The Best Interior Car Cleaners In 2023

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Top 5 Best Interior Car Cleaners 2023:

  1. Chemical Guys SPI_663_16 InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer and Protectant
  2. 303 30340CSR Marine UV Protectant Spray
  3. CarGuys Super Effective All-Purpose Cleaner
  4. Meguiar’s G13616SP Quick Interior Detailer Cleaner
  5. Meguiar’s G16216 Ultimate Interior Detailer

Did you notice how the car runs better when it’s thoroughly cleaned?

Or is that just our imagination?

Anyway, we love a freshly cleaned car.

Most car owners are focused more on exterior cleaning and put the interior cleaning in the background; usually, because cleaning interior is easier said than done. You need a lot of products, a vacuum cleaner, tons of damp and dry towels. 

In a word, it can get messy.

What if we tell you that this process can be way easier if you pick out the right product for your car? From this day on, the only two things you will need are the suitable interior car cleaner and microfiber towels. It is that simple believe us.  

To find out how to pick the best car interior cleaner for your vehicle, make sure you read this article thoroughly from the beginning.

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5 Best Interior Car Cleaners In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Chemical Guys SPI_663_16 InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer and Protectant – Brings Back The Factory Appearance To Your Car

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If your priority in car interior cleaner is a good value for the price, this product will be your favorite. It will come very handy since this product is straightforward to use. It will offer you deep cleaning, and it dries very quickly, to be precise within a few seconds, leaving the nice coat of transparent wax for a perfect shiny finish.

What we must tell you is that this product does not work well with glass, rubber, light-colored fabric, and light-colored leather. When using it on the light-colored fabric and leather, you must be extremely careful; if you pour it out directly on the fabric, it will leave yellowish stains all over the seat.

This cleaner is effective in removing dirt from components made from plastic such as dashboard, armrests, door panels, navigation screen, and steering wheel. It works great as a dust repellent thanks to its anti-static zero-residue formula that prevents dust from sticking on the coating.

Besides this, it features advanced UV protection that will keep the interior of your car in good shape. The scent can be too much for some users as well. You can choose from two different scents: fresh pineapple and baby powder – which can be a bit too heavy if you ask us.


  • Good value for the price
  • Dries quickly
  • Offers UV protection
  • Dust repellent
  • Removes dirt effectively


  • Do not work well with glass, rubber, light-colored fabric and leather
  • Scent can be strong for some people
  • If poured directly on the light-colored seat it will leave yellowish stains

2. Meguiar’s G13616SP Quick Interior Detailer Cleaner – Leaves Nice And Natural Finish

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This cleaning formula restores and protects original interior appearance. The deep cleaning formula is considered very effective, and it will dry very quickly after you apply it, so make sure you don’t use it in spots with direct sunlight, or it can cause some stains.

The effectiveness is not that great as they claim, the product does have a deep cleaning formula, but you will need a large amount of cleaner to clean your interior completely. So this affects the cost-efficiency, and since you need to use a lot of the product, the strong scent can get in the way.

This product can work well with all kinds of materials, including leather, rubber, vinyl, glass, metal, and fabric. This will allow you to clean almost everything, from the steering wheel to car seats. It will prevent color fading, considering that the cleaning formula is rich in sun-blocking agents.

The formula is very smooth, so you won’t have any trouble when spreading it. Also, it does not contain any grease, so you can be sure it won’t leave any greasy streaks after the use. It will provide you with a layer of protection that will prevent cracking, aging, and drying.  

The formula works as a dust repellent too and successfully repels dirt and dust for an extended period. If you are a fan of the hi-glossy finish, this product will disappoint you.


  • Works on all car interior surfaces
  • Features sun-blocking agents
  • Dust repellent
  • Offers great protection and matte finish


  • Requires a large amount of cleaning formula for effective cleaning
  • Not suitable to use on direct sunlight because it may cause stains

3. Meguiar’s G16216 Ultimate Interior Detailer – Not So Easy On Your Sense Of Smell

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This formula comes from the same manufacture as a previous one. 

It cleans all surfaces well, and it will dry out quickly. The deep cleaning formula does not contain any type of grease, but it will leave a slippery residue on the surface, so we do not recommend you to use this product on the steering wheel and brake pedals to avoid any risky situations.

This product will do a great job of restoring any plastic component in your car. Of course, you can use it to clean vinyl, rubber, and fabric, too, but never use it on the glass because it might damage the coating. The UV protection does an amazing job of keeping the colors bright and the interior without a single crack.

It is very easy to use just spray it on the desired surface and wipe it off with a cleaning towel. It will provide a fine clean finish that will repel dust successfully. But be warned that the smell of this product is bad and it will require some time to get used to it. Don’t worry, the odor is bad only during the process of cleaning, and it will not linger in your car after it dries out.

All in all, if you can deal with a strange odor and you need a cleaner that is affordable and effective, this product is a great shot.


  • Affordable
  • Great in restoring plastic components
  • UV resistant
  • Dust repellent
  • Does not leave greasy streaks


  • Smells awful
  • Can’t be used on glass
  • Avoid using it on steering wheel and breaks

4. CarGuys Super Effective All-Purpose Cleaner – One Stop Car Interior Cleaner

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This is a multi-surface all-purpose cleaner. If you are looking for the product that can be used inside as well on the outside of your car and you don’t mind spending a little bit of money on it, you just found your ideal partner.

If it’s multi-surface, it does not mean it works perfectly on all kinds of surfaces; it is still hard to use on some materials like fabric. It will definitely remove the stain from fabric, but it requires a bit much effort to rub the stain away. This product is too strong for glass, so avoid cleaning window panels with it. On the other hand, it will show the best result on plastic, leather, and rubber.

The formula is made from the high-quality polymers that clean using nanoparticle technology, so no matter how deep the dirt is, this formula will catch it and remove it in no time. The finish is clean without a glossy effect and without any odor. So the product has a matte finish meaning it is dust repellent too since there is no greasy residue that will attract the dust.

We really loved this product, but it has a major flaw. There is no UV protection. We were a bit disappointed to find that out since it is a pricey product, but considering everything else this product can offer to you, we decide this will not be a deal-breaker in our case.


  • Suitable for interior and exterior of the car
  • Very effective in removing dirt, stains and grimes
  • Dust repellent
  • Offers a clean matte finish
  • Works great on leather, rubber, and plastic


  • Pricey
  • Not suitable to use on glass
  • No UV protection
  • Hard to use on fabric

5. 303 30340CSR Marine UV Protectant Spray – Gentle And Versatile Cleaner

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This is the overall best product you can get bearing in mind the quality, effectiveness as well as the price. We were blown away with how good and affordable this cleaner is, so let’s find out more about this fantastic product.

It works great on various surfaces; thus, it will save you a lot of money since you don’t need to buy different products for different surfaces. It is safe for use on rubber, vinyl, PVC, finished leather, fiberglass, and gel coat surfaces. Unfortunately, this formula does not work well on fabric.

The cleaning formula is made from UV protectant polymer. So it does not only cleans the surfaces well, but it also leaves a thin layer of wax to protect the surfaces away from UV rays, dust, and dirt. This way, the color of your metal and plastic surfaces will stay intact.

The formula is water-based and easy to spread around the surface, but it is not air dry type, so you must buff it thoroughly to prevent streaks. Also, it is non-toxic, so you can be sure it won’t harm you in any way.

We advise you to use this product the way it is recommended in the guideline on the back of the bottle, once per three to five weeks away from the direct sunlight. Given that the excessive use of this cleaner can make the plastic look dry, which is not a flattering look.


  • Suitable for interior and exterior of the car
  • Effectively remove stains
  • UV protection
  • Dust repellent
  • The formula is water-based and easy to use


  • Not suitable for fabric
  • Must be buffed into the surface
  • Can make plastic look dry if used too frequently

What To Look For When Purchasing The Best Interior Car Cleaner

Picking out the right car interior cleaner is not as easy as you think before, believe us. This means picking up a random product just because it is affordable is not an option anymore.

Before purchasing the product, you must find out what types of materials are used for making the interior of your car. After this, everything will be easier; match the product with the material and take a quick look at features we recommend you to check out before and you are set to go.

1. Cleaning Quality And Finish

When we talk about maintaining a car interior, quality is a crucial feature. Most of the interior car cleaners will remove stains well, but after the use, they will leave behind a greasy coating which most of us don’t like. That is why we recommend that you go for the product that offers a transparent wax coating that will leave a nice matte finish.

2. UV Protection 

This feature is vital since the car interior can get damaged by UV rays easily. To avoid color fading and cracking the surface, your best shot is to invest in the car interior cleaner with UV protection. Usually, products that come in the form of spray have UV protection, unlike products that come in the form of wet wipes.

3. Dust Repellent

Always choose the product that can remove stains, grimes, and act as a dust repellent at the same time. This way, you can be sure that your car seats, carpets, and dashboard will stay clean, shiny, and dust-free for a longer period of time.

4. Surface Compatibility And Versatility

When you are shopping for the best car interior cleaner, it would be ideal to find the one that will work well on all surfaces in your car. The product that works only on one or two types of surfaces won’t be economical nor a convenient choice.

5. Environmental Friendly Substances

As we mentioned above, different types of materials are used in your car interiors, such as glass, plastic, and leather. To avoid damaging any of them, you must carefully choose the cleaner that is chemically suitable for use on all three types of materials.

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Final Observation

There you go, we reached the end of our thorough review. We only want to mention a few things more that we think you might find helpful. When you buy a new car interior cleaner that you are getting ready to use for the first time, make sure you apply it on some inconspicuous spot.

The damp towel is a must when cleaning your car seat, and a microfiber towel is a great option for all other surfaces. Never expect to camouflage the scratches and scuffs with car interior cleaner; they are just not built to do that.

Best Overall Value: Chemical Guys SPI_663_16 InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer and Protectant

  • As a value pick, this product is quite inexpensive and will give you excellent value for your money’s worth. All that without any risk that a low price tag will deny you the effective cleaning, great features, and functionality.

Best Budget Option: 303 30340CSR Marine UV Protectant Spray

  • We considered this product as a budget option since it offers you protection for almost all types of materials you can find in and out of your car. Yes, you can use this product to maintain both the interior and exterior of your car. If you take a better look at the price tag, you will find out why this product is a good catch.

Premium Pick: CarGuys Super Effective All-Purpose Cleaner

  • We loved everything about this car interior cleaner; that is why we decided to overlook the lack of UV protection and enlist this product as a premium pick since no other product can give you a maintenance quality high as this one can.

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