The Best Oil Drain Pans In 2023

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Erin Carpenter

Top 5 Best Oil Drain Pans 2023:

  1. Hopkins 42003MI FloTool
  2. Hopkins 42008MI FloTool
  3. Motivx Tools Engine Oil Drain Pan
  4. OEM Tools 87017
  5. Lumax Black LX-1632

We get it.

Oil drain pans aren’t the most exciting tools in the word. However, they’re essential if you want to change your vehicle’s oil.

Sure, you can go with a DIY option that includes a regular bucket and some straps. But, once you see the oil spilling out of your makeshift drain right onto your pristine driveway, you’ll quickly realize how useful oil drain pans are.

Unfortunately, scouring the internet for the best oil drain pan, reading the comments, studying the features, takes quite a lot of time. The time you probably don’t have.

This is why we’ve done the research for you! We’ve spent more than a dozen hours researching oil drain pans and condensed it into this article. 

In this article, we’ll review the five best oil drain pans you can find on the current market. And if you end up disagreeing with our picks, we’ve also compiled a nifty buyers guide. Just one readthrough of our guide will equip you with the necessary knowledge to find the best oil drain pan for your needs.

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5 Best Oil Drain Pans In 2023: Detailed Reviews

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to choose the best model for your needs, we recommend you check out our top picks for the best oil drain pan.

We included both open-top and sealed models, so there’s something for everyone.

1. Hopkins 42003MI FloTool – Editor’s Choice

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The Hopkins 42003MI FloTool takes up the first place in our list because it boasts a decent capacity and is incredibly easy to use. On top of all this, this oil drain pan is very affordable, giving you one more reason to pick it up. Let’s go more in-depth!

The Hopkins FloTool is incredibly easy to use because it essentially combines the two parts of any oil change into one product. First off, it features a drip tray that’s wide enough to prevent any splashing. Secondly, it is also a container for used motor oil with secure, leak-proof caps.

Once you’re done draining the oil, you can set FloTool on its side for secure storage and transport. The overall shape of this oil drain pan closely resembles a fuel canister, which we find endlessly charming. What’s more, you can easily use the FloTool as a fuel john.

To make things even more convenient, it also features a carrying handle. The carrying handle also makes it easy to drain the container.

This oil drain pan is made out of durable hard plastic and can hold up to 16 quarts of motor oil. This is more than enough capacity for two or three oil drains, which is just incredible when you factor in its price.


  • Incredibly easy to use
  • 16 quarts of oil capacity
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Absolutely none

2. Hopkins 42008MI FloTool – Runner Up

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Do you own multiple vehicles, and you’re looking for an oil drain pan with massive capacity? Are you a trucker that needs a sealable oil pan? If the answer was yes to either of these questions, then you’ll be interested in our runner up. The Hopkins 42008MI FloTool features a massive oil capacity while being incredibly easy to use.

Just like our first pick, the Hopkins 42008MI FloTool combines the two parts of oil draining into one product. The top of this oil drain is one giant oil tray. This tray is big wide enough to prevent any oil splashes and features a drain hole in the middle. This means you can avoid any oil splashes if you align the FloTool with your vehicle’s oil pan drain.

When it comes to capacity, the 42008MI FloTool can hold up to a whopping 58 quarts of motor oil. This means you won’t have any trouble draining a couple of trucks before reaching maximum capacity. 

To make things as convenient as possible, this oil drain pan features carrying handles on the side and on the top. What’s more, the 42008Mi FloTool also features built-in wheels that make moving it when at full capacity a piece of cake.

The only issue we have with this product is the price. This oil drain pan costs as much as a dozen more affordable ones.


  • Easy to use
  • Massive 58-quart oil capacity
  • Features in-built wheels
  • Durable


  • Expensive

3. Motivx Tools Engine Oil Drain Pan – Best Open Top Oil Drain Pan

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Oil drain pans can be used for more things than just draining oil. You can also use this tool to lubricate things like skateboard wheel bearings, car components, and many other things. However, to do this, you need a large oil drain pan.

This is where Motivx Tools Engine Oil Drain Pan comes into play. Boasting a large capacity and sturdy design, this should be your go-to open-top oil drain pan.

The Motivx oil drain pan boasts a  massive capacity of 16 quarts. This is more than enough to catch oil from multiple cars at once.

The thing we like the most about this product is how durable it is. The Motivx is built out of heavy-duty polyethylene and also has a reinforced bottom. You can bang this oil drain all day long, and it won’t crack.

To prevent any oil splashes, the rim of this oil drain features a lip that’ll catch any runaway oil drops. And that’s not all when it comes to convenience! It also features carrying handles on the sides to ensure you won’t have any trouble moving the pan even when it’s full.

To drain the pan, there is a conveniently placed pour spout on the side. This spout is designed, so it doesn’t splash the oil when poured out.

The only thing we didn’t like about this product is its high price. For that money, you can get two decent low-end oil drain pans.


  • Incredibly durable
  • 16-quart capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Well designed pour spout


  • Pricey

4. OEM Tools 87017 – Most Affordable Oil Drain Pan

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We understand that not everyone what’s to spend their hard-earned cash for a tool they’re going to use once or twice a year. This is why the fourth place in our list of best oil drain pans goes to OEM Tools 87017.

This oil drain pan features an open-top design and a low profile. This oil drain pan features such a low profile that you won’t have any trouble sliding it even under a car that’s almost scraping the ground. 

Unfortunately, with low profile comes low capacity. The Oem Tools 87017 can only hold up to 2.8 quarts of motor oil. While this might be enough for an average car user, it’s nowhere close enough to truckers’ needs.

On the bright side, this drain pan is built out of durable polyurethane that’s chemically resistant. The bottom is also reinforced to ensure it can handle the day-to-day operation.

When it comes to convenience, there are no carrying handles. You don’t need them since this pan isn’t huge. Thankfully it does come with a curved splash guard that’ll keep your pavement oil spill-free. 

Even with its drawbacks, this is an excellent oil drain pan for anyone that changes engine oil once a year and doesn’t want to invest too much money.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Very durable 


  • Sub-par capacity
  • No carrying handles

5. Lumax Black LX-1632 – Best Closed Oil Drain Pan

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The Lumax Black LX-1632 oil drain pan features an all-in-one design that makes draining, storing, transporting, and recycling oil incredibly easy. Unlike other closed-top oil drain pans we reviewed, this one doesn’t feature an oil tray. Instead, there is a giant 8-inch wide catch basin protected by a massive cap with a leak-proof o-ring.

The Lumax Black can hold up to 15 quarts of oil, which is more than enough for three complete oil changes. The pan is built out of highly-durable plastic, so don’t worry if you bang it accidentally. In fact, it’s so durable that it can handle quite a lot of punishment before it cracks.

When it comes to convenience, the Lumax Black LX 1632 is king. There is no oil tray, just a big hole with a great over it. You drain the oil directly into the container. This means there won’t be any splashing whatsoever. What’s more, you won’t have to clean it since there is no oil tray.

For extra convenience, there are two carrying handles on the top. The top of the container features a small outlet from which you can pour out the oil once you fill-up the container.

The only issue we have with this product is that the big cap is a bit finicky to screw in, but that’s a minor issue.


  • 16-quart capacity
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • No oil splashes


  • Finicky cap

What Are Oil Drain Pans And Why You Should Buy One?

For the uninitiated, oil drain pans are automotive tools that allow you to catch the oil from your vehicle’s motor. Also known as oil catch pan or oil drip pans, these tools make changing motor oil at home incredibly easy.

But why should you buy one if (theoretically) any container could work as an oil drain pan? Well, these tools are specially designed for catching oil. If you use a Tupperware container to catch oil, you won’t have any other choice but to throw it out afterward. This is because motor oil is incredibly challenging to clean.

Even if you manage to collect the oil from your motor with a makeshift oil drain pan, you’re left with the problem of sealing the container so you can take the oil to be recycled. This is why you need a genuine oil drain pan.

Another reason why you should get one of these automotive tools is that they allow you to avoid messy spills. The worst thing that can happen when changing oil is accidentally bumping the bucket and spilling its contents. Oil drain pans are designed to prevent situations like these.

Oil drain pans are also incredibly easy to use. Using one of these containers is as simple as positioning it underneath your vehicle’s oil pan. No fancy attachments, no hoses or special tools needed, just place the drain underneath your car, and you’re good to go.

Oil drain pans are also (mostly) inexpensive. A basic oil drain pan costs as much as a higher-quality bucket.  However, unlike a bucket, oil drip pans are specially designed for holding motor oil.

These pans are also better than oil extractors. While oil extractors are excellent tools for removing motor oil from your car’s engine, they can’t remove the contaminants from the oil pan. By draining the oil instead of sucking it out, you ensure no contaminants are left in the car’s oil pan. And for that job you need an oil drain pan.

If you’re the type of person who loves servicing their car, then you should definitely pick up one of these pans.

Even if you’re not that type of person that likes working on cars, you should keep an oil drain pan at hand because you never know when your vehicle is going to start dripping oil. An oil drain pan will help you reduce the messy oil spill to a minimum.

6 Factors You Should Consider When Buying An Oil Drain Pan

Now that you know why you should buy one, let’s go over the factors you should consider when buying an oil drain pan.

1. Capacity

The main factor you should consider when buying an oil drain pan is its capacity.

If you’re lazy like us, you don’t want to take your oil to the auto parts shop every time you replace the oil in your car, we recommend going for a bigger oil drain pan. With a larger oil drain pan, you’ll be able to drain your oil two or three times before you have to take it to be recycled.

2. Sealable Container

Another factor you should consider is whether the oil drain pan is sealable or not. 

Some oil drain pans aren’t sealable, they’re just, well, pans. That’s okay if you’re a trucker and don’t care about oil splashing around.

However, if you own a car, you don’t want to stain your driveway. This is why you should go for a sealable oil drain pan. This way, you can take the oil to be processed with no mess and hassle.

3. Open Catch Vs. Top Draining Oil Drain Pans

There are two main types of oil drain pans:

  • Open catch oil drain pans
  • Top draining oil drain pans

An open catch oil drain pan is designed to have you drain the oil on top of the container, which then funnels the oil into the container. While this is quite a solid design, some people don’t like it because it can cause some splashing.

Top draining oil pans don’t have a sealable container. Instead, these pans are just open containers that collect motor oil. These oil drain pans are excellent for truck owners since they have a bigger capacity than open catch pans.

4. Durability

Another factor you should consider is durability. 

No matter for which type you go for, we recommend you make sure it’s able to withstand rocking around. You don’t want your oil drain pan to crack while in transport. You’ll never be able to clean the oil stains from your trunk.

By buying a durable and robust oil drain pan, you’re saving money. How? Well, you won’t have to buy another one in case the old one breaks. Thankfully, these tools are very affordable, so you won’t feel too much set back if you invest a couple more dollars.

5. Ease Of Use

You should go for an oil drain pan that’s easy to use by both you and anyone else in your family. 

While these tools aren’t overly complicated, you can easily mess things up if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is especially true with sealed pans because they usually have two holes and an air vent. One hole is used for collecting oil, and the other for draining the oil from the container. And if you don’t open the air before you start draining oil, you will cause splashing and oil stains. 

6. Price

Lastly, you have to consider the price. The price of oil drain pans varies from $5 to $50. The more expensive the oil pan, the bigger the capacity. More expensive models are also more durable and are easier to clean.

Final Word

Before we let you go, let’s do a quick recap.

We chose Hopkins 42003MI FloTool as the winner because it features an excellent two-in-one design and comes with more than enough capacity for two or three oil changes. What’s more, this product is incredibly easy to use.

Our runner up is the Hopkins 42008MI FloTool because of its massive 58-quart capacity and the two-in-one design. This product also comes with all the carrying handles you’ll need to move it, and it also comes with in-built wheels.

Lastly, we chose Motivx Tools Engine Oil Drain Pan as our budget pick because it represents a classic oil drain pan at an incredibly affordable price.

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