The Best Windshield Wipers In 2023

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Top 5 Best Windshield Wipers 2023:

  1. Rain-X RX30218 Weatherbeater Wiper Blade
  2. Bosch ICON 19A Wiper Blade
  3. ANCO 31 Wiper Blade
  4. Valeo 900161B Wiper Blade
  5. PIAA 95055 Super Silicone Wiper Blade

What is the most important thing to consider before preparing for any road trip, whether it is a long-distance journey, vacation with your family, or a 2-hour commute?

Arguably, safety.

You must take all the necessary precautions that your vehicle is in optimal condition – so conducting regular checkups (checking the oil level, tire pressure, etc.) is mandatory.

In addition, you have to make sure that you get enough rest if it is a long drive, and never drive tired.

Besides these “common sense” tips that everyone tells you, there is a little product that is often underrated, but in reality, it is another key factor for staying safe – windshield wipers.

Finding the best windshield wipers for your vehicle is, therefore, of prime importance. You want your windshield to be perfectly clear and visible.

Not only will the right set of wipers enable excellent visibility, but it will also protect you during bad weather. Even a slightly wet road can cause terrible consequences – not to mention heavy rain, snow, and fog when your vision is blurred, and your windshield becomes dirty. 

The opposite – extreme heat- is also dangerous for driving. Windshield wipers that are built of high-quality materials are UV-resistant and will not be affected by high temperatures. And what about pollen that gets on the windshield in spring? It can be so annoying!

So, now that we’ve established how important it is to drive with a good set of windshield wipers, we want to elaborate on the things you must know before the purchase.

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Factors To Consider When Buying Windshield Wipers

1. Type

There are a couple of main types of windshield wipers:

  • Conventional – This is the prototype of the windshield wipers, otherwise known as “traditional”. The plastic or metal frame contains rubber squeegees that clean your windshield. It is very important to select a model that is made of a natural and quality rubber that won’t leave any streaks or get damaged easily.
  • Silicone – Silicone wipers are yet another type that contains rubber, this time filled with silicone. They are excellent at withstanding all kinds of weather, especially ice and snow, and they also usually last longer than other types. Additionally, silicone provides a coating that makes your windshield water-repellent. It is more difficult to find a good pair of silicone windshield wipers than any other type, but we included our top pick on the list.
  • Beam This type is like a conventional windshield blade, but even better, as it features a single piece of rubber instead of two, which adds to the functionality and integrity of the parts. Also, the price of these wipers is often higher, but if you ask us, they are worth every penny.
  • Heated – The penultimate type of wipers features rubber that is heated so that it melts ice and snow upon the touch. However, we must admit that this is not really our favorite type. It is enough that your wipers keep your windshield clean – why would they have to melt something all over it, and then clean it?!
  • Winter – You guessed it already. This type is made for the coldest season of the year and will serve as quality protection in snow, slush, storm, sleet… You name it; they’ll survive it.

2. Lifespan

The average lifespan of windshield wipers is around one year. Considering that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good pair of wipers, it is not that short.

Of course, some wipers will need replacement after a couple of months, and some that will last longer than average.

We’ll update you on that for our top five windshield wipers!

3. Size

Lastly, you don’t want to buy windshield wipers that don’t fit your vehicle, whether it’s a car or a truck.

Most of the vehicles are compatible with more than one type and size of wipers, but you’ll need to check them. Also, you’ll most often be required to buy a different size for the right and the left side of your vehicle.

There is a couple of steps you can do to find out which size you need:

  • Check out the information in your vehicle manual (if you saved it. since I know a lot of people get rid of the manuals as soon as they set up something).
  • Check online. For most of the vehicles, you can find an online manual or even straightforward information about the wipers. Just make sure to check on more than once sources to be entirely sure they are valid.
  • Measure your windshield wipers yourself. We don’t recommend this one, but if you cannot find any information about your model of vehicle, you can measure wipers to determine what size you need. Also, keep in mind that some models of wipers are curved and always check that in the description of the product. And don’t forget that you need to measure the blade on each side! Passenger-seat wiper tends to be shorter.

A bonus tip: if you’re buying windshield wipers on Amazon, there is a box in the upper right corner that allows you to check whether a particular windshield wiper is compatible with your vehicle. You can select make, year, and model year of your vehicle, and the generator will automatically check the fit.

And another one: It’s always best to buy wind blades in a pair; they will have approximately the same life-span, and if you don’t notice that one is not working properly, there are high stakes that the other’s going to break. The same goes for replacement; it is better if you do it at the same time.

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5 Best Windshield Wipers In 2023: Detailed Reviews

That was really simple, wasn’t it?

Now that you know all the characteristics that you can expect to see in windshield wipers, here’s a closer look at how we ranked some.

1. Rain-X RX30218 Weatherbeater Wiper Blade

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Rain-X RX30218 is the traditional windshield wiper that has been on the market for over 15 years. So, it first came out in July 2001, and it still does not fail to deliver exactly what you need with its steel frame that ensures durability and saves you from rust.

The wiper blades are curved, and their length is 18 inches.

If you’re interested in other variants of these wiper blades, the manufacturers offer all the versions from 10 to 28 inches, so you’ll surely find the right pick for you.

It also comes with instructions on how to install the blades, and you’ll need to use adapters that you get with the purchase to lock it in place.

The squeegee is made from natural rubber, and more importantly, it is resistant to all types of weather that it may be exposed to.

Finally, we liked how it performed. It kept the windshield clean all the time, even in heavy rains. This may be due to their “Multiple pressure points” technology, or company’s experience when it comes to vehicle parts, but we were delighted with the results.


  • Steel frame
  • The instructions are clear
  • Easy to install
  • The squeegee is not easily damaged
  • Smooth and efficient wipe
  • Comes with all the adapters that you need (small & large j-hook, side pin, bayonet wiper blade arm)
  • Sleek design


  • A 30-day warranty is somewhat short

2. Bosch ICON 19A Wiper Blade

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Bosch Automotive hit a home run with their take in windshield wipers, ICON 19A. They are so popular that you will not only get a pair of excellent wipers with this purchase, but also the prestige that comes along the ICON wiper owner title.

What makes these beam-style wiper blades so popular?

First and foremost, their incredible performance.

Bosch ICON Wiper Blade offers all the sophisticated features you want in a windshield wiper: durability, precision, exclusive design, and affordability.

The company advertises them as “lasting up 40% longer” than other windshield blades, and we must admit that it is genuinely so.

We don’t know whether it is thanks to their unique shields that protect you from snow and ice, curved aerodynamic design that protects you from wind, or dual rubber that resists heat and prevents rust and corrosion, but we couldn’t be more satisfied.

Did we mention the dual precision-tensioned steel spring for a perfectly clean and visible windshield?

We’ve tested out 19A, the 19-inch model, and other popular include Bosch ICON 17A and 26A variants.

By the way, there are also “B” variants, but “A” is far more popular and accessible. The only difference is that the latter has a flatter curve. This is always better for the driver’s side, and though “B” may sometimes work for the passenger’s side, we recommend type A.


  • It comes with the necessary add-ons and adapters for installation (hook arms 9×3 and 9×4, top 10-mm lock, side 22-mm lock, pinch tab, and Valeo top lock)
  • Great value for the price
  • Very quiet
  • Flawless all-seasons performance
  • Exclusive materials and built
  • High speed
  • Doesn’t lift off in any case
  • Last longer than any other windshield wipers


  • We couldn’t find any!

3. ANCO 31 Wiper Blade

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Anco 31-series is one of the best bargains in the sphere of vehicle parts, offering a simple yet efficient wiper blade.

Its strongest component is the “DuraKlear” natural rubber, which provides a very clean and neat wipe.

The 9×4 hook for installation is included, and the whole process is made simple due to the KwikConnect Installation System. You will have an affirmable “click” sound once you connect the blade so that you know you’re good to go.

By the way, if the fit is not perfect, you can keep the original attachment of your vehicle and put the wipers on it.

For your convenience, it is available in 10 to 28-inch lengths (the one we tested out was a 24-inch model).

What is cool is that you can buy only one if you need a quick replacement, but also bundles of five and ten that will save you money in the long run and keep you satisfied for years.

Overall, these wipers are not the ones that will take your breath away, or the best currently available, but they are pretty good for the price. Don’t hesitate to buy them if you live somewhere where the climate is not really harsh.


  • The cheapest on the list
  • Comes in every size you can imagine
  • Easy to assemble
  • No corrosion or freezing
  • Good fit
  • Noiseless
  • The rubber is easily cleaned and maintained


  • Requires replacement every 6 months or so, which is beyond average
  • It cannot be used to clean ice

4. Valeo 900161B Wiper Blade

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Valeo pushes things a bit further with their 900 Series that made its way to the top of windshield wipers thanks to some impressive improvements and features compared to the forerunner, 500 Series.

This upgraded version, in addition to the usual quality, offers an integrated spoiler that accounts for high-speed performance, Tec3 rubber technology, for a perfect clean wipe, and over 1500 pressure points for maximum precision and adherence to your windshield.

Unlike most of the windshield wipers, Valeo 900 wipers don’t require an attachment for installment. Does this sound suspicious? 

It did sound strange to us, too, and of course, we had to investigate it. The fact is, it does really fit well without any adapters, which also accounts for an easier replacement.

The blade is really well-thought-out and made. It is flatter than with some other wipers, which offers a neat wipe, and a single piece of rubber is much better than two that are glued together (both aesthetically and performance-wise).


  • Durable
  • High speed
  • Great for all seasons
  • No streaks
  • Integrated flexors for optimal pressure
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Quiet


  • A bit pricey (due to the fact that they are beam wipers)

5. PIAA 95055 Super Silicone Wiper Blade

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Not only do PIAA 95055 wipers offer all-season performance, but they also feature premium silicone rubber that promises long-lasting protection and safety on the roads.

But seriously, the built is premium.

The silicone acts as effective protection against frost, rust, corrosion, and more importantly, it is water-repellent and UV resistant.

In the rain, it acts with an instant water beading action so that your vision is 100% clear, and your safety is guaranteed.

This means that these wipers will be your perfect companion in spring, summer, fall, and winter!

Moreover, every wipe coats your windshield with the water-repellent silicone, so that there is no need to re-apply it.

There’s also the fact that silicone is refillable. Therefore, even though the price is a bit higher than average, this feature will save you money in the long run.

As they come in thirteen sizes, ranging from 12 to 26 inches, there is no worry that you won’t find the length that you need.


  • Longer lifespan than average
  • Clean wipe
  • Additional pressure points
  • Great in snow and ice
  • Versatile
  • It comes with all the necessary attachments
  • There is a silicone coating which adds to the water repellency of your windshield
  • One-year warranty (the longest on the list)


  • None!

Conclusion – The Best Windshield Wipers are…

Our team of experts is pretty picky about their vehicles and vehicle parts, so you can rest assured that the five products presented in the previous section are the best.

Invest in a set of Icon wipers if you want the best wipe and endurance. The only reason we can think of why you wouldn’t want to own these premium windshield wipers is if you live in an area with mild weather conditions, so you don’t need the extra beam power. But still, why not go for it?

When it comes to silicone wipers, our testing indicates that PIAA wipers are the best choice.

Finally, for those on budget, the pick would be Rain-X wipers. They carry an incredibly low price tag, keeping the cost low, but the protection high due to the premium materials and technologies used.

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