The Best Cooling Fans For Rooms In 2023

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Erin Carpenter

Top 5 Best Cooling Fans For Rooms 2023:

  1. Vornado 783
  2. Dyson Cool AM07
  3. Lasko T42951
  4. Rowenta VU5670
  5. Holmes 12-inch Blizzard Power Fan

When summer heat takes charge and starts sending one heatwave after another, you simply cannot stand to feel it on your skin any longer.

Eventually, you will grow both tired and annoyed with constant perspiration, changing clothes and showering.

Once you decide that you cannot stand it any longer, you feel the need to make a change and do something, don’t you? 

But where to start? Not sure about the brands and models of best cooling fans for rooms

Don’t worry – we have you covered. If you don’t know how to put an end to the relentless heat and perspiration, start from here.

Our ultimate guide to buying the best cooling fan will make sure that you get the job done, and that you do it well.

To make sure that your investment counts, stick around, and find out everything you need right here!

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Factors To Consider When Buying A Cooling Fan For Your Room

Cooling fans are not the freshest of inventions, which does not mean that they cannot be innovative. 

As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite!

Nowadays, many people think that cooling fans are outdated and pointless as a result of the surge and the massive popularity of air conditioners.

But is it really so?

What the majority of people do not understand is that air conditioners work on a largely different system than that of a cooling fan. 

To find out all the benefits and characteristics to pay attention to while shopping for the best cooling fan, you will need to get acquainted with the neat and concise list provided for you below!

1. Cooling Fan Types

Each type of a cooling fan has a different set of characteristics, so how do you know which one suits you best?

Don’t worry; you can get your instant education on all of the different types of cooling fans before actually deciding which one to buy. 

Table Fans 

Table fans are best suited for small spaces and are easily portable. They are mainly to be found in your workspaces, such as offices. Related: The Best Portable Fan

They are quite handy if you need an instant rush of fresh air, but they are not to be used for handling larger areas, as they aren’t fit for such endeavors.

Pedestal Fans

Pedestal fans are the image that you see when you try to imagine a cooling fan, aren’t they

Aside from being the trademark image of this machine, they are also one of the most commonly used types of cooling fans.

These are typically more powerful as their blades are larger, which means that they can circulate significantly larger amounts of hot air. 

Another neat option when it comes to this type of a cooling fan is that you can redirect the airflow wherever you’d like it to go by choosing from an array of options. They can also oscillate and are more accessible than they were ages ago with a broader spectrum of options.

Tower Fans 

And finally, there are tower fans. Tower fans are arguably the most popular type of cooling fans on the market. Many reasons can justify the favorable statistics that lean towards this type of a cooling fan.

Their sleek appearance and futuristic design certainly draw the attention of many people. No one wants an eyesore in their home, right? These fans are stylish and can easily fill the space of a modern-looking home.

But not to linger on purely aesthetic aspects, what cannot go unmentioned is the fact that these are also the most powerful out of the entire stock. They come with several handy features, which is something that a modern customer does not turn a blind eye to.

2. Fan Size & Diameter

With a rich array of options to choose from, it is fairly easy to get confused. 

Another characteristic that demands to be taken into account is the size of the fan and the fan diameter. 

To determine the best cooling fan for the room that you want to use it for, you need to take into account the size of your room and choose your ideal cooling fan accordingly. 

The air needs to circulate and flow functionally so that the room can get the proper cool feeling. To achieve this, select your cooling fan based on the size of its fan so that it would fit you best. 

3. Space Consumption

Another valid yet mostly overlooked point when it comes to shopping for the best cooling fan is how much of your home space it consumes. 

Before you actually make a purchase, you should evaluate how much space there is in your home and how effectively it can be used. 

Window fans take virtually no (floor) space, but they still need a good position in order to function properly, just like pedestal fans demand a larger area to be placed in. 

Whether it is for their sleek design or something else, tower fans take the least space, as well as table fans.

4. Air Circulation Settings

The majority of the cooling fans that you have encountered probably have three different speed options, which consist of high, medium, and low, all providing different air circulation levels. 

Pay attention to some outdated models that only have two or even none of these options! 

Two-optioned fans can be tricky as they offer polar extremes as their options – either the “low” one, which mainly consists of light airflow that is virtually unnoticeable or the “high” option, which creates a solid commotion with no in-between variable to balance them out. 

5. Air Timer Feature

If you want to maximize the comfort level by buying a handy and modernized version of a cooling fan, you should definitely pay attention to this amazing addition, the timer feature.

While the outdated models obviously lack this one, it goes without saying that you should definitely not consider the newer ones that lack this neat addition. 

Setting a timer can be handy if you are going to sleep and don’t want your cooling fan to be working all night, or if you are leaving the house and want to maintain a cool atmosphere but still be in control of when the machine goes off.

Some models also come with the remote control, for your maximum convenience.

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5 Best Cooling Fans For Rooms In 2023: Detailed Reviews

We’ve tested dozens of models of cooling fans for rooms and curated a list of the five that performed the best.

Which ones made it to the top five? 

Here they are!

1. Vornado 783

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Starting off with a pedestal fan, we present to you Vornado 783.

The diameter of the head is around 12 inches, and it can be tilted in all directions. It is relatively small but can exert a lot of power.

We’ll be honest with you; we expected that 28 and 40 inches in the description meant that its height is adjustable to any height between the two. When we got the device, we were disappointed to learn that there are only two height settings.

When you remove the middle part of the stand, you get the lower height of the unit and vice versa. 

There are no additional speed modes – only the three traditional ones (low, middle, high).

As for its looks, it is an elegant, black fan with a blue “V” in the middle that stands for the company’s logo. We really liked its design, and it can easily be implemented into any room without sticking out. 

It features high-quality deep-pitched blades, and the grill over them is removable, so you can easily take it off and clean. 

Its unique strength is Vortex Technology, which guarantees a powerful and controllable circulation of air with this cooling fan. The technology means that the air will not cool only the direction in which it is blowing, but the whole room.


  • Adjustable height and the direction of the head
  • The best design
  • A very stable and functional stand
  • Easy to clean
  • Vortex technology
  • 5-year warranty


  • Made only for use in the U.S.
  • No remote control

2. Dyson Cool AM07

Image Credit:

If you’re ready to invest in a really cool cooling fan, as its name suggests, Dyson AM07 tower fan might interest you.

Is it worth the money?

In short: yes, because of the many smart extras that it offers. It will be a valuable investment for your summer days.

There are no noisy blades, but instead, the airflow is controlled and powered by the Air Multiplier Technology. We can confirm that it works like a charm, while also consuming less power.

With 9 pounds and small size (4.4 x 7.5 x 39.6 inches), you can move this attractive tool easily around your house. Its futuristic design in four variants (Black/Nickel, Iron Blue, Iron/Copper, White/Silver) will look great in the corner of any room.

But the strongest attributes of this fan are certainly the features that it offers.

It can be controlled via a remote player that sets up this device on one of the 10 airflow settings. Also, the remote is curved and magnetized, so it can be attached to the fan when not in use (no need to ask yourself, “Where did I leave the remote control?!” again).

This cooling fan is excellent for bedrooms because it features a sleep timer (which can be set on intervals from 15 minutes to 9 hours).


  • Extremely safe, as there are no blades
  • Saves up energy
  • Ten airflow settings (more than any other fan on the list)
  • You get the remote control
  • Packed with features
  • 2-year warranty


  • Pricey

3. Lasko T42951

Image Credit:

Another competitor from the tower fan category, Lasko T42951, combines traditional design and functionality with a couple of innovative features at an excellent price.

This popular cooling fan comes in two variants: Silver and Wood, and both are designed with a taste – not too modern, but definitely not unfashionable and old.

It is 42.5 inches tall (the base is 13 x 13 inches), which should be great for most of the purposes. It is not really for a table, but when you put it on the floor, the airflow will easily reach all the areas in the room.

There is a handle for carrying it around on the back of the fan, along with the buttons to set up the speed (there are three modes) and oscillation. 

There are, as well, the Night Mode that dims the front display and decreases the speed from high to low gradually, and the sleep timer that can be set on intervals from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Effective
  • Convenient features
  • Compact
  • Comes with the remote control


  • A bit noisy
  • It does not memorize your settings, but always turns on with the default ones
  • 1-year limited warranty – shorter than with some other products

4. Rowenta VU5670

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Rowenta VU5670 delivers everything that you need in a pedestal fan: quiet performance, powerful airflow due to 5 effective blades, and versatility.

If you’ve opted for a pedestal fan, you will need to dedicate some space for this fan, as the diameter of its head is around 16 inches, and the size of the whole unit is 24 x 7.2 x 20 inches. It is bronze-silver with blue blades.

The manufacturers advertise the “turbo silence” feature, and we can tell you that it really is like that – the sound won’t bother you even at the highest speed setting.

Speaking of speed, there are three regular and two additional speed modes: low, medium, high, Turbo Boost (for those days above 104 °F), and Silent Night Mode that gradually decreases the speed as you fall asleep.

The buttons on the remote control are very intuitive, and there is a dedicated space on the stand where you can store it.


  • Really quiet and compact for a pedestal cooling fan
  • Five speed modes
  • Powerful
  • Timer
  • Stable and efficient performance


  • The manual is not detailed enough
  • Some users reported that there was rust after some time. With us, so far, there was no rust.

5. Holmes 12-inch Blizzard Power Fan

Image Credit:

Last but not least, Holmes 12-inch Fan packs a simplified version of cooling fans, the best table fan that made it to our top 5.

It weighs only around 5.5 pounds, and yet, its miniature size compared to the other fans does not mean that it delivers less power or that it covers less area.

Quite the contrary, this little tool will efficiently cool even bigger rooms, and all of that in three regular and two additional speed modes: the standard H/M/L, and Sleep and Breeze mode.

We’ve already talked about the sleep mode – it gradually reduces the speed, and the breeze mode, well… That one is a little quirky. It strives to recreate the feeling of the outside breeze, acting randomly and unpredictably.

Also, the grill can rotate to increase the airflow by up to 40%. In this way, the air is not strictly directed, but it goes around the whole room.

The head cannot be tilted, so the fan cannot be moved in any direction, but there is enough movement of the air because of the variable speed and airflow settings.

With its nice handle that allows you to move this fan easier than any other on the list and handy cord storage, this fan makes a perfect companion for the hot summer days.

It also features a sleep timer that can be programmed to up to 8 hours.


  • The cheapest on the list
  • Lightweight frame
  • Wide area coverage
  • Ideal for frequent changes of the room in which it is used
  • Comes with a remote control
  • 3-year warranty


  • There is a little bit of noise

Conclusion: Which Cooling Fan To Buy?

Based on our tests, the best overall cooling fan for rooms is Rowenta VU5670. You get the ultra-quiet performance, a compact fan, and 5 speed modes at an excellent price.

Our runner-ups are not far behind.

For budget shoppers, the best value is Holmes 12-inch Fan. The cooling fan for your room does not have to cost a lot if you want it to work perfectly, and it doesn’t mean having to sacrifice the extra features like the sleep mode, or remote control. 

Finally, if you’re shopping for a pedestal cooling fan that will look great in your room, Vornado 783 is the most attractive and affordable choice.

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