The Best Hoverboards & Self Balancing Scooters In 2023

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Erin Carpenter

Top 5 Best Hoverboards & Self Balancing Scooters 2023:

  1. Swagtron T580 Self Balancing Board
  2. Gyroor G2 Hoverboard Warrior
  3. Segway miniPRO Smart Self-Balancing Scooter
  4. EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter
  5. Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 Self Balancing Scooter

Self balancing scooter sounds like something out of a Star Wars film. 

We’re sure that many of you are like: “I don’t know what it is, but I want it!”

It’s a hoverboard guys, a plain ol’ hoverboard. However, these things have gone a long way since their inception, so they’re not just children’s toy anymore.

Ok, a hoverboard might still be the signature of your super-annoying kid neighbor, but many adults have started to use it too.

Nowadays, these scooters are used for commuting as much as for leisure.

To learn about the best self balancing scooters on the market, and all their capabilities, proceed to read our article!

What Is A Hoverboard – Self Balancing Scooter?

In case you’ve never seen or heard about these things, let us enlighten you. 

A hoverboard – self balancing scooter is something akin to a motorized skateboard that’s ridden sideways and has only two wheels. Or better yet, think of a segway without the long bar and handles.

The scooter has two standing pads that serve as controllers. Lean forward to go faster, lean backward to slow down, and twist the pads to turn.

That’s all there is to it.

What To Know When Looking For The Best Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter?

As you can imagine, a product like an SBS (yeah, we’re using this abbreviation now) is not something that you buy right off the bat. 

Any machine that’s used for transportation has many factors to be considered before making a purchase.

Please don’t be foolish and make a rushed decision here.

Instead, take the time to read the following section and learn about the essential features of hoverboards, so that you know exactly what to get.

1. Intended Use

The first thing that you need to think about is what you want to use the hoverboard for.

Do you want to play around, or commute with it?

In case of the latter, look for a model that has large wheels so that it can move on uneven surfaces. Riding on the streets includes sharp corners, so get a short board so that you can turn quickly. 

Now, all of these factors could be useful for play too, but they’re essential when it comes to commuting purposes.

2. Speed

Speed is something that we didn’t discuss yet, so it’s time that we say something about it.

You see, every self balancing scooter has a different top speed due to different motors.

It’s understood that you’ll choose the speed according to your needs and preferences, but let us pinch in a tip:

If you’re a beginner or are buying the board for a child, don’t go for the fastest model for safety reasons.

Expect some falls when learning how to ride. Falling at 3 mp/h won’t hurt as much as falling at 10 mm/h, so keep this in mind at all times.

On the other hand, a fast board will bring significant benefits to commuters, just be very sure in your capability to ride it.

3. Added Features

All self balancing scooters are alike when it comes to their essential features. However, there are models that include some additional lights or even speakers. The coolest thing about this is that many boards enable you to modify the lights and play music from your phone. 

Now, the not-so-good side is that such extras will significantly raise the price. Also, certain manufacturers save on other, more essential features just to include some of these additionals. 

This, of course, hurts the overall quality of the product, so think about this when browsing through hoverboards.

4. Battery Features

Self balancing scooters use lithium-ion batteries as a power source. Yes, you guessed it; it’s the same type of battery that your phone has. The reason why manufacturers opted for lithium-ion is its cost-effectiveness, high safety, and charging speed.

The models that you’ll usually find in hoverboards are anywhere between 24V and 36V. Such batteries take 1 to 3 hours to charge, and be suspicious of anyone who claims that the charging time is shorter than an hour.

See what the manufacturer has to say about the battery’s lifespan, and then check if previous users confirm this claim.

5. Waterproof

Finding a waterproof hoverboard is necessary for anyone who intends to use it for transport. The trouble here is that every manufacturer has different standards and explanations about what it means to be waterproof. 

Be aware that none of today’s self balancing scooters can be fully submerged underwater, which means that there isn’t a 100% waterproof model. 

Most hoverboards can handle a certain amount of water before they stop working. Finding out how wet they can get and still work is the tricky part.

Regardless of what we wrote here, it is advisable to find a model that has the waterproof stamp on it. To be safe, don’t ride it through puddles, but you should be ok in light rain and fog.

6. Cost

If you’ve ever looked into the prices of hoverboards, you’ve surely seen how much they vary. They go from around $100 to more than $700, and with this in mind, a question pops up:

“What’s the least you can pay for a decent hoverboard?”

We can’t give you a definitive answer here, but we do have a few tips. If you have the money, don’t go for the cheapest model as it probably won’t be of the highest quality. 

On the other hand, the priciest hoverboards are not always the best. Sometimes, they are loaded with extra features that drive up the cost, but not necessarily the quality.

Our conclusion is that you stick to the middle, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. By doing this, it’s highly likely that you’ll get sufficient quality without going broke.

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5 Best Hoverboards & Self Balancing Scooters In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Swagtron T580 Self Balancing Board

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Swagtron T580 is as fun as its name! This beastly-looking little device will let you cruise around in style while having the utmost connectivity properties. Let’s see what this thing is all about!

No matter if you are a commuter or a past-time roller, T580 will probably suit your needs. It’s got 6.5” tires, which are not large enough to take you across various terrains, but they glide smoothly on concrete. 

Also, this baby can go up to 8 miles on a single charge, and we doubt that you need more than that. The charger isn’t of the best quality, though; it’s a bit flimsy and easy to break if not handled carefully.

When it comes to speed, the T580 is definitely not the fastest model out there, but its 7.5 MPH is more than decent. Having such a moderate max speed makes it safer for kids, so yes, this model is suitable for them too.

Speaking of safety, it is important to note that this hoverboard goes through many tests to ensure that it is safe to use. The materials that it is made from have been UL certified, and the entire thing is incombustible.

There have been complaints that the board tends to make a grinding noise sometimes, but so far, this hasn’t led to any breakdowns.

Another shining feature is its connectivity. You can use Bluetooth technology to connect the board to your iPhone or Android device and play music from it! How cool is that?


  • Very safe
  • Includes Bluetooth speakers
  • Awesome design
  • Can hold a lot of weight


  • Charger and charging port are bad
  • Produces strange noise sometimes

2. Gyroor G2 Hoverboard Warrior

Image Credit:

Here’s a monster hoverboard for you! Meet Gyroor G2 – an off-road self balancing scooter that’s built for some serious fun. If you need something to take you over all kinds of surfaces, then don’t skip this review.

As soon as you lay your eyes upon it, you’ll recognize that this is a thrill-seekers delight. The hoverboard has a sturdy exterior that can take a beating, so you can give it a go on rough terrains.

Its hard rubber tires are 8.5” in diameter, which is more than enough to handle uneven roads.

The battery takes around 2 hours to charge, and once it’s full, you can ride for up to 9 miles. 

This board is excellent for beginners as it utilizes a smart self-balancing system that’ll help you find and remain in the sweet spot easily. It is a bit heavier than other boards we tried, so this might be a problem for some users.

Gyroor G2 comes with an app that you install on your smartphone, and which allows you to control many aspects of the board. For example, you can play music, switch up the LED lights, set the maximum speed, and so on. The latter is crucial if you are a novice or are buying the board for a child.

To sum up, this is a high-quality product that’s safe and easy to use and comes at a not-so-terrible price.


  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Can be connected to your phone


  • On the heavier side
  • Not the cheapest

3. Segway miniPRO Smart Self-Balancing Scooter

Image Credit:

Segway is often seen as a father of a whole new generation of scooters, and rightfully so. This company has revolutionized short-distance city transport, and they’re still at the top of their game. Let’s take a look at one of their newer products!

Segway miniPRO isn’t your average hoverboard. This model includes a padded knee control bar that’s good for two things: 

  • It makes it easier to balance on the scooter
  • It enables high precision steering

Now, what’s exceptional about the miniPro is its 800W beast motor! This amount of power, combined with the 10.5” tires, allows you to ride up steep slopes, bumps, and even gravel without problems.

The battery can last up to 12.5 miles on a single charge, which is the best result on this list so far. It can reach a speed of 10 miles per hour, but there’s a catch. Your max speed will be locked at 4.3 MPH until you complete the New Rider Tutorial through the app on your phone.

Wait, there’s more.

Segway has indeed thought of everything with this board. They included automatic, customizable LED headlights and taillights, which make sure that you’re easily noticeable in the dark. 

Unfortunately, the company does not recommend this scooter for people under 16 or over 60, so you shouldn’t buy it for your kid (or grandma).


  • A very powerful motor
  • Kneebar for easy balancing and maneuvering
  • Good for various terrains
  • Sleek design


  • Not for users under 16 or 60 y.o.
  • Pricey

4. EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter

Image Credit:

Ok, we might have gone over the BOARD with this one. See what we did there? Over the board, because we are about to bring you yet another super powerful self balancing scooter.

Epikgo is becoming a household name among hoverboard enthusiasts, and for a good reason. Their board both looks and performs like a monster, which means that it is suitable for all uses.

The scooter became famous thanks to its motor, or shall we say, two motors 400W each. This means that you’ll be able to cross almost any obstacle that presents itself on your way to work or when playing. The 8.5” wheels aren’t the biggest out there, but their size is more than enough.

But, that’s not all.

Another cool thing about this model is the extra foot space, so people who like a bit of additional room will take a liking to this one. Besides this, its sturdy construction allows it to hold heavy riders with ease.

So yes, the board is well-made and UL2272 certified, which means that it’s not afraid of mud, dirt, water, or grass. All of this comes at a very high price and an overall heavy product, so this may throw off some potential buyers.


  • Sturdy and safe build
  • Very powerful
  • Runs on all terrains
  • Wide foot pads


  • Very expensive
  • Heavy

5. Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 Self Balancing Scooter

Image Credit:

Last but not least, we have another Swagtron product. The Swagboard Pro T1 hoverboard is a solid choice for first-time buyers who’d like to give self balancing scooters a go without spending too much money.

One of the reasons we like to recommend this board for beginners is the modes that it offers. To clarify, you can choose between learning and standard riding modes. The former allows you to start slowly and pick up the essentials, while the latter makes it able to go full-on (once you’re ready).

Swagboard Pro T1 isn’t the most powerful board out there, but its 250W motor is decent. It is able to take you for 12 miles on a full charge at a speed of 8 miles per hour. The middle of the board holds the battery indicator, so you’ll know how much further you can ride.

It is suitable for transportation and play purposes, but it doesn’t perform well on uneven terrains.

The board is UL2272 certified, so you can rest assured that it is entirely safe. 

Like we mentioned earlier, this hoverboard is affordable, top-quality, and very fun to ride. It is not a powerhouse, but not everyone wants that.


  • Excellent for beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Safe (UL2272 certified)
  • Well-built


  • Reports of defective units
  • Not the easiest to master


Well, folks, that’s all that we’ve had in store for you today. You’ve seen all the awesome hoverboards & self balancing scooters, and now it’s time to pick the best ones.

The gold medal goes to Swagtron T580 because it has the perfect balance of cost, performance, and build quality. It can be used for both transport and play and is suitable for all ages.

We award the Gyroor G2 with the second place only because of its price. It is brilliantly built and can take you through any terrain.

Finally, we have the Segway miniPRO, which is costly but well worth it, as it is ridiculously safe and easy to ride, and has a beast motor!

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