The Best Tree Pruners In 2023

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Top 5 Best Tree Pruners 2023:

  1. Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot Extendabletree Pruning Stik Pruner
  2. Corona LR 3460 Long Reach Cut ‘n’ Hold Pruner
  3. Silky HAYAUCHI 3-Ext. Pole Saw 21-Inch
  4. Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Tree Pruner
  5. Gilmour 20-18 16-Inch Curved Blade Commercial Grade Pole Saw With Fiberglass Handle

Maintaining trees requires less time and care than any other plants in your garden.

But they require regular pruning to stay healthy.

Pruning can be a hard job to do if you do not own a proper gardening tool.

If you plan on doing it with a standalone chainsaw while standing on the ladders, it will require a lot of time and skills. Let’s not forget to mention how dangerous this can be for you or anyone else around you.

That is why we did thorough research instead of you and found that pruning can be a lot easier and quicker if you invest in a gardening tool called a tree pruner or a pruner stick. This neat little tool will allow you to cut and prune your shrubs, bushes, and trees while firmly standing on the ground. It sounds great, right?

Today, we are going to present our list of the best tree pruner you can find on the market.

5 Best Tree Pruners In 2023: Detailed Reviews

We know that the market is full of multiple options for tree pruners, so the selection process can be a bit difficult and tiring.

To avoid purchasing the wrong model for the gardening activities, we recommend reading our comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the best tree pruner that will meet your requirements.

1. Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot Extendabletree Pruning Stik Pruner – Prune At Any Angle You Want

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The Fiskars Company is a well-known manufacturer of gardening tools. This pruning stick is one of the best tree pruners available on the market nowadays. Also, it is a prevalent model since it features a combination of traditional manual pole saw design and innovative technologies.

Like many other models, it has a telescopic extendable aluminum rod that can be extended up to 12 feet, so you do not need to use ladders anymore to reach the highest branches.

This tool features a detachable 15-inch WoodZig saw blade that allows you to cut off pretty thick branches and limbs of trees. However, what makes this pruning pole special is a scissor tip and a cutting head that can be rotated in all directions around 230 degrees and at different angles, making it suitable for trimming in hard-to-reach areas.

The tool is equipped with two handles and a strap that enable the blades instead of ropes and pulley system. This is a significant benefit since it will allow you to hold pruner comfortably with both hands and avoid problems such as rope being tangled in branches. It is very lightweight, so you will be able to trim for as long as you need without tiring your hands and straining your back.

The only bad thing about this stick is that it is suitable for trimming and cutting small trees and branches that are no bigger than 5 inches in diameter.


  • Versatile use
  • Lightweight
  • Detachable saw blade and scissor tip
  • Easy to operate since it has no ropes


  • For small trimmings and cuttings

2. Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Tree Pruner – Simple Yet Very Effective Tool

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This is another model that comes from Fiskars, yet this one is a bit simpler in design and much more affordable.   

The pole is crafted from lightweight fiberglass, which makes this tool more convenient to hold in hands for an extended period of time. The pole is also extendable up to 14 feet, long enough to reach high branches of trees. This pruner is also handy when you need to run through thorny plants and you want to avoid scratches.

As with most Fiskars pole saws, it comes factory-equipped with the traditional 15-inch WoodZig saw blade made from hardened steel. This blade is known as the best manual pruner blade that works best when used on branches that are 1-1/8-inch in diameter or less.

What we loved about the pole is that it features a locking mechanism that guarantees you secure usage in the extended position, meaning the risk of it falling on you is downsized to a minimum.

The blades are covered with a low-friction coating to help improve the performance and make cutting smoother. This coating also prevents clogging of the tool, especially on trees that produce a sticky sap.

The use of the Power-Lever rope pull system allows you to quickly and easily adjust the length of the pole with the help of the one-thumb release lock mechanism. But unfortunately, as we said, this tool features a rope and pull system, which sometimes can get tangled in the branches.


  • Extendable lightweight fiberglass pole
  • Power-Lever technology
  • 15-inch long saw blade
  • Low-friction coating


  • Rope can tangle in branches

3. Gilmour 20-18 16-Inch Curved Blade Commercial Grade Pole Saw With Fiberglass Handle – Great For Plants That Produce Resin And Sap When Cut

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Gilmour is another brand that is well-known for manufacturing professional gardening tools.

It has a long and replaceable 16-inch curved saw blade attachment that can tackle branches up to 8 inches across, which is great. Since it is curved, it cuts easily with a pull stroke.

The blade is made from c-aluminum and coated with a non-stick film, which is very important, especially when cutting branches that have sap and resin. This coating will prevent sticking and provide more efficient cutting.

It features a three octagonal design, and each pole can be fitted to one another. When fully extended it reaches 18 feet in length. Unfortunately, the pole connectors are a bit flimsy and will make cutting harder. But there is a solution for this problem; try tightening the connectors since sometimes the pole may come with loosely tighten connectors.

The pole is made from fiberglass, and it is very lightweight, which is great since it will allow you to work long hours without risk of arm fatigue. This is not the tallest pruner, but it is long enough for most garden trimming work.

For easier handling, the back is fitted with a branch hook that allows you to easily hook and break tender branches, pull down stuck branches, or if you have a lot of twigs to trim, you can save a lot of time by cutting them all at the same time.


  • Strong build quality
  • Features 3 pole design
  • Lightweight and made of fiberglass
  • Sharp cast-aluminum non-stick curved blade


  • Flimsy and loosely tighten connectors can be a problem

4. Corona LR 3460 Long Reach Cut ‘n’ Hold Pruner – Great For Maintaining Thorny Bushes

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This model features compact dimensions, so it is logical it offers smaller cutting capacity, but we don’t take that as a bad thing.

The blade and the hook are fully heat-treated and made from high carbon steel, which makes them sharp enough to cut with ease through ½ inch diameter. The blade is also PTFE non-stick coated to provide smooth and clean cutting.

The length of the pole is only 4 feet when extended, but this will be enough for trimming and cutting dead branches of small- and mid-sized trees as well as branches of bushes such as raspberry, blackberry, roses, etc. The adjustable foam grip on the pole will allow you a comfortable grip and a great balance. We guarantee you there will be no hand fatigue since it features ergonomic co-molded handles.

The feature that we like is a cut and hold grip that minimizes the risk of getting scratched by freshly cut branches since the blades hold them firmly until you release the grip. This feature also comes in handy when you need to pick up the fruit that is high up on the tree.

The only thing we consider as a flaw is that the external chain drive located on the handle is exposed to the influence of weather conditions so it can rust and wear off sooner than you expect it. Still, without any doubt, we recommend this model considering the price.


  • Cut and hold feature
  • Adjustable foam grip and ergonomic handles
  • Steel blade and hook are non-stick coated
  • Price


  • An external chain is prone to wearing off and rusting

5. Silky HAYAUCHI 3-Ext. Pole Saw 21-Inch – Professional, Rigid Tool Suitable When You Need A Long Reach

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This model is by far the longest manual pole saw in this buying guide. In case you need a professional graded garden tool that will provide long reach and durability, this tool is just what you need. But unfortunately, we must warn you it will cost you a lot.

The model is equipped with a unique Silky 4-RETSUME sickle-blade made from Japanese steel. Great thing about the blade is that it is great for vine pruning or fine trimming since it features four rows of blades and two cutting areas.

The lower sickle blade undercuts the branch and prevents the bark from tearing and injuring the branch. The upper sickle cuts the branch, and the hook located on the end of the blade prevents the slipping during the cutting process.

It measures an impressive 21 feet when all three parts are assembled. All parts have two separate locking mechanisms to prevent the pole from sliding up and down. When you attach the included sickle blade, it features an amazing 26 feet.  Actually, this is a 4-section pole saw since we didn’t count the ergonomic handle that is coated with a soft rubber material for more comfort.

Surprisingly it is very lightweight; it weighs only 6.9 lbs, thanks to the aluminum that is used for crafting the pole. The pole is oval, and it fits perfectly in your hand, allowing easy maneuvers so you can reach tall and tight areas easily.


  • Lightweight and long
  • Silky 4-RETSUME blade with 4-rows of teeth
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Ergonomic rubber handle


  • Expensive

Features You Must Look In For When Buying A Tree Pruner

Not all tree pruners are made the same. While they all have the same function of maintaining and preventing trees from growing out of control, therefore it is very important to make sure you do thorough research before buying a tree pruner out of nowhere since there are a lot of features to take into consideration.

1. Pole Length

Of course, the first feature to look at is the pruner’s length since you need to be able to reach the tallest branch and leaves of the trees you maintain in your garden or backyard. This means you need to measure the tree approximately to be able to know which length you need.

If you have moderately sized trees, a model that features a 12 to 14 feet should reach a majority of the branches. There are, of course, larger pruners that can go up to 26 feet and more. If you have a yard full of smaller trees, bushes, and hedges, you will need a pruner with length from 6 to 10 feet.

2. Weight

Logically the weight of the pruner is the next most important feature. You should feel comfortable when using and lifting the pruner higher than you normally would for any other objects. The weight depends on the style of the pruner, the length of the pole, and the material used for crafting both pole and the saw.

3. Telescope Style Pruners

Some pruners are advertised as telescoping pruners. What does that mean?

These pruners can extend two or three times to allow you to cut those high branches without using the ladders, which can sometimes be unsafe. Telescopic pruners are very versatile, so you can use them if you have different sizes of trees in your backyard since they can generally reach 16 to 18 feet. This design makes them compact, so they are easy to store as well.

4. Versatility

No matter which type of pruner you choose, it must be easy to use, and it must provide versatile use. Of course, on some models, you can attach a lot of accessories to change its function. For example, you can attach the scissor tip when you are pruning, and switch back to the blade when you need to cut thick branches. Before making a final purchase, ensure that it can accommodate various accessories.

5. Durability And Construction

There is no need to explain how important the durability and strength of the pole bar are. When cutting branches, the worst thing that can happen is the pole bar to bend or god forbid break under heavy load. That is why it needs to be made from durable and quality material and to come from a good brand known for its quality.

The next step is to pay extra attention to some parts, such as the handle coverings and the springs. The handle coverings should be reliable and comfortable enough, while the spring should show no signs of breaking down nor wearing off.

​Lastly, the pruner’s blade should ideally be constructed out of high-carbon steel since it is very tough and retains the blade’s sharpness for a long time. Make sure you choose the model covered with a non-stick coating to prevent sticking when cutting plants that have resin and sap.

6. Design And Functionality

The pruner should have an ergonomic design to avoid arm fatigue or straining your muscles since you’ll be using it many times throughout the year. The last thing you need is a pruner that quickly causes fatigue.

A tree pruner can also have specialized functions to deal with, for example, thorny branches. They feature a design that will protect you from getting scratched and injured.

7. Ease Of Use And Maintenance

A locking mechanism that’s easy to activate is something you should always look in for. The best thing is the mechanism that can be used with just one hand. Easy to maintain is also a vital thing. Ideally, if you can buy the model where you can dismantle the blades with ease to allow you to clean and sharp them safely, you will hit the jackpot.

Why is this important? When every time you use the pruner, the blades will slowly turn dull; that is why you should look for a model that comes with sharpening equipment that can adequately handle the full length of the blades.

Don’t forget that tree pruners should be regularly oiled, so make sure you prepare mineral oil for lubricating the spring and steel wool. Also, the oil will help you with cleaning off any sap sticking on the blades if your blade is not non-stick.

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It is easy to see how tree pruners offer a lot of advantages compared to standalone chainsaws that are very heavy, and you must use them on the ladders, which we repeat once more is a very dangerous thing to do. They are practical, durable, compact, and easy to use whenever you need to trim, prune, maintain your backyard plants. 

That is why we hope this list will help you choose the right model for your needs.

Best Overall Value: Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot Extendable Tree Pruning Stik Pruner

  • This pruner is an excellent gardening tool that will allow you to trim and cut low shrubs and high and thick branches with ease while standing firmly on the ground. It also features a unique 230-degree rotational head that allows you to prune at different angles.

Best Budget Option: Corona LR 3460 Long Reach Cut ‘n’ Hold Pruner

  • If your garden is full of thorny bushes and plants like roses, we are sure you experienced a hard time when you tried to maintain them well. That is why we highly recommend you to purchase this model since it is specially designed to cut and trim thorny plants while protecting you from scratches and injuries.

Premium Pick: Silky HAYAUCHI 3-Ext. Pole Saw 21-Inch

  • If you need a professionally graded pruner that will allow you to cut thin branches, this is one of the best pole pruners on the market; therefore, it comes for a reasonably high price. It can achieve great length, so it will allow you to reach high-up places from the ground with ease. It also features a 4-row blade that is excellent for vine pruning, branch trimming, and cutting.

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