The Best Skateboard Grip Tapes In 2023

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Top 5 Best Skateboard Grip Tapes 2023:

  1. Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet
  2. Mob Skateboard Grip Tape
  3. Black Diamond Grip Tape
  4. ZUEXT Grip Tape
  5. Lucid Grip Spray on Grip Tape

“My board’s too gritty!” 

“My board’s too smooth!”

Oh, these skater kids – there’s no pleasing them! 

But, to be fair, the board’s grip has a huge impact on the riding experience, and it needs to be just right. If you don’t like it as it is, the only way to fix it is to apply new grip tape.

Now, since there are many different grip preferences, our job is to help you find the tape that’ll suit you. However, we don’t want you to settle for a crappy brand, so we’ll be looking at the best grip tape on the market.

It’s right here; go on and read about it!

5 Best Skateboard Grip Tapes In 2023: Detailed Reviews

If you’ve been around the skateboarding scene for a while, you know how many brands there are. Most of them are really good, but their products can be very different, and it’s not easy to discern the differences. 

Luckily for you, our keen eye is capable of doing it. So, to spare you the hassle, we found and reviewed the top five grip tapes. We assure you there’s a model for everyone.

Check them out below!

1. Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet – Best Overall

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The Jessup Skateboard grip tape is a good choice for those who aren’t sure what they’re after. No matter whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, this grip tape can be your perfect first-time purchase.

When it comes to sharpness, there is some controversy surrounding Jessup. Certain skaters say that it’s very grippy, which allows them to control the board well. On the other hand, some don’t share this opinion and claim that its grip is medium.

It’s tricky to be 100% objective when it comes to a tape’s sharpness, as different users will rate it differently. However, we can say that, unless you like an extremely grippy surface, you’ll most likely be happy with Jessup.

The tape is made from silicon carbide, and it has a reputation of being on shoes. The latter is especially true when compared to some other models on our list.

The application of the tape is super simple, and once you’ve got it on – it’s on. In other words, it has amazing adhesive properties and will stick to the board no matter what you do to it. It’s available in several different sizes, so you can pick the one suitable for your skateboard.


  • Solid grip
  • Bubble-free application
  • Easy on the shoes
  • Available in several sizes


  • Some claim that the grip isn’t very good 

2. Mob Skateboard Grip Tape – Grippiest Model

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Mob grip tape is notorious for its super-grippiness, and even though this is the primary reason people buy it, it’s not the only. No doubt that this is an excellent product, and if you want to know why it’s second on our list, read on.

As we said, Mob isn’t messing around when it comes to sharpness. It is the grippiest tape we’ve ever encountered, and if that’s what you need, then don’t think twice about buying this one. Of course, your shoes will suffer, but we’re sure you’re aware of that.

Now, the sharpness does mellow out over time, which means that your second pair of footwear won’t take a beating like the first one. We’re saying this expecting that you’ll completely ruin the first pair, but this won’t necessarily happen!

The application shouldn’t be a problem with Mob, as it doesn’t take much effort to do it right. It sticks to the board well, just be careful not to cut your skin when putting it on. Yup, its surface is that rough.

As for the price, Mob grip tape is one of the more expensive models on the list. However, if you like what it has to offer, then we say go for it.


  • Extremely grippy
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in several designs
  • Very durable


  • A bit pricey
  • Comes in only one size

3. Black Diamond Grip Tape – Best Budget Option

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Black Diamond is kind of a newcomer in the skateboard scene. Since they’ve managed to survive 15 years on the market, it means they’re definitely worth something. Let’s dissect it and see what it’s all about.

The first and most important part of every grip tape is the sharpness, and Black Diamond doesn’t disappoint here. The tape is between medium and high on the grippiness scale, and it doesn’t fall far behind Mob in this regard.

The silicon carbide grains are durable, and it’ll take some time until you see first signs of wear. The bald spots first start to appear where the foot rotates on the board, so be on the lookout for them. Also, the material gets slippery when wet, and you have to be extra careful if riding in the rain.

Now, the application is where you ought to be careful. The tape tears relatively easily, especially when trying to cut it or poke holes in it.

Black Diamond comes in a wide variety of designs, which include several single-color models, a striped print, and even camo. It shouldn’t be too hard to find the one that suits your style.


  • Very durable
  • Excellent grippiness
  • Bubble-free application
  • Comes in a variety of designs


  • Might tear during application
  • Slippery in wet conditions

4. ZUEXT Grip Tape – Most Durable Model

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In case you’re not interested in wild design or brand names, but just want a fuss-free grip tape, then ZUEXT might be of interest. It’s well-made, it works, and it’s sold for a fair price. What’s not to like?

ZUEXT’s is on the grippier side of things, so we could describe it as pretty sharp. Your shoes will certainly bear the brunt of it, but that’s the name of the game, right? The tape is highly praised for its durability, so you can expect it to last (at least according to previous customers).

The biggest issue with this product is the sizing. ZUEXT is available in only one size (11″ x 44″), which isn’t a problem in itself, but many buyers have received a tape of slightly different dimensions. How different? We’re talking around an inch or two, but remember, this can be a big deal when it comes to fitting it on your board.

Aside from that, the adhesiveness of the tape can be brought into question too. While many swear by its quality, others claim that it doesn’t stick well and that temperature changes affect it.

Unless you’re unlucky enough to face both these problems, you’ll be getting an excellent grip tape. We’ll leave the choice to you.


  • Outstanding durability
  • Very Grippy
  • Excellent value for the price


  • Sizing issues
  • Reports about bad stickiness

5. Lucid Grip Spray on Grip Tape – Best Spray-On Model

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Don’t rub your eyes; you’ve read it right – this is spray-on grip tape. How’s something like that even possible? Strap yourself up, buddy, because you’re about to find out.

As you may have assumed, this isn’t a tape in the classic sense of the word, but it does serve the same purpose. This spray-on grip “tape” consists of two parts – glue and tiny sharp stones. The application looks something like this: you sprinkle some stones, spray the adhesive over them, and voila!

The advantage of this product is that it allows you to distribute the sharpness according to your preferences. Also, the spray is transparent, which means that it won’t mess with your board’s design. You don’t have to use up the entire thing at once, so you’ll be able to replace the worn-down spots as the need arises.

The downside is that it can never be as grippy as regular grip tape. So, if you want to do flips and tricks with this one, forget about it. However, in case you just like to cruise around with your board, then Lucid Grip can be a wonderful choice.

This product is significantly pricier than most of the tapes on this list, but it might last you much longer then them, if you used it sparingly.


  • Spread the grip on the board as you like
  • Fix individual areas as they get worn down
  • Transparent finish


  • Not very grippy
  • Expensive

What Is Grip Tape?

For the uninformed reader, grip tape is the rough and gritty layer of material that’s placed on top of a skateboard. Its purpose is to help one’s shoes grip the board more easily. 

Grip tape is made of silicon carbide or aluminum oxide, and it has the texture of sandpaper. It’s commonly sold in rolls of various sizes, with each being suitable for a specific skateboard size. The tape’s bottom side is sticky, and you apply it to the board like you would a sticker.

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What To Know Before Buying Grip Tape?

Like we mentioned above, grip tapes come in various sizes, but this is not the only factor where they differ. You don’t want to buy the wrong tape now, would you? 

Of course not! You’re trying to save money here, not waste it, remember?

In the following section, we’re going to show you all the essential factors of grip tapes. Hopefully, this will help you pick a suitable model for you.

1. Size

It happens way too often, people get a tape with the exact length and width of the board and guess what – it doesn’t fit. The most common mistake here is that they fail to consider the concave shape of the skateboard when taking measurements.

The right way to do it is to choose a tape that’s an inch or two wider/longer. Once you place it on the board, simply trim off the excess, and you’ll be all set.

2. Sharpness

Sharpness is a matter of personal preference, and it takes some time until you find the right one for you. All you need to know is that the sharper the tape, the grippier it is.

Many skaters like it very grippy because it provides them with a lot of control, which is needed to land challenging tricks. However, high grippiness thrashes shoes quickly; too quickly if you ask us. Unfortunately, there’s no way around it if you like such a tape.

The medium grip, a.k.a ‘standard’, is also popular with skaters who like to do tricks. This type of tape – you guessed it – helps prolong the shoe life as it’s got moderate sharpness.

Then, there’s also the non-abrasive tape, which is a relatively new invention. It provides the skater with the same amount of grip as the standard one, while not damaging the shoes as much.

3. Stickiness

If you want your grip tape to last long, it better be very sticky. Strong adhesive properties of the tape will ensure that it stays stuck on the board even if used intensely. This should also prevent it from being affected by weather and temperature conditions.

Another thing that a sticky tape will help you avoid is the formation of every skater’s nightmare – air bubbles. These bubbles will mess with your stance and overall riding comfort, so it’s of utmost importance to avoid them.

In case you can’t find information about stickiness on the manufacturer’s website, check what customers have to say about it.

4. Design

Everyone wants their deck to look cool, right? Well, those who are into aesthetics will be happy to learn that grip tapes come in a variety of designs. Some are plain black, while others have cool images or the brand’s logo on them. 

Aside from your skills, a sure way to get respect in the skateboarding community is to buy reputable brands. So, getting a grip tape with a famous company’s logo might even help you make some new friends!

5. Price

Grip tape prices are mostly consistent. Sure, there are a few overpriced brands and models, but you won’t encounter them so often. 

You should be looking to spend around $10 or less for a solid tape. As you can see in this roundup, most of the products revolve around this price.

Grip tapes for longboards will cost more because of the larger size. Also, downhill skateboards use special extra-grippy models, so you can expect to pay a few more bucks for them.

6. Ease Of Application

The ideal grip tape should require zero skills to be applied. A knife and some patience are all that you should need to complete the process successfully.

There is, of course, the right and the wrong way to apply tape, and you need to make sure that you’re doing it correctly. Fortunately for those who’ve never done it, there are heaps of instructional videos online.


So dear readers, we’ve reached the end of the article, and we hope you’ve got a good grip on the topic by now. Good GRIP, get it? Please excuse our miserable attempts at humor; it won’t happen again. Before we leave you, we’d like to do a quick summary of our top three picks for today.

Jessop grip tape takes the first place, and as we said, we’d recommend it to any first-time buyer. The tape will help you define your grip preference without destroying your shoes or giving you a headache in terms of application.

Mob tape is not for the faint-hearted or those who are overly attached to their shoes. This ultra-grippy model will provide you with heaps of control and lots of quality.

Black Diamond is another top-notch tape that comes at a low price. It’s the best budget option that we’ve ever come across.

That would be all for today peeps. Get yourself a proper grip and step your grind up!

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