The Best Triple Monitor Stands In 2023

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Top 5 Best Triple Monitor Stands 2023:

  1. VIVO Triple LCD LED Computer Monitor Desk Stand
  2. HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand Mount
  3. EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand Desktop Clamp
  4. Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Stand- LCD Monitor Stand
  5. Mount-it! Triple Monitor Stand

We are living in a time of unlimited data, which is admittedly a great thing. These days, every game, every movie, every song, every piece of information is easily accessible with a single click. However, this situation creates one interesting problem (well, except for the fact we have become spoiled for choice).

Namely, consuming, processing, and working with all this data makes a single monitor setup awfully incapable, in spite of its size or our multitasking capabilities. So, let’s say we increase the number of monitors to three. Things start to look a lot better?

In short – yes and no. How are you going to piece these monitors together? Do you want them to be fixed or expect some degree of mobility? It really boils down to the monitor stand, doesn’t it? Well, here’s the good news – here we are going to take a look at some of the most popular offers circling around and try to find the best triple monitor stand currently on the market.

So, get ready – your full-scale, versatile, multi-screen enjoyment is just around the corner.

5 Best Triple Monitor Stands In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. VIVO Triple LCD LED Computer Monitor Desk Stand – Amazing Value For The Money

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If you take a look at VIVO Triple LCD LED Computer Monitor Desk Stand, you may get the impression that the unit doesn’t look too impressive. The frame appears too slim to be able to carry genuine weight, and the price doesn’t inspire too much confidence, either. But, don’t let this impression fool you – we are talking about one incredibly competent mount here.

First of all, the dark grey aluminum frame is not only capable of dealing with a heavy load but can support the screens with sizes ranging anywhere between 13 and 30 inches, which is a real novelty. This level of flexibility is mostly made possible by the fact the frame can perform all the expected maneuvers (tilts, swivels, and rotation), as well as allow height adjustment of horizontal arms.

This way, the screens can be easily arranged in any imaginable manner and quickly switched from horizontal to vertical orientation. Truly impressive.

All these good things are only helped by a 3-year warranty and the fact that the stand is incredibly easy to put together. What are the downsides?

Well, the unit features a desktop stand that needs a bit more weight and surface to be genuinely trip-safe. The smaller monitors mount just fine but try hanging three 30-inch units there, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Still, a rock-solid effort coming at a ridiculously low price.


  • Killer value for the money
  • Sturdy and handsome frame
  • Vertical adjustment
  • The monitors can be moved in all sorts of manners
  • Three-year warranty


  • The desktop stand needs more surface and weight

2. HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand Mount – If You Want Versatility

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Wow, Huanou triple monitor stand mount is an incredibly ambitious piece of hardware if there ever was one. A bit more refinement could easily launch it to the first place of this roundup. But, even in this state, we are talking about a powerhouse mount.

So, let us start with the positives. The makers of this product took the matter of flexibility very seriously – the arms of the unit are able to perform all the adjustments, just like the previous product, and even go one step further. Yeah, all the joints you get here allow you to create some very interesting setups (side-by-side looks truly impressive).

Also, the build quality is no joke, either. The aluminum frame is reasonably supportive, and the C clamp can be easily mounted on any type of table that can cross your mind. Once again, the installation is pretty effortless, so you should not have a problem putting the thing together.

Unfortunately, the stand is not without a couple of flaws. For instance, it looks like the extensive versatility comes at the expense of the carrying capacity. Although the manufacturer claims that the stand can carry 30-inch monitors, I would not advise going past 26 inches.

Also, the clamp may be strong and supportive but lacks a bit more surface to distribute the pressure evenly. So, keep the monitors light.


  • Incredibly level of versatility
  • Reasonably affordable
  • Good build quality
  • Excellent design
  • Easy to put together


  • Compromised carrying capacity

3. EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand Desktop Clamp – An Affordable Option

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EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount is a product that obviously aims for the pockets of money-conscious customers that aren’t overly demanding when it comes to their multimedia experience.

You know what – that is perfectly ok. Not every setup needs the ability to be adjusted at an instant and swing the monitors along all imaginable axes. Sometimes you just need a capable and supportive structure that will allow you to put the side monitors at a satisfactory angle.

And that is pretty much what you get here – a capable and sturdy frame that allows you to easily mount your three screens (the supported size goes up to 28 inches) across the horizontal axis. Due to pre-drilled holes alongside the arms, you even get the option to readjust the height of individual monitors. Of course, all the tilting rotation options are also on the table.

So, there are a lot of satisfying things going on here. But there are also some flaws. For instance, making on-the-go adjustments is needlessly hard and convoluted. Also, the product features the Achilles’ heel of all similar C clamps out there – the base is too narrow. That means that even something as simple as typing can cause your monitors to shake. 

But, don’t let these drawbacks discourage you too much. This is still one incredibly affordable and appealing monitor stand.


  • Excellent price-value ratio
  • Sturdy build
  • Reasonable adjustment capabilities
  • The stand supports monitors up to 28 inches


  • Too hard to readjust
  • The narrow base makes the monitors swing

4. Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Stand- LCD Monitor Stand – A Fancy-Looking Stand

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Now, this is a monitor stand that sets out to do only a limited range of duties and does its best to perform them with as much grace and competence as possible. So, if you are into the horizontal three-monitor setups, you will definitely find a lot of things to enjoy here. However, the problem is that even these primary duties are somewhat compromised.

But, first things first.

When it comes to the positives, I have to get out of the way to point out that this is one of the rare incredibly stylish units you will find in this niche. With its vast, expensive-looking polished stand, this unit will spice up even the most boring setup in the world with a bit of class.

And you know what? The whole thing performs rather well – 27-inch monitor support is no joke, and you do get all tilt swivel, tilt, and rotation options to put your screens at a perfect angle.

However, the unit is also riddled with a lot of small quirks that don’t ruin the overall experience but are still worth mentioning. Swing arms that swing far too easily, stripped bolts, the stand that takes too much depth (thus putting the screens to close to you), are just some of the mentions.


  • Incredibly stylish
  • An easy way to create a horizontal three-monitor setup
  • A lot of adjustment options
  • The broad base provides strong support


  • The arms appear a bit flimsy
  • The base puts screens too close to you
  • Some manufacturing flaws

5. Mount-it! Triple Monitor Stand – A Basic, Cheap Option

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All of the units we previously covered, regardless of their price, were actually very ambitious and did their best to play to the desires of professional and semi-professional. Unlike them, Mount-it! Triple Monitor Stand is an unapologetically budget unit that is designed to appeal to the very wide base of customers that… Well, just like the novelty of using three screens.

Keeping this in mind, we have to say we were very pleased with how the stand ultimately performed. The aluminum build offers a reasonable amount of support, the base is wide enough to produce decent stability, and the arms feature a surprising amount of flexibility (at least for this price range).

But, this is the point where budget problems start creeping in. So, this is the stand that, on paper, allows you to put three 24-inch monitors together. These numbers are already very limiting. In reality, though, you won’t be able to go past 21 inches, which somewhat renders the three-monitor setup a bit useless.

Also, the thing that holds the arms in place is a single tiny nut you need to tighten like crazy to keep them in place. That makes any further adjustments more than painful. The list of similar issues goes on and on, but you get the point.

What’s even worse, we have already seen one unit that sells at a similar price but does its job far more competently.

In this case, though, you get what you pay.


  • Affordable unit for casual users
  • You do get all the necessary adjustment options
  • The unit is reasonably well built
  • 5-year warranty


  • Budgetary constraints are visible all over the place
  • In reality, you can’t go past 21 inches
  • Readjustments are painfully hard

What Is A Triple Monitor Stand And Things To Look For When Buying One?

And now that we’ve gone through the list of the contenders let us take a brief moment to see why you would even bother and what features make a good triple monitor stand. We’ll let’s tackle one thing at a time.

So, you need three monitors to do your job efficiently. Why wouldn’t you simply put them alongside on your table? Well, the main issue here is that most of us simply don’t large enough table to fit three huge monitors there. And even if we do, very little room remains do drop anything else there. But, this simple requirement makes only the first entry on the list of benefits you get if you buy a triple monitor setup. The rest are as follows:

  • Most of the stands feature a fully adjustable arm, so you are able to easily position the screens according to your sitting position.
  • Buying one triple monitor stand is far more economical than buying three single-arm stands.
  • Installing one triple monitor stand is far easier than installing three single-arm stands.
  • The ability to position the screens at a perfect angle increases the user’s productivity
  • The triple monitor stands have a strong base that keeps the screens in place, so there is no risk they might fall off (unlike keeping them clustered at the edge of the table).

Looks pretty convincing, right? And now let us take a couple of things you should pay attention to before you start mounting your screens.

1. Size

This is an obvious requirement, but still, it’s worth going in more depth. So, not every mount is capable of supporting screens of all sizes. This is mostly due to increasing weight you get when you increase the number of inches, but it also has a lot to do with arm length and design.

Now, most of the monitor stands out there are able to support the monitors up to 24 inches, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding the right unit for your setups. But don’t worry even if your screens are bigger 27 and 30-inch mounts are a bit rarer, but they can be found.

2. Mounting Interface

The mounting interface can be best described as the screw pattern you use to screw the screen to the mount. Fortunately, the industry has reached a pretty firm agreement in this regard, so all the previous patterns have pretty much boiled to two options – VESA 75 and VESA 100. Be sure to check this before spending money.

3. Design

When it comes to design, most monitor stands can be divided into two groups: Clamp and Stand.

As the name suggests, stand units are doing exactly that – standing at the edge of your table, which means they can be easily knocked off. Since clamp monitor stands offer a bit more security (they are screwed to the edge of the desk), they are definitely a more recommended option.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility can be best described as the ability of your monitor stand to adjust the screen to the position that allows optimal productivity. In reality, though, things are not nearly as simple, and flexibility can be broken down to three important faculties:

  • Tilt angle – Tilt angle is the ability of the stand to tilt the screen up and down, which often allows you to fight off annoying glare and avoid neck strain.
  • Rotation angle – This feature allows you to rotate the screen across portrait and landscape orientation. Preferably, you should aim for a 360-degree rotation angle.
  • Swivel angle – Mostly used for fine-tuning swivel angle lets you rotate the mounting head, usually in a 90-360-degree range.

Some monitor stands feature one of these capabilities, some of them two, some of them all. Ideally, you should aim for the last option.

5. Durability

Essentially, durability is the ability of the stand to support the weight of the monitors and continues to do so in the years to come. Obviously, in order to be able to accomplish such a demanding task, mounts need to be made from quality materials, so the question of durability basically boils down to the choice of the materials that were used for the build.

Two materials that have, by now, showed the best performance are aluminum and iron. Out of them, aluminum is cheaper and lighter, so you won’t put additional pressure on the surface of the table. However, iron is, by far, more resilient.

6. Price

Finally, we have to quickly mention the matter of price. Getting all the features we have covered above can cost you some sweet money. Still, paying for real quality is not the same as being robbed with cheap gimmicks and inflated prices. Keep this thing in mind, and make a list of the priority features you want to get from your stand before jumping to the first option that becomes available.

Conclusion & Our Recommendations

And now what we’ve sorted out the contestants and taken a look at some of the features that make a killer mount, it is time to declare what is the best triple monitor stand on the list. Well, the good news is that all these units made at least something interesting to warrant your attention, so whichever you buy, you will be able to squeeze some enjoyment out of it.

Still, the fact remains that VIVO Triple LCD LED Computer Monitor Desk Stand simply makes the most affordable, competent, and well-rounded product on the list. Still, if you are looking for alternatives that offer more versatility or C clamp stand, you can also take a look at HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand Mount and EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand Desktop Clamp respectively.

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