The Best Grill Covers In 2023

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Top 5 Best Grill Covers 2023:

  1. Homitt Gas Grill Cover
  2. Classic Accessories Ravenna Grill Cover
  3. iCOVER BBQ Grill Cover
  4. Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553
  5. Char-Broil Grill Cover

Is there a better way of spending a lazy afternoon than having a barbecue with your friends and family?

Delicious food, music, and long evenings full of laughter are what hedonism is all about.

However, your valuable grill requires a lot of maintenance during the year. Once you’ve invested in your appliance, you certainly don’t want it to be ruined, rust, or damaged by harsh weather conditions. Not to mention boring insects that somehow get stuck in the parts of the grill that you didn’t even know existed.

No matter whether you’re looking for protection from snow and colder temperatures, rainstorms, scorching sun, and humidity, or wind that can cause your grill to accumulate dust, what you need is the best grill cover.

If you’re thinking to yourself: But I don’t live anywhere near the harsh climates, I don’t need any protection; you’re wrong. Moisture always finds its way, and the sun rays, no matter how mild, can seriously damage your grill.

So, now that you know what you need to extend the life of your grill, you must make sure to get acquainted with everything you need to know before buying the best grill cover for you.

Luckily, we’ve summed that up for you in just a few paragraphs!

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Factors To Consider When Buying A Grill Cover

Choosing a suitable grill cover for you is not a very daunting task, but you’ll still need to pay attention to some crucial factors. 

Here they are: 

1. Material

Just like material is of great importance when you’re buying clothes for different seasons, so is the material of your grill cover.

You want it to be durable, not to rip up easily, and, above all, to be effective at protecting your outdoor appliances.

This necessitates a quick glance into the most popular materials for grill covers:

  • Vinyl – it is very efficient because it is good at keeping your grill dry. However, this material is not that durable, and we would not usually go for a cover that is made only of a certain type of vinyl.
  • Polyester – out of the three main types of materials used for covers, polyester is the most aesthetically-pleasing and a lightweight option. However, it’s also the least durable and easier to tear, so we recommend buying a polyester model only if it is of premium quality (and we’ll help you with that).
  • Canvas – our favorite material for it is heavy-duty, which means stable protection and durability, and at the same time, it dries quickly. 

When it comes to lining, PVC is the most popular option. It adds to the moisture resistance and facilitates cleaning.

Amongst the sea of materials on the market today, one option stands out, and we would like to single it out – waterproof 600D Oxford fabric. It is a kind of polyester fabric, but a heavy-duty one, so it perhaps can be described as something like, “durable canvas, but prettier”.

Remember this fabric; you’ll be seeing a lot of it in today’s list.

Finally, some models come with an air vent that allows the airflow to pass under the cover so that rust and mold – bitter enemies of your grill – are kept far, far away.

2. Type

Secondly, you don’t want to buy a grill cover that is not compatible with your grill.

This one is easy: you will choose a type of grill cover based on the type of your grill. 

The most popular options are:

  • Gas grills
  • Charcoal grills
  • Electric grills
  • Smaller, portable grills

Although some characteristics between the types might be shared, usually, you can check the exact model of your grill and see if it is compatible with a particular grill cover.

For instance, if you own a square two-burner, you’re not going to do well with a classic 3 to 4 burner cover, and vice versa.

3. Size

Again, a parallel with buying clothes can be drawn – you don’t want to buy a T-shirt that will be too large for your body type, but ideally, you’ll be able to pinch an inch or two on the sides so that it is not too tight.

The same goes for grill covers – you want one that will cover your appliance completely, from head to toe (well, actually, wheels), but not too saggy.

It is better to buy one that is a bit larger than your appliance because there are usually straps that fasten the cover tightly to your grill. On the contrary, if you buy a model that is super tight, that’s a big no – you will have trouble removing it and putting it on every time, and it might rip up.

Each of the covers in our top five comes in a couple of sizes, and there is an accurate description of their dimensions, so this should not be a problem for you.

Just remember: leave an inch or two on the sides!

4. Design

Lastly, you want your grill to look good, both covered and uncovered.

You’ll notice that our favorite type when it comes to design is the all-black grill cover. It simply looks good no matter whether it is day or night, and stains are hardly visible, though the materials are usually stain-resistant. 

Also, when opting for a black variant, keep in mind to choose a model that withstands discoloration caused by sun rays and liquids. In that way, your grill cover will look good for a long time.

Apart from choosing the color of your grill cover, there is not much to say about its design; they are usually very simple. 

The only ornament that can sometimes be found is the company’s logo, which you may or may not like. If the latter is the case, we included some options that are completely plain.

As for the practicalities, we always check whether there are handles for easier control of your grill cover and how well they are positioned.

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5 Best Grill Covers In 2023: Detailed Reviews

We’ve chosen a handful of the best grill covers based on these factors, and we can assure you that the covers on the list we’ve curated will make your hedonistic outdoor experience even better.

1. Homitt Gas Grill Cover

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Sturdy and elegant, Homitt Gas Grill Cover makes great protection for your grill. It is compatible with most of the grills, as long as they have 3 to 4 burners and the width somewhere between 54 and 58 inches (we believe this encompasses 80% of the grills).

There are also 60, 64, and 72-inch variants, but the one that we tested was the 58 one.

It is the perfected and upgraded version of previous Homitt Grill covers thanks to the premium material – 600D Oxford fabric (Remember it?), a type of polyester canvas with a PVC finish. A perfect combo if you ask us.

This material is also waterproof and UV resistant, which comes in very handy as the cover is completely black, and you wouldn’t want it to become faded after a few days on the sunlight.

The elegant black design is combined with Homitt’s white logo on the front side, and apart from that, there are no more details on the surface. 

On both sides of this cover, there are large handles that are well-positioned so that you can easily remove the cover or carry it with you. Apart from the handles, there are also Velcro straps that you can tighten to make sure that the cover won’t fall out in the wind. 

The handles, straps, and double stitching simply promise durability and reliability of this cover.


  • High-quality, heavy-duty material
  • Waterproof
  • UV resistant
  • Double sewn for extra durability
  • Handles and fasteners for maximum convenience
  • Great price
  • You get a storage bag with the purchase
  • Compatible with many models of grill


  • Try as we might, we couldn’t find any!

2. Classic Accessories Ravenna Grill Cover

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Ravenna offers a complete set of covers for all of your outdoor furniture in the “Classic Accessories” edition, and this is their take when it comes to grill covers.

Their grill cover comes in 7 sizes, ranging from XS to XXXL – so the size won’t be a problem.

We tested out a “Large” version that is designed for grills that are smaller than 64 x 24 x 48 inches.

The most important factor that interests all of you is the material, of course.

Ravenna has a nickname for their fabric system – “Gardelle One,” and it is a combination of woven polyester with a UV-resistant and waterproof coating.

It is not the most attractive nor beautiful grill cover out there, as it is very simple, and even the color is neutral brownish-grey, but hey… All the other features compensate for this.

Overall, Ravenna Grill Cover does a great job at protecting your grill – but make sure not to expose it to too harsh conditions (by that, we mean constant winter storms… so it should probably be fine).

Padded handles are perfectly positioned so that you can remove or put on this cover quickly and problem-free.


  • Limited lifetime warranty. Can’t ask for longer than that!
  • Double stitching around the handles
  • UV-resistant & waterproof
  • Versatile; comes in all possible sizes
  • Good protection


  • The materials seem less durable than with some other models, but the lifetime warranty compensates for this
  • A bit pricey in its category

3. iCOVER BBQ Grill Cover

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iCOVER has upgraded its last-year version of the grill cover, and we can tell you that the newcomer is even better.

It is compatible with most brands of grills and smokers, and it even comes in a 30-inch size for a two-burner. Other than that, there are 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, and 75-inch varieties.

One of the upgrades is the fact that the material, a type of Oxford heavy-duty canvas, is now UV-resistant, and the cover is officially ready for all seasons, including summer. Its elegant all-black coating won’t wear off.

Also, they’ve added a mesh air vents on both sides of the cover so that it ensures that the air can pass to your grill safely, avoiding any moisture and keeping your grill dry. It is a nice little unique feature that not many other grill covers have.

Besides the vents, it features two adjustable Velcro straps to fasten the cover and two handles that are padded for easier removal and storage of the cover.

A 1-year warranty is shorter than with some other models, but it’s still something. It is long enough for you to decide whether this is the cover for you and notify the manufacturers about any problems.


  • Compatible with many grills, as it comes in seven sizes
  • Resistible in all types of weather 
  • The cheapest on the list
  • High-Quality material
  • Straps and handles are very convenient
  • Air vents


  • Some manufacturers offer a longer warranty

4. Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553

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When you need a reliable and quality cover for your grill, Kingkong is a strong and convenient gas grill cover that offers protection from any weather or dust that could damage your grill.

We’ve tested the medium size that fits any grill with 3 or 4 burners under 58 inches. There are other varieties for other types of grills, and it is best that you consult the manuals and specifications before purchasing them.

It was made (like three other covers on our list) of the superb 600D fabric, with a little touch of PVC coating. You’ve already learned that this equals water repellency and UV resistance.

The cover is completely black, and on the top of the front part, there is the famous Kingkong logo in a white box. We would say that the cover is nicely designed if you don’t mind the big logo (and we didn’t).

There are Velcro straps on each side, which guarantees that this cover is appropriate for use in the wind, too.

Finally, you get a 3-year “worry-free after-sales service,” as the manufacturers advertise it, otherwise known as a warranty under certain conditions, e.g., physical damage is not covered.


  • High-quality material
  • Double stitching
  • Water repellent
  • UV-resistant
  • Easy to determine if your model is compatible with this cover
  • You get a stainless steel grill brush, tongs, and cooking thermometer with the purchase 


  • No handles

5. Char-Broil Grill Cover

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Now we’re focusing on those of you who own 2 burners, and our wholehearted recommendation here is Char-Broil Grill Cover.

While its 3-4 Burner and 5+ Burner varieties are also excellent, the smallest member of the edition is our favorite.

Made from a combination of 600D and 300D polyester and polyethylene coating, you already know that it’s going to provide quality heavy-duty protection from all the precipitation types, as well as from the scorching sun.

It comes in the following dimensions: 31.6″ x 25.7″ x 41.5 inches, which is enough for pretty much all the models of 2-burners. 

By the way, the manufacturers have mistaken the size in the description on a couple of web-sites; don’t let that confuse you. These are the right measures, and we know how important it is to ensure that the cover will fit your grill.

Also, there are adjustable straps that help you fasten this grill cover to your appliance.

Finally, its design is very likable: all-black with the attractive Char-Broil fiery logo at the front.


  • Excellent, durable material
  • Low-budget price
  • 5-year warranty
  • Nice design
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • The straps are a little short

Summing It Up – Which Grill Cover Should You Buy?

Our first recommendation is Homitt Grill Cover. It is not only its durability and resistance that impressed us but also its functionality and design.

As for our favorite budget grill cover, we must proclaim iCOVER Grill Cover the winner. It has everything that you need: premium material, latest upgrades, and extra features, such as the air vent – all at an incredible price.

Finally, you won’t go wrong if you buy a smart-looking Char-Broil Grill Cover for your 2 Burner. It holds up to all weather conditions, and at the same time, it is easy to use.

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