The Best Trimmer Lines In 2023

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Top 3 best trimmer lines in 2023:

Are you tired of your endless search for the best trimmer line for your garden? Help yourself out and read my review, and you will find the answer you’ve been looking. Is there a more pleasurable sight then perfectly landscaped garden or lawn around your property? 

But you all already guessed there is a  hard part – it is called maintenance. Maintaining your yard or garden as such can be a massive task. But if you have the right tools for the job, things should not be that hard. 

There are numerous tools that you can use, but not all are as efficient as the string trimmer. A string trimmer allows you to cut grass easily. But the key of the perfect lawn lies in high-quality trimmer lines. Currently, there are all sorts of trimmer lines on the market, but they are all very different in their efficiency of cutting grass and durability. 

So today, I will review the top 10 best trimmer lines on the market to make it easy for you to choose.

Why Should You Buy A Trimmer Line?

There are some areas of your lawn that are very hard to mow. That could be due to fencing, trees, or a patio. But regardless of that, grass still needs to be cut. So, that is where a string trimmer comes in handy.

When you use a string trimmer the lines whips around and cut the grass at very high speed, so, that is the main reason why you need to use the trimmer line.

What To Consider Before Purchasing A Trimmer Line?

At first glance, all trimmer lines appear to be almost the same. There are several differences from one model to another, and that will make a difference in their overall functionality. There are a couple of key features to pay attention when choosing a trimmer line. 

So let’s begin:

1. Shape

A trimmer line comes in a few different shapes. Each shape makes a difference in how well a trimmer line cuts. 

  • The round trimmer line is excellent for small jobs around your property.
  • Multi-sided trimmer line best for small to medium size jobs.
  • Serrated and twisted trimmer line best for large properties with a lot of thick grass.

2. Material

Trimmer line can be made out of a few different types of materials. The light-duty trimmer line is usually made out of nylon and plastic materials. 

Heavier-duty trimmer lines are made out of a combination of nylon, aluminum, and synthetic polymers. These polymers provide the line with more durability and strength.

3. Durability

Durability is one of the most important qualities in a trimmer line because the faster you trim, the faster the lines will break. By replacing them over and over again is not only annoying, but also costly in both time and money. Before you decide to purchase a trimmer line, the smartest thing you can do is to read some reviews online and after that, decide which one is the best for you.

4. Diameter

Diameter directly affects the cutting ability of the trimmer. A basic light-duty line has a diameter that varies from 0.065-0.080 inches and is used for routine cutting. A heavy-duty line has a diameter of 0.110 inches or more.

How To Decide Which Trimmer Line Is Best For You?

So I already mentioned how not all trimmer lines are created equally. So before you go out and purchase a trimmer line, you need to consider a couple of things. The first thing you should know is the size of your yard. If you own a small yard, you can easily buy a thin, light-duty trimmer line. However, if you maintain a larger yard, you are probably going to need a thick, heavy-duty line.

You also must think about the thickness of the grass in your yard. The light trimmer line is not going to make it through thick weeds; it will wear down quickly so you will need to replace it more often than you expected.

10 Best Trimmer Lines In 2023: Detailed Reviews

Owning a good string trimmer with the right and the quality line will make your life much easier when it comes to doing yard work. With a little bit of research, you can find the perfect trimmer line that will give you those clean and even cuts you always wanted. And the best part is that you will only need a half of the time it used to take you.

In this article I will try to help you choose amongst the best trimmer lines on the market, so you can be sure your purchasing choices will fit your needs.

1. Cyclone CY155S3

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If you are a professional landscaper, this trimmer is the perfect choice for you.  This trimmer line features 6-blade shape to enhance the cutting ability so you can be sure it will cut through the most robust grass. Because of its unique shape, you must be careful when you are threading it, or it will break.

It is made out of reinforced copolymer nylon, that provides strength and makes it very durable. It is very thick and sturdy so it can handle high speeds. This trimmer line is designed to cut through grass easily. 

Measures of this trimmer line are .155-inches-by-315-feet which makes this trimmer line very versatile so you can use it for small, medium, and large yards. You can make use of this line with a trimmer which measures 065-inch in diameter, and it is also ideal to use for high wheel trimmers.

The bright red color comes very handily too because it allows you to quickly find any pieces that have broken or chipped off during the process of cutting. Getting rid of those plastic bits is crucial because you want your lawn to be neat. The price of this trimmer line is a bit higher than the others, but considering everything you get, the price is more than reasonable.


  • Features six blade-shape trimmer line;
  • Very thick and sturdy so it can handle high speeds;
  • Made from reinforced copolymer nylon, so it is very durable;
  • Convenient for small, medium and large yards;
  • Comes in a bright color.


  • Demand cautious threading;
  • Expensive.

2. Cyclone CY095D1/2

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The measures of this trimmer are 0.095-inches-by-140-feet which is just enough for keeping your small yard neatly trimmed, but if you are a professional landscaper, you shouldn’t consider this product because it will not work well in commercial purposes. 

If your yard is small in size, you don’t need to trim it every week, so there is no need for you to spend a lot of money on the trimmer line. This model is all you need, and you can purchase it for a very low price.

It is made of reinforced copolymer nylon, that provides strength and makes it sturdy enough to cut through thick grass easily. This trimmer line features six blade-shape that gives some extra cutting power, so it slices through the grass easily regardless of the angle. But like I said with the previous model, always make sure you are threading your trimmer line properly, or you risk to break it. 

You can make use of this line with a trimmer which measures 065-inch in diameter, and it is also ideal to use for high wheel trimmers. Bright color will help you clean the broken and chipped off pieces that remain after using the trimmer. 


  • Feature six blade-shape trimmer line;
  • Made from reinforced copolymer nylon, so it is very durable;
  • Comes in bright color;
  • Great price.


  • Demand cautious threading;
  • Comes in spools of 140 feet;
  • Only for sporadically use.

3. Husqvarna 639005106

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This is a great trimmer line to keep your lawn well maintained. The diameter of this trim line is 0.095-inches-by-850 feet. So no matter if you are an amateur or a professional landscaper this could be a great investment for you if you are willing to spend a little bit more money.

It is made of copolymer and nylon so it is very durable and flexible and it works great with thin and thick weeds. Based on a multi-edge shape cutting technology, the patented design provides greatly improved performance.

This line is suitable for cutting under high and medium speed. So, not only you can use it for trimming around the fences, but you can also use it to clean out weeds on concrete blocks. Still, it is not indestructible so be careful around solid rocks. The fast acceleration will make it run quiet and will reduce the amount of fuel you use when trimming grass if you are using a gas-powered trimmer.

Because of its diameter, this line fits most standard trimmer heads so compatibility should not be a problem. Husqvarna 639005106 trimmer line is designed to wear out slower and to last longer than most on the market.


  • Made of copolymer and nylon, so it is very durable and flexible;
  • Features the multi-edge shape patented design to cut precisely;
  • Works well with high and medium speed;
  • Reduce noise and fuel consumption;
  • It will fit most standard trimmer heads.


  • Higher price;
  • Will break if it hits something solid like a rock.

4. Oregon 22-895

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Oregon 22-895 is medium-duty trimmer line, and it comes in the spool of 685 feet and with a diameter of 0.095. It is a commercial-grade trimmer line designed for trimming large lawns, so depending on how frequent you cut the grass, you will use it for a more extended period. 

This trimmer line is made out of reinforced nylon and features multi-sided design, so it can withstand the wear and tear of cutting through the grass of medium thickness and suitable for cutting under high or medium speed.

Unfortunately, the multi-sided design can slow down the performance of the trimmer and make it use more power because this line is not specified to any particular brand you can see the difference in performance on different models.

The outer layer of this line is created to withstand high heats without welding and sticking to itself or a trimmer, so you don’t lose any line before you had the chance to use it. One of the best things about this trimmer line is that it comes with the high strength inner core that reduces breakings but makes sure you avoid cutting against rocks and rock walls.


  • Made of reinforced nylon;
  • Works well with medium and high speed;
  • Comes with the high-strength inner core;
  • The outer layer is constructed to withstand the high heats;
  • You will get 685 feet of trimmer line which will last you for a long time.


  • Multi-sided design of this line can slow down the performance of the trimmer.

5. Maxi Edge Commercial Trimmer Line

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This trimmer line works with gas and electric trimmers. The trimmer line is .065 inches in diameter and on a spool of or 220 feet, so that is enough length for 11 refill. 

It has a 6-sided star design which ensures more cutting power, and it can handle thick grass in just one pass. The star shape is more flexible, and it is capable of fitting in holes that usually only round styled line can fit. This line can be used in trimmers that were made to design and groom gardens and perform a fine cut.

This star-shaped line can take more impact than the standard round-shaped line. But be careful when you are using it as an edgers line. The more it hits the concrete, the weaker it gets, and it will eventually break if there is too much contact. This trimmer line is aerodynamic also.

This line has a solid construction that allows excellent performance when cutting, but on the other hand, because of this rigid construction, it is tough to wind the line in the trimmers head. It comes in blue color, so it is effortless to notice the leftover pieces that break off the line in the process of cutting.

The commercial-grade MaxiEdge trimmer line comes in a convenient package and with an enclosed cutting tool.


  • Work well with both electric and gas trimmers;
  • It has a star-shaped designed line that enhances the cutting power;
  • The trimmer line is aerodynamic;
  • Comes in blue color;
  • Comes in a convenient package and with an enclosed cutting tool;
  • Can be used for grooming and styling the gardens.


  • Firm construction makes this line very hard to wind into the trimmers head;
  • It gets weaker when it comes in contact with concrete.


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This is a 225-feet long trimmer line with a diameter of 0.080 inches, which makes it a light-duty trimmer line, so it is not recommended for commercial landscapers. 

It has an aerodynamic shape, which means that the motor of your trimmer does not have to work hard when you are using aerodynamic trimmer line, and that is good for your trimmers lifespan. 

It is also relatively durable and comes for a reasonable price. The DeWALT DWO1DT802 is made out of impact-resistant materials and has a perfect size for light-duty work such as edging and trimming grass.

However, this line is prone to welding, even in moderate heat. So that means if it gets hot outside, your line will become soft and can easily break and sometimes it can also be impossible to pull strings apart from the spool. Make sure you always store this trimmer line inside when you are not using it. 

Unfortunately, this is not the only flaw in this product. This trimmer line also suffers from stiffness so that you will have a hard time wind it inside the head of the trimmer head. This trimmer line isn’t compatible with all brands of trimmers; it works excellent with DeWalt trimmers as well as with Ryobi and Kobalt.


  • Affordable;
  • Designed for light-duty work;
  • Features aerodynamic shape;


  • Prone to welding;
  • Very stiff;
  • Isn’t compatible with all models of trimmers.

7. Maxpower 333665

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Believe it or not, this trimmer line comes on a roll of 1800 feet of cord, so you can comfortably accommodate approximately 90 refills. 

Maxpower 333665 is measuring 0.065 inches in diameter, which makes it a lot thinner than others on this list, so this line should only be used for cutting through light grass. Avoid cutting through medium or thick grass because you will only break it. Because the trimmer line is so thin, it will not be compatible with the most standard trimmers on the market.

This trimmer line is made from durable virgin nylon. That means that nylon does not include a blend; there is no fillers or fiberglass added. The only material that is added is fiber 6, and its purpose is only to give the bright color to the thread. But still, this trimmer line is relatively durable for its diameter.

The benefit of this thin trimmer line is that it is super easy to add it to your empty spool stick the end on the notch that is already there and start rolling. The bright blue color will make the broken and chipped off pieces visible in the grass so you can easily clean out your lawn after the trimming.

If you’re looking for the most trimmer line for the least amount of money and you will use it only sporadically and not in the commercial purposes, then this is the perfect product for you.


  • Very affordable;
  • 1800 feet of trimmer line on the roll;
  • Lightweight and fairly durable;
  • Accommodate 90 refills;
  • Easy to roll on a spool;
  • Trimmer line comes in a bright color.


  • Not compatible with the most trimmers on the market;
  • Use only for cutting through light grass;
  • Not recommended for commercial purpose.

8. Tanaka 746570

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If you require a medium-duty trimmer line that you will occasionally use to maintain the lawn around your house, you can consider purchasing this product. It comes in a spool of 230 feet and measuring in at 0.095 inches in diameter, so this medium-duty line fits the majority of standard trimmers on the market.

The Tanaka 746570 trimmer line is made out of copolymer-induced nylon; it is sturdy, and it will easily cut through thin and medium-thick grasses and most of the thick weeds. 

It’s ideal for around-the-house maintenance, and it can also be used in commercial purposes only on small and medium yards. On the other hand, it doesn’t hold up very well to high-end trimmer lines. It snaps a lot easier when dealing with thicker patches of weeds or if you come across the rock, for example.

It works well with medium speed and it is not recommended to be used with the high-speed trimmer. The great thing about this trimmer line is that it makes less noise when in action the most of the other trimmer lines.

The price is more than affordable, and it will allow you to quickly finish quite a few jobs in no time.


  • Affordable price;
  • Fits in the majority of standard trimmers on the market;
  • Very quiet when in action;
  • Cuts very well through thin and thick grasses.


  • Doesn’t hold up very well to high-end trimmer lines;
  • Not recommended for using with high-speed trimmers;
  • In commercial purpose, it can only be used on small and medium lawns.

9. Maxpower 333695

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This trimmer line has a basic round shape design. It is best to be used to maintain around the house every once in a while. Measuring the 0.095 inches in diameter, and it comes in a roll of 855 feet so that you can use it for up to 42 fills approximately. You can be sure you will get quite a lot of line for a reasonable price, and it is compatible with most of the commercial trimmers.

This line is made out of copolymer nylon, and it will easily cut through thin and medium-thick grasses. The string is the classic round shape, so it is aerodynamic. Therefore it enhances the cutting power, and it is good for your trimmers lifespan. This line is very flexible so it will give a cleaner and straight cut look to your lawn.

It is not as strong as high-end trimmer lines, so do not use it for commercial purposes if you don’t need to.

The bright orange color comes handy because you will always know when you need to feed in more line. Also, pieces that break off from the line are easy to spot and collect to keep your lawn clean.


  • Compatible with most standard trimmers on the market;
  • You can use it for up to 42 fills;
  • The line cuts through thin and medium-thick grass;
  • Affordable price;
  • Made out of copolymer nylon;
  • The line is round-shaped and aerodynamic;
  • This line comes in a bright color.


  • Not recommended for a heavy commercial purpose;
  • Not as strong as high-end trimmer lines.

10. LoNoiz LN130MSP-2

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This trimmer line is heavy-duty and created for commercial purposes. It comes with a diameter of 0.130 inches and on a spool of 445 feet. This will cover small, medium, or large lawn regardless of the weed quantity.

The line is made out of copolymer induced nylon; this trimmer line is sturdy enough to make it through thin, medium, and ultra-thick grass. Thanks to the advanced spiral shape that enhances the cutting power, so it has no problem ripping through the grass with little or no resistance at all, even the chunks of shrubs, will not damage this trimmer line. Compared with other trimmer lines, this one does not curl.

Since it is made out of sturdy material, you can expect it to last way longer than other models. This trimmer line is very robust, but you don’t need to worry about damaging the edges or sidewalks. It is designed to operate as quiet as possible, so you will be able to work longer without risking the problems with the neighborhood.

The only thing I don’t like with this trimmer line is the black color. The little pieces that break off the string are tough to find, so it is harder to keep the lawn clean and neat. But regardless of this, I highly recommend this line because of its quality and price.


  • Made out of copolymer nylon;
  • Trimmer line cuts through thin, medium and ultra-thick grass;
  • Does not curl;
  • Make very little noise while in use;
  • Features advanced spiral shape that enhances the cutting power;
  • Affordable price.


  • The black color of this line makes it harder to spot and clean up the pieces that broke off the line.

Final Thoughts – Top 3 Trimmer Lines You Can Find On The Market

Hopefully,  my reviews have pointed you in the right direction and helped you find the best line for your trimmer. Once you have all the proper tools, maintaining your yard will be super-easy.

Best overall value: LoNoiz LN130MSP-2

Every professional landscaper must have reliable trimmer line that works well for any cutting activity. This is a high-quality gardening and landscaping tool with enhanced cutting power. The price is excellent and the quality is high, so make sure you purchase this product and make your work easier.

Best budget option: Maxi Edge Commercial Trimmer Line

I like this trimmer line a lot it has a very versatile use, and it seems to be a good quality trimmer line. And for the price, you will pay for this product you will get an excellent value.

Premium pick: Cyclone CY155S3

If you are a professional landscaper who’s looking for a high-quality trimmer line, this is the best investment that you can make. This trimmer line thick, reinforced, and capable of slicing through all grass thicknesses, and it will serve you for an extended period.

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