The Best Silent Mouses In 2023

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Erin Carpenter

Top 5 Best Silent Mice 2023:

  1. VicTsing MM057
  2. FD M510c
  3. InPhic Mouse
  4. Logitech M330
  5. Shhh Wireless Mouse

It’s hard to stay focused when you hear distractions.

A lot of background excess noise can impair your conscious focus, disrupt your work or gaming routine, and affect your overall performance.

In order to avoid the diminishing effects of background noise, be it at work, in your home office, or while you are recording your gaming videos, the perfect solution is to search for the best silent mouse.

Auditory distractions that come in the form of constant clicking can be not only unnerving and irritating, but they can also severely impede your efforts to concentrating.

To make sure that your professional and home working environment is clicking-free, and that you have the peace and quiet that will promote your maximum productivity, you will need to find the best silent mouse!

With numerous options to consider, the entire searching process can be time-consuming and confusing. 

With our thorough guide, you’ll be an expert in no time!

5 Best Silent Mice In 2023: Detailed Reviews

After careful consideration and tireless testing, we have chosen and curated a list that encompasses the aforementioned factors and characteristics in our selection of the best silent mice.

1. Logitech M330

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In today’s hardware market, with so many different options, you can easily get scammed and end up with something that is not worth your money.

But even if you’re not an informed buyer, you certainly know that Logitech is well known for making top-notch hardware. And of course, you know that you won’t make a mistake if you buy their mouse. But the question is, which one?

In our opinion, M330 is the best mouse for those of you who want to combine a renowned brand & all the characteristics of the best silent mouse.

Let’s break down the details.

This is a wireless mouse that offers 90% noise reduction, and the click feel is amazing. The Quiet Mark certificate that the U.K. Noise Abatement Society has awarded to this model testifies to its quality and ability to sustain the click sound.

Moreover, its ergonomic (and may we add, beautiful) design with details made from soft rubber that allows a nice grip adds to the quality of this mouse. It is available in an all-black and grey with yellow highlights variants.

If you love to tweak your settings and customize your mouse according to your preferences, you’ll be happy to do that with Logitech software that is incredibly intuitive and fun to use.

There is also a convenient storage space for your USB receiver when it is unplugged, and when you want to carry your mouse with you. Small parts like this can easily get lost or misplaced, so we always like to see that the manufacturers included that detail.


  • Excellent software
  • Long battery life (around two years)
  • Advanced laser tracking
  • Ultra-silent buttons and scroll


  • None that we could think of!

2. VicTsing MM057

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Our next mouse, VicTsing MM057, delivers a full package of great features for those of you who are looking for a cheap yet incredible silent mouse.

It is notably more silent than the traditional mouse, and we’re now going to explain why it earned our sympathies and why it belongs to the best-selling mice today.

One thing that cannot be ignored is the abundance of diversity and customizability that comes with this mouse. From as many as ten color variants (wine, sapphire blue, and silver are out of this world) to fit any hardware and interior, to the 5 DPI settings (800-2400), this mouse will suit any purpose.

Also, there are 5 buttons (2 on the side), which can do whatever you assign them to – this is a really useful feature, no matter whether you’ll be using it as a gaming shortcut or as a quick command for your work.

You can re-program the buttons using a 3rd party software. Our recommendation is X-mouse.

What else a wide range of DPI settings brings to the table with this mouse is the fact that it is also great for gamers who don’t like the irritating noise. The button for an easy adjustment of these settings is located just underneath the scroll wheel that features an anti-slip rubber. See Also: The Best Gaming Mouse


  • Modern and ergonomic design
  • Long battery life (around 15 months)
  • Top-notch performance
  • Also good for casual gamers
  • There is a hole to store the USB receiver
  • Versatile
  • Side buttons


  • Mac users cannot use the side buttons
  • VicTsing does not provide users with its own software for reprogramming the buttons

3. FD M510c

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Looking for a compact, travel-size silent wireless mouse?

Search no more than FD M510c.

When you see its price, you might think to yourself that this is too good to be true. Of course, so did we, before we got our hands on it and performed hours of testing.

And let us tell you – with a price tag of less than $10, this mini mouse has everything that you need. Firstly, the standard 2.4 GHz wireless connection assures stable working, and it is compatible with all the major OS. Its DPI is set to 1500, which caters for most of your needs. 

After being idle for five minutes, the device will enter the sleep mode to save energy. One (silent) click, and it is active again!

Although we advise our readers always to use a mouse pad, we want to mention that M510c works smoothly on any surface. So, if you brought it with you on a trip, or want to use it somewhere else without a mouse pad at your disposal, no worries!

The USB receiver is stored at the back as usual, and with this purchase, you’ll get a battery that you need to insert into the mouse.

It comes in three stunning versions: black & green, white & green, and white & pink. You also have the option to buy a 2-pack.


  • The cheapest on our list
  • Excellent sensors
  • Quiet
  • Power saving mode
  • Compact design
  • Ambidextrous


  • A 6-month warranty is somewhat short

4. Shhh Wireless Mouse

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Isn’t the onomatopoeic name of our fourth choice of today already self-explanatory?

ShhhMouse was precisely made to be silent – it is not just some extra-characteristic. 90% of noise reduction while clicking is achieved by filling in the empty space beneath the buttons with extra layers.

It also offers a lot of adjustments. There are 3 DPI settings (1000, 1200, and 1600) that you can control from the labeled button, and the mouse connects to your device via a 2.4GHz wireless transmission. We cannot tell you the exact distance range, but it perfectly works at around 10 feet away from the receiver.

Not only the main buttons, but also the scroll is silent, and it is smooth rather than rubber-etched; however, don’t worry – your finger won’t slip away, and it’s pretty satisfying to click it.

If you want your silent mouse to look different and stylish, alongside the three one-color varieties (red, black, and white), you can opt for the carbon fiber one. Just a quick heads up about the last one; it was not actually made of carbon fiber, but it rather features a pattern that resembles it.

It enters the sleep mode after 8 minutes of inactivity, and, in that way, saves up battery consumption and prolongs its life.


  • Extremely silent
  • Great value for money
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Has a hole to store the USB receiver
  • 1-year warranty


  • Shorter battery lifespan than with some other models

5. InPhic Mouse

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Last but not least, we wanted to include an option that will satisfy the needs of all gamers, so Inphic is our choice of the best silent gaming mouse.

It packs a ton of gaming features into a well-designed and reasonably priced silent mouse that can easily adjust to any gaming setup. 

 First and foremost, the characteristic that interests all gamers is the DPI. InPhic mouse has five adjustable DPI levels (1200, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4800) for any style of playing.

The ubiquitous property of all gaming mice is the RGB LED light. This attractive feature can be controlled via software or at the click of a button, and you can choose among 4 different colors. You enter the customize mode by pressing the side and DPI key simultaneously.

Unlike our previous choices, this model is not wireless, and the cable is connected via the standard USB port. While some users may strongly prefer the wireless connection, we are adamant that wired is still unsurpassed when it comes to gaming.

Needless to say, this mouse is not only for gaming. Its silent features are going to be useful at your office, too, or wherever you go!

We want to mention that there is no Mac OS app, which still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy this mouse if you’re a Mac user. The fact that there is no Mac version of the app only means that you will need to reprogram the additional buttons on a Windows device.


  • Reasonable price
  • A durable and long cable (54 inches)
  • Ambidextrous
  • Six programmable buttons
  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable grip
  • Multi-purpose
  • User-friendly InPhic software


  • None!

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Silent Mouse

When you are carefully considering for your next and most optimal silent companion, you are bound to get lost in a sea of products available today.

Nowadays, there are many qualities that cannot go undetected, and that can only improve your overall experience. 

Before making a random and ill-researched purchase, there are a variety of important factors to consider. It is always a good idea to get to know the many options that are available!

For that reason, we have compiled a handy buying guide that can serve as your navigator. 

Get to know all the necessary details and explore the nooks and crannies of buying the best silent mouse in a concise and comprehensive way!

1. Connectivity

To be wired or wireless, that is the question. When it comes to choosing the best silent mouse, the first thing that you will need to decide on is its connectivity. 

Those who consider themselves supporters of the wired option name the issues with speed and sensitivity of the wireless counterparts, while the advocates of the wireless mouse appreciate the lack of a hassle that dragging a cable around is.

  1. Wireless mice are definitely much more compact and suitable for portability, especially if you are prone to taking your work with you to different working stations. 
  2. Wired mice, on the other hand, lack this advantage, and you’ll need to carry the USB cable around in order to connect it to your computer. 

Traditionally, a wired mouse is considered to be the standard. With rapid technological advancements, this could perhaps soon be changed. In the meantime, let’s not leave any options out!

2. Shape, Size & Weight

To find the best silent mouse, another crucial factor to consider is user comfort and the design of the said mouse. 

While there are many mice on the market which are specialized so that they minimize strains too much clicking can cause, you should primarily see what fits your hands best, which is where size comes swooping in.

Your mouse shouldn’t be too big or too small, as both of these things can impede the overall output and functionality. Instead, you should definitely choose a mouse that will fit your hand nicely, especially if your hand gets tired easily. 

Another thing to pay attention to is the weight of the mouse, and this largely depends on the needs of the user – heavier mice require more effort to move, so if that would possibly present an obstacle, you should opt for a lighter version.

3. Buttons

Aside from the standard scrolling wheel, left and right buttons, your silent mouse can and should include just a little bit more to give you a better, more fulfilling experience. 

Buttons can come in handy and can minimize your movement and save your time significantly. 

For example, the option to change your sensitivity in addition to buttons that can take you a page back or forward can optimize your experience.

Additionally, there are options that can seem a bit on the “high-end” side, but those are some luxuries that you should allow yourself, especially if you are looking for a gaming mouse in addition to it being silent.

There are programmable buttons that can significantly, if not completely, change your perception and upgrade your way of functioning. With these buttons, you will be able to customize and set the mouse to suit your preference, and your favorable choice will always be at your disposal, only a click away!

4. Sensitivity

When it comes right down to sensitivity, there are two options to be considered in this area: LED or laser

  1. LED mice operate by a small sensor placed underneath that tracks movement and translates it on screen.  LED mice are known to have disturbances when the mouse is lifted up, or when the mouse is placed on a rough surface, but this is a problem that can be solved with a good old mousepad!
  2. Laser mice differ from LED mice use a laser diode in lieu of an LED, which is commonly known to increase sensitivity. However, they, too, are prone to minuscule problems that can, again, be solved by using a mousepad.

Laser mice are also a tad more sensitive than LED ones, which can be both a drawback and an advantage, depending on your needs.

The Final Recommendations Go To…

As our best silent mouse overall, VicTsing MM057 has everything you want – incredible performance, silent buttons, and aesthetics.

You don’t have to spend big on the best silent mouse – and our runner-up, the FD wireless mouse, is proof of that.

Finally, the InPhic mouse takes a top position as the best silent mouse in the gaming range.

Congratulations; you’re ready to complete your setup and enjoy the undisrupted and noiseless experience!

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