something about this product.

Time is valuable, so we want to make sure you learn as fast as possible! In the following section, you can read about the essential factors of tactical gloves and all that you need to know before buying a pair.

Check it out!

1. Material

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s important to consider the gloves’ material. The fabric largely determines how comfortable and durable the gloves are, so let’s see what your options are.


It’s somewhat controversial to categorize microfiber as a material on its own because it’s actually a combination of different fabrics. Thus, the microfiber may differ from brand to brand, but they all essentially have the same features. 

This material is known for its breathability, which makes it great for hot weather, and for folks whose hands sweat a lot. Microfiber doesn’t get torn easily, and it’s usually machine-washable.


This material is widely used in tactical-gloves manufacturing. Gloves with velcro straps tend to be thick and are not great for handling small objects. Even though velcro models will slightly limit your hands’ movement, they are durable and should provide you with excellent protection.

Synthetic Leather 

Synthetic leather gloves provide the wearer with what’s called a “second skin” experience. In other words, they’re very thin and allow you to use your hands as if there aren’t any gloves on them. It’s rare that an entire glove is made from this material, and you’ll commonly find it in combination with microfiber or velcro.

2. Insulation

If you intend to use the gloves during the cold season, then you need to make sure that their insulation is good. This will keep your hands warm and let you stay outside longer, enjoying your favorite sport or activity. Now, be aware that tactical gloves keep insulation to a bare minimum in order to let you move your hands as freely as possible. 

These gloves aren’t as thick as regular winter gloves, which means that they won’t be as warm, but they’re certainly better than nothing. We advise you to look for models that claim to have good insulation, and then check what previous users have to say about it.

3. Padding

Upon impact, some parts of our hands hurt more than others. For example, try hitting a wall with your palm and then with your knuckles and see what hurts more. Well, tactical glove makers are smart people, and they’ve introduced padding to protect those sensitive areas. 

Padding can commonly be found in the knuckle, palm, and finger areas, but not every model covers all three of those. Also, this extra material makes the gloves thicker, which hinders the finger’s movement, and the knuckle padding might be hard on the skin.

With padding, you’ll always have to make a compromise – less protection for more movement freedom/sensitivity, and vice versa, so keep this in mind when shopping.

4. Size

We almost forgot to talk about the obvious – the gloves’ size. If the gloves are too big or too small, they won’t do their job very well, and that’s why you need to get the optimal size. Companies should have some kind of a sizing chart to help you figure out which fit is for you.

In many cases, you’ll have to measure your own hand to figure out the correct fit. To do this, just take a soft tape, wrap it around the middle of your palm, and you’ll get the measurement. Another thing you could do if you’re not sure about your size is to order two sizes at once, and then return the one that doesn’t fit.

Conclusion & Our Recommendation

Well, folks, we’re afraid it’s time to bring this party to an end. We’ve seen some amazing tactical gloves today, and we hope that everyone could find a pair for everyone’s needs/capabilities. All that’s left for us to do now is to present our top three models from the list.

The first place goes to Mechanix Wear M-Pact Coyote. It’s nearly impossible to find a negative comment about this pair, and they truly encompass everything you’d want out of tactical gloves.

Right behind it is TitanOPS. The company achieved something remarkable with this pair – they created superb knuckle protection and extreme durability while retaining comfort. Believe us, that’s not an easy thing to do.

Our third pick is the widely-praised PIG Full Dexterity, and we chose them for several reasons. This pair is the uncrowned king of dexterity, they’re ultra-light, and they still provide the wearer with great protection.

To conclude,  we’d just like to say that you don’t have to agree with us about the best three models and feel free to go for the ones you like the most.

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