The Best Water Guns In 2023

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Top 5 Best Water Guns 2023:

  1. Nerf Supersoaker Scatterblast Blaster
  2. Stream Machine QF-2000
  3. Pretex Fireman Backpack Water Gun 
  4. Joyin Water Blaster Water Soaker 
  5. Liberty Imports Max Burst Super Water Gun

Are you looking for the most unsuspicious way to poke someone’s eye out? 

Try water guns!

We’re joking, you shouldn’t poke people’s eyes out, but you should let yourself have some wild, wet fun every once in a while. 

No, we’re not talking about THAT wild wet fun.

Anyways, if you’re a person who takes their summer leisure seriously, it’s time to stop messing around with cheap plastic and start looking for the very best water guns out there.

Of course, you can buy them for your kids too, and share the joy with them!

Today, we’re going to teach you how to find the water gun that’s right for your needs, and show you a couple of models that are worth considering.

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What To Look For When Buying A Water Gun?

All water guns do the same thing (soak people with water), but their mechanisms and designs differ significantly.

Let’s see what you need to check out before making the purchase.

1. Water Capacity

It’s no fun having to refill your gun after just a few blasts, so it is crucial to take a close look at the size of the water reservoir and its capacity. 

Of course, the larger the reservoir, the more water it can hold, but this will also increase the weight of the gun, potentially making it difficult for small kids (and scrawny adults) to use.

So what can you do about this?

Well, it’s up to you to select the weight to water capacity ratio that you, or the person who will use the gun, will be comfortable with.

Pro tip: If you want to buy a water gun for yourself, but your spouse doesn’t like the idea, just say that you’re buying it for your kid and order a heavy model that the child can’t carry. 

You’ll thank us later.

2. Range

We are proponents of the “more range, more fun” theory, and we’d like to stay true to our convictions. 

With that being said, we suggest that you get a water gun able to produce a nice long throw, as this will give you a competitive edge in the game.

To give you an idea of how much range differs from model to model, it can go anywhere from 20 to 70 feet and more! 

3. Adjustable Spray Mode

Not all guns have this option, nor is it necessary, but it’s definitely a lot of fun. 

The adjustable nozzle will allow you to change the spraying style of your gun. Usually, you should be able to go anywhere from wide and soft to thin and hard, which will also affect the range.

Why does this matter?

This feature is matters because it allows you to be more a more dynamic player. 

For example, if you come close to a group of opponents, you can use the wide mode to spray all of them fast. On the other hand, the thin, long-range spray is for distance shots.

4. Ease Of Use

Here’s another essential thing that you need to think about, especially if buying water guns for your children.

Some models require a lot of pumping which, sometimes, takes a lot of strength. Naturally, you wouldn’t want something like that for your kid because it’ll kill the fun very quickly.

The size and shape of the gun also play a significant role here. Find something that’s ergonomically designed and not too bulky, because young ones will find it easier to maneuver. 

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Types Of Water Guns

Before we jump into the reviews, let’s talk about the types of water guns that you’ll be able to choose between.

Every type is going to give you a very different user experience, so read the following paragraphs carefully.

1. Pump-action Water Guns

Perhaps the most famous kind of water gun out there is the pump-action model. 

These guns require the shooter to pump a piston to able to eject water from the gun. The piston brings the water into a pressurized compartment from which it can be squirted out.

These guns are very popular for several good reasons. They are easy to use, they’re quite powerful, and don’t require any electricity in order to work.

The trouble with pump-action guns is their inability to squirt continuously, which might kill the buzz for some players.

2. Squirt Guns

Squirt guns are plain old pistols that can be filled with water and that shoot when you press the trigger. 

They are small, lightweight, cheap, and very easy to operate. This is probably the best type for young kids to use because it is safe and straightforward. 

On the other hand, squirt guns have a short spray range as they can’t produce a lot of pressure. Another bummer is that, since their water tanks are so small, they need to be refilled quite often.

3. Barrel Water Guns

This kind is the most simplistic, but still, a lot of fun to use. 

Barrel guns don’t have a water tank, so you will need to refill them after each shot. This means that they are made to be used in water (pool, lake, sea, etc.).

Barrel water guns are made from lightweight materials and basically look like a long, extendable tube. Sometimes they have a handle, sometimes no, but you can be sure that they’re always easy to use.

4. Motorized Water Guns

The most high-tech of all water guns is certainly the motorized variety. 

Such water guns have a battery-powered motor built into their construction, which will do all the “hard work” for you. This means that there’s no need for pumping; just aim and shoot!

Now, motorized water guns usually don’t pack as much power as pump-action guns. Besides this, it is not uncommon to run out of battery in the middle of the game, and we don’t need to tell you why this is bad.

5 Best Water Guns In 2023: Detailed Reviews

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, water guns are plentiful and differ from model to model, so trying to pinpoint the perfect one for you can be a nightmare.

This is why we’ve decided to spare you all that tedious work, and pick out the five best water guns that we were able to find.

Read all about them in the reviews below!

1. Nerf Supersoaker Scatterblast Blaster

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From the legendary Nerf, here comes a water gun that’s (literally) going to sweep you off your feet. The Supersoaker Scatterblast is a seriously fun tool that’ll help you cool down on a hot summer day.

This gun is a pump-action model made for both kids and adults. The ergonomic pump doesn’t take a lot of effort to use, and its design makes sure that it doesn’t slip from your hand. 

There’s no trigger on the gun, which means that all the firing is done using the pump, and this has a negative impact on the shooter’s precision.

So, how far can it shoot?

We’re glad you asked that, as the Scatterblast Blaster can squirt up to 34 feet! This is an excellent range, and with it, you will leave no opponents dry.

This model has a special 5-stream delivery, so instead of one, there will be five simultaneous streams of water firing.

As for the water tank, it is not the biggest we’ve seen. It can store around 22 ounces of water, which isn’t a lot, so you’ll be needing relatively frequent refills.

The Supersoaker Scatterblast Blaster is a powerful and fun water gun that we would recommend to anyone who likes these toys, be it a child or a grown-up.


  • Powerful 5-stream delivery
  • It has a range of up to 34 feet
  • Very easy to operate


  • Relatively small water tank
  • No trigger means less precision

2. Stream Machine QF-2000

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Stream Machine QF-2000 is a water gun that’s going to spice up a pool party just the right way. If you’re not into pool parties, then take it to any swimming area and enjoy it there.

The sky’s the limit with this water gun!

This 35-inch long water blaster is a barrel gun, meaning that you need to use it in water or have a source of water constantly at your disposal (to reload the gun). 

Be careful when using it in a pool full of people because this thing gets even longer when you pull it out to the very end. It is for this reason that the manufacturer does not recommend the toy to kids under the age of 8.

When it comes to its capabilities, QF-2000 has a squirting range of an astounding 70 feet. If you know water guns, you understand how impressive this distance is.

All in all, the Stream Machine QF-2000 is a water gun made to be used in water, and if you’re looking for a way to enhance your day at the beach, we highly encourage you to try this toy.


  • Very easy to operate
  • It has an amazing range (70 feet)
  • Relatively durable


  • Very long when fully extended

3. Pretex Fireman Backpack Water Gun 

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Do you want to make your kid feel like a real hero?

If yes, then you’ve got to get them the Fireman Backpack water gun from Pretex! Trust us; your children are going to be stoked when they see it. 

This water gun consists of two parts – the gun and the water tank backpack. The two are connected with a long hose to resemble real fireman equipment. 

To make the user experience even more overwhelming, there is a fireman’s hat included in the package.

This all sounds nice, but what can the gun do?

First, it can hold a lot of water in the tank so the kids will be able to run around for a long time, without bothering you to help them refill. On the downside, a full tank might be a bit heavy for very young kids, so make sure to consider this.

Second, the gun has two shooting modes, a long-distance blast and a spraying mode for close encounters with the “enemy.”

Third, the gun can be used in the water without its tank; submerge the hose in the water and pump away!


  • It has a large water tank
  • A fireman’s hat included 
  • Two firing options


  • Might be too heavy for small kids

4. Joyin Water Blaster Water Soaker 

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Joyin Water Blaster is one of the most sought after water guns these days. 

At first glance, it seems like just another water gun, so we set out on a mission to find out what makes it so popular.

Find out what we discovered!

Essentially, the Joyin Water Blaster offers a great combination of price and quality. There are two guns included in the package, so folks with two kids will probably love this offer.

As for the gun’s capabilities, it can fire up to 36 feet of length. Now, while this isn’t the best we’ve seen, it is still pretty impressive.

This is a pump-action model, and it is moderately sized, so children of all ages can maneuver it without any problems. The gun’s water tank can hold around 25 ounces of water, which is just enough to keep the weapon lightweight and have enough “ammo” for a lengthy game.

The guns are well-made, they have a decent performance, and they go for a price that’s hard to beat. The material that they’re made from is ABS plastic, which is usually quite durable, but there have been complaints that the guns cracked when dropped just a few times. 


  • Two guns for a low price
  • Decent range (36 feet)
  • Suitable for kids of all ages


  • Cracks easily

5. Liberty Imports Max Burst Super Water Gun

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One disadvantage of pump-action guns is that they are too difficult to operate for very small kids. However, Liberty Imports Max Burst Super water gun is an exception to this rule, as kids from three years old and up can easily use it.

This model is sold in packs of two and four, so it is ideal for people with more than one toddler. When it comes to design, this is a classic pump-action gun, with no fancy features, or unnecessary additions. 

It is made from sturdy plastic, and it can take quite a beating, which is important when buying it for little kids.

You fill up the water tank through the inlet at the back of the gun, and you’ll be all set. Unfortunately, certain users have reported leakage, but this shouldn’t be a huge issue when playing outdoors.

The capacity of the tank will allow the shooter to take up to thirty squirts with one fill, which is a pretty decent amount considering the toy’s size.

Max Burst has a range of around 30 feet, which isn’t bad, but it’s far from the best. To sum up, you’ll get several reliable water guns for a very low price, and we feel like this is a great deal.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Great for toddlers (3 years and up)


  • Reports of leakage


It’s been a wild ride, but we’ve come to the very end. So, which gun do you think deserves the first place?

If your answer is Nerf Supersoaker Scatterblast Blaster, then we wholeheartedly agree! This by far the most exciting model on the list due to its 5-stream delivery, excellent quality, and acceptable cost.

Of course, all the other guns have their own unique value to offer, so you don’t have to agree with our pick.

What’s most important is that you choose the model that suits your needs, just make sure to consider all the factors that we mentioned in the article.

Enough talk! Let’s get soaked!

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