The Best Tool Bags In 2023

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Top 3 best tool bags for handyman in 2023:

If you are having trouble to pick out the best tool bag for handyman do not despair I am here to help you out.

No matter if you are a professional contractor or DIY enthusiast, you need a safe and easy way to transport all your tools. There is no doubt that having a fine tool bag will make your life easier. If you have a lot of tools and need a way to transport them easily from your home to your workplace daily, you might want to consider investing in the quality tool bag. 

Tool bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can easily pick out the right one as long as you pay attention to a few crucial factors like construction, comfort, and a number of pockets. 

In the next few pages, I will try my best to help you pick the best tool bag for the handyman that is currently on the market.

Why Should You Buy A Tool Bag?

How many tools do you have? And way more important – how many times you needed to compromise and take fewer tools with you just because you didn’t know how to transport them, and then of course, you desperately needed those that you left behind.

When you own a tool bag, you can finally say goodbye to those massive toolboxes that are impossible to carry around. Tool bags are specifically designed to hold all your tools and allow you to organize them according to your needs, so you always know where to find the tool you need.

Here is a list of all the benefits of buying a tool bag:

  • Keep all your tools in one place;
  • It’s portable, so it allows you to carry your tools anywhere you need them;
  • Most of the bags are waterproof so you can be sure your tools are safe;
  • Wheel tool bag allows you to carry heavy tools;
  • Your tools are securely stored away;
  • Tool bag provides a safe and easy way to transport sharp and dangerous tools;
  • Tool bag gives you a more professional look.

What To Consider Before Buying A Tool Bag?

There are quite a few things to consider when buying tool bag:

1. Construction

Here I mean how sturdy your tool bag is, does it have a reinforced bottom panel. The reinforced bottom panel is essential not just because it helps the bag to remain sturdy; it ensures that the tools do not rip out the bottom of the bag. Some models even have metal- framed top fraps to help the bag lid to stay open, allowing you to locate the required tool easier.

2. Material

Material is secondary to sturdiness and durability; if the bag is constructed from high-quality material, the more durable bag will be. The most common materials used for making tool bags are nylon and canvas.

3. Weatherproof

You want to be sure that your tool bag is waterproof and weatherproof because tools can be expensive (in some cases extremely expensive) so you want them to be protected while you work outside.

4. Zipper

If you have a durable bag, then the zippers on it must be durable too or otherwise, they will break easily, and that can compromise the weatherproof ability. So before you buy a bag, please make sure that zippers and fasteners are of high-quality material.

5. Pockets

Different styles of bags have different numbers and sizes of pockets. Some tool bags on the market have pockets large enough for a drill to fit in; most will have smaller pockets, some vertical, and some horizontal pockets. First, think about the tools you have before purchasing the tool bag.

6. Straps

You need to make sure that the straps are wide enough to distribute the weight on your shoulders better, and make sure they are padded for a extra comfort. Some tool bag types have removable straps which is a plus.

7. Wheels 

Having wheels on your tool bag is convenient as it makes it easier to transport a heavy bag. It can also prevent some injuries as it means you don’t have to carry the weight of a full tool bag on your back or shoulders.

8. Handles

If your bag has wheels, then tool bag handles are a significant feature to inspect. Look for models that have retractable handles for easier handling. Most of the handles can be adjusted to your height.

9. Attachments

There is a variety of accessories for your tool bag like D-rings, hooks, and clips or built in light.

  • D-rings – Some models of tool bags have D-rings on which you can attach various tools or other things to as needed. They are usually stitched into the fabric of the bag with reinforced stitching.
  • Hooks and clips – Some items, like measuring tapes, have clips on them so you can easily carry them on a tool belt or tool bag. So if measuring tape is something that you can’t work without make sure that tool bag that you want to purchase has a few places where you can attach it.
  • Built-in light – You don’t want to use power tools in low light conditions without proper lighting. But luckily some tool bags have lights that are built in the tool bag and can be moved around allowing you to focus on a work area.

How To Choose The Right Size Of The Tool Bag And How To Organize It?

Size of the tool bag is crucial. You need to find one that will perfectly fit your needs. If you purchase a bag that is too small, you will need to take more than one bag with you. But if you buy a bag that is of a larger size, then you will end up with a bulky bag with tools scattered all over it. So make a list of all your essential tools to help you choose the right size of the bag.

There is an unspoken rule that a tool bag should be organized favoring the outside more than inside. That means the tools you use more should be stored in the pockets located on the outside of the tool bag and within easy reach.

This fact will sound weird to you, but when organizing your bag, you should consider on which shoulder you usually carry your bag. You don’t want sharp and jagged tools rubbing against you. It can be uncomfortable and dangerous.

Rearrange your tool bag every few weeks and get rid of those tools you don’t use currently.

10 Best Tool Bags In 2023: Detailed Reviews

Here I will review the ten best and most affordable tools bags on the market today.

1. McGuire-Nicholas 22015 15-inch Collapsible Tote

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This bag is designed so you can have easy access to your tools. It is constructed of 600D polyester, so it is very durable and sturdy at first glance, but if you overload, it will lose its shape.

Another favorable advantage is that this bag is roomy but surprisingly compact and portable for its size. It has an extra ample open space in the center, so that provides you instant access to your tools as well as excellent visibility. 

This bag is versatile and comes with numerous inside and outside pockets in different sizes. Also, inside this bag, you can find 14 webbed loops for extra storage that provides you enough storage space for organizing your tools.

The handle is tubular, sturdy, and foam-padded for more comfortable carrying. Because of its collapsible design and removable bottom, it is effortless to store this bag.


  • Constructed out of 600D polyester;
  • Handles are padded for additional comfort;
  • Collapsible with a removable bottom and very easy to store;
  • Outer pockets for extra storing space;
  • Webbed loops allow you to store seven pieces of tools on each side;
  • Multi-use.


  • Does not hold shape well if it is an overburden.

2. WORKPRO 16-inch Wide Mouth Water Proof Tool Bag

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This bag is simple and basic, and it is made to endure all sorts of weather conditions. Constructed of rugged 600D polyester, this bag is a reliable place to deposit your tools. The double fabric with fine stitching makes the bag sturdy and long-lasting. 

This bag is waterproof – it has a solid waterproof molded base with rubber feet that keeps the bag dry and clean and your tools rust-free. One more thing – if you accidentally drop your bag, the plastic base will prevent any damage.

It is very spacious and designed to ensure the proper organization of all your tools. There are multiple pockets on the inside and outside of the bag that vary in size. Inside you will find 8 pockets and 13 pockets on the outside as well as 8 belts to help you organize a variety of wrenches, pliers, or screwdrivers.

Tools are easily accessible due to fully open mouth with sturdy top double-pull zipper; this allows you to pull the zipper from both sides and open or close the bag smoothly whenever you need to. But be sure you don’t fully load your bag because if you do that, you will not be able to zip the bag thanks to sturdy zippers.

Extra padded handle and an adjustable shoulder strap are adding some extra comfort for when you carry heavy loads, so the bag is ideal for everyday use. Handles are sewn on with lots of thread so they will not be falling off quickly.


  • Sturdy and durable construction;
  • Waterproof;
  • Additional protection of your tools with the rubber feet on the base;
  • Easy access with the fully open mouth;
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.


  • Difficulty with zipping the bag if it is fully loaded.

3. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1100 Multi-Purpose Clip-on Zippered Poly Bags 3 Pack

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Here we have multi-purpose, clip-on, zippered bags – they come in 3 different sizes. Let me present to you the real lifesavers on this list. 

If you already have a tool bag, but you still need more space to organize your small tools (pliers, small connectors, screwdrivers, etc.) you won’t go wrong with purchasing this product. These three bags are so convenient that you can clip them anywhere on your gear – from your tool bag that you already have to your tool belt. 

The material that was used for crafting them is durable polyester, so they are quite thick and sturdy, and inside they are lined too, so that adds to their durability. I thought these bags are waterproof, but I was wrong. Manufacturers made a mistake and attached retail tags with heavy duty staples on the outside of the bags which leaves you with holes.

The zippers and straps with clips are very reliable, and they will endure everyday use in a harsh environment. Great thing is that they even come in 3 different colors so that will help you with organizing your tools even better. So not only that these bags are convenient and handy, they come with affordable price too.


  • Price is more than affordable;
  • Three bags in one pack;
  • 3 different colors;
  • They are convenient, and you can clip them on your existing tool bag or even on your tool belt.


  • The bags are not waterproof.
  • Retail tags leave a hole in the bags.

4. Milwaukee Elec Tool Jobsite Tech Bag

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This bag is sturdy, durable, and most of all, functional. It is made of 1680D ballistic nylon with high-quality zippers that will last for a long time. But most importantly, the base is out of hard molded plastic that will guarantee you stability, and won’t let your tools get damaged or wet.

This bag is huge, which is good and bad news at the same time. If you fill it up with your tools as manufacturers recommend, you will end up with a hefty bag. It’s consisted out of 55 (yes you saw it well) pockets located in primary and fold down compartments. Going from the outside in, you will see two open pockets, a medium-sized pocket with a zipper and a handy D-ring on it. 

On each side of the bag, you will find a pair of pockets with an elastic band. On the back of the bag, you will see a padded 14-inch pocket where you can easily store your tablet or laptop. 

But here is my favorite part – when you unzip the front pocket you will find out that inside are 15 smaller pockets and 6 elastic straps for your small items. The main compartment has 9 pockets and 18 elastic straps which allows you to store bigger tools.

There is one more handy addition; a rain fly to help keep moisture-sensitive parts from getting wet.  


  • Constructed out of 1680D ballistic nylon and molded plastic base;
  • This bag features 55 pockets in which you can even fit your laptop or tablet;
  • The rain fly to help you keep moisture sensitive parts dry;


  • If overloaded, bag gets too heavy.

5. Super Tool Role, Large Wrench Rool

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Okay, this bag does not impress with the size like the previous product, but this one has the purpose of separating your smaller tools from larger ones. It is very versatile and you can store a variety of small tools needed for the job at hand. 

This bag is top quality with large capacity and durable, but lightweight at the same time. It is made of the waxed canvas, so that means it is durable and waterproof. 

If you are for example an electrician, you always carry a lot of pliers, screwdrivers, tire gauges or flat tools and many more,this bag will help you to access your small utensils quickly and easily. 

This bag features 5 spacious zipped pockets to help you keep all your tools in one roll, and the bonus is that your hands stay free. You can easily roll it up and be sure that your tools are buckled up with durable fixing strap and buckles. 

But make sure you don’t overfill the pockets, or you will end up having a hard time to roll it up. The bag is very compact and easy to carry thanks to handles made of canvas that are located on each end of this bag.


  • Very durable and waterproof;
  • Significant in separating a variety of tools;
  • Easy to transport thanks to handles on both ends of the bag;
  • Heavy duty zippers:


  • It is hard to roll it up if you overfill the pockets.

6. Bolt Bag Flame Resistan Canvas Bag

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If you work somewhere where it can come to a fire hazard, you will be very interested in this product. This bag is the only one on this list that is made from flame-resistant material. To be more precise No. 4 canvas, which meets the performance requirements of NFPA-701.

The dimension of this bag is 11 x 9.6 x 2.1 inches so that is a perfect size for carrying small tools or for example pencils, engineer tape, scale ruler or anything you could use when you work and have more free space on your other tool bags. 

This bag is convenient because you can easily slide it over your belt thanks to suitable tunnel loops. Tunnel loops fit belts up to 3 inches wide. But I have bad news for you guys the stitches of the tunnel loops sadly come apart too soon.

For additional protection and durability in the field, this bag has a double-reinforced bottom that is made of canvas not from leather as the manufacturer says, plus includes the additional holder for 1-inch bull pins. 

They all come in black color so you can be sure no stain will be visible. But on the other hand, because all the bags are black, the inside of them sometimes can be too dark and slow you down while you are looking for the desired tool.


  • Made of flame-resistant material;
  • Convenient tunnel loops;
  • Double-reinforced bottom.


  • Stitches on the tunnel loops are weak;
  • The bottom is made from canvas not from leather as the manufacturers say.

7. DEWALT DG5543 33 Pocket Tool Bag

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For anyone who wants to buy a durable and medium size tool bag, I will gladly recommend considering this one. Size of the bag is 16 inches with a large inner compartment which provides easy access to the accessories.

The bag is made of durable ballistic poly material with plastic molded worn resistance base on the bottom for additional protection, as well as reinforced corners and edges. But there is one thing that bothers me from the start – that is a black lining inside this bag which makes finding tools quickly almost impossible. 

In total, this bag consists of unbelievably 34 pockets. In the inner compartment you will find 14 pockets of different size, and on the outside the bag you will find 20 pockets so you can store your small and large tools as it fits you the most. One of the inner pockets has a zipper so you can easily store your valuable items inside. 

This tool bag provides some additional basic features like wide open mouth for quick access and flexible non-slip padded shoulder strap for more comfortable carrying. 


  • Zipped inner pockets keep your valuable items safe;
  • 20 spacious pockets on the outside that allow better organization;
  • Adjustable shoulder strap;
  • Reinforced corners and edges.


  • Lacks more premium features;
  • The black lining makes finding tools quickly a bit hard.

8. Backpack Electrician Tool Bag, Tradesman Pro Organizer

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Well, the name of this backpack tells you all. If you are an electrician, this is a product just for you. It is built from 1680D ballistic nylon and with the fully molded bottom. The color scheme of the inside of this backpack (orange background with black pockets) is convenient and allows you to see the required tool instantly. 

On the inside, you can find a large number of pockets of different size and purposes. Two pockets on the inside have flaps with a loop and hook in which you can place loose items. There is still a lot more space within the backpack for you to put other big tools like a drill.

The outside pockets are equally versatile, including pencil pockets and a loop for electrical tape. This backpack has 39 pockets in total.

Unfortunately, zippers are not as durable as I expected. The problem is that zippers constantly breaks apart until after few months they completely slipped down and won’t close anymore.

You can easily carry this backpack on your shoulders. Don’t worry; the shoulder straps are well padded, so carrying this backpack will be comfortable too. They even put handles on the top of the bag to make it easier to pick it up or move.


  • This bag is straightforward to transport;
  • The color scheme on the inside allows you to find tools easier;
  • Two pockets on the inside with flaps and loops for storing your loose items;
  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps.


  • Zippers are not durable.

9. 32 Pocket Tool Roll Organizer – Wrench Organizer

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Noone like the sound of rattling tools around the bag or tool box, so keeping your wrenches and pliers secure, organized, and handy is very easy with this tool bag. This bag is perfect option for you if you are a contractor, carpenter, plumber, or electrician because of it size.

It is constructed of durable 600D polyester material which is known for its toughness and durability. This high-quality material has a thickness that makes it abrasion resistant, It is built to last a long time, and you can wash it really easy.

It is very spacious and comfortable to use. You can easily roll it up to a compact size and secure it with two plastic quick-open buckles. Also, it has a nice padded handle which makes it very comfortable to carry.

There are 22 specially designed internal pockets with an elastic band down the middle to help secure your tools in place even when your bag is unfolded. 

Also, this bag features 10 additional socket holders so you can store and organize all your sockets in one place. On top of the socket holders there is a flap that folds over them to prevent them from moving out of their pockets and falling over. That flap has velcro across it to keep everything in its place. Only problem is that holders don’t fit the standard size.


  • Constructed out of 600D polyester;
  • Elastic strap on the inside of the bag keeps your tools secured even when the bag is unfolded;
  • Quick open buckle.


  • Socket pouches aren’t standard sizes.

10. AmazonBasics Small Tool Bag

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The 12-inch size is providing enough space for carrying and storing small to medium size tools, so if your job does not require moving bigger tools around, you can consider purchasing this bag. It is convenient when you are doing small projects, so it is maybe a better choice for someone who is a DIY enthusiast and doesn’t want to spend some significant amount of money on the tool bag.

The outside of this bag is made of durable 600D polyester and lined with 210D polyester inside, and wear-resistant plastic molded base ready for all kind of weather conditions. The ruggedly built bag provides a handy size for keeping a various range of tools allowing you to organize it neatly and it is conveniently portable, from one place to another.

The tool bag opens wide for easy access to stored contents and has in total 16 pockets, 7 on the outside and 9 on the inside. There is even an outside pocket with a velcro closure. 

Features two zippers that allow you to open and close your bag smoothly, but the quality of the zippers is low. For more comfortable carrying this bag has an adjustable shoulder strap connected with the bag with sturdy silver metal D-rings. Shorter rugged handles make it easy to lift and move the bag.


  • Constructed out of 600D polyester;
  • Wear-resistant plastic molded base;
  • Adjustable shoulder straps;
  • Handy when doing small projects.


  • Not compatible with bigger tools.
  • Zippers easily come apart.

Final Thoughts – The Top 3 Tool Bags On The Market 

I advise you to be careful when selecting which tool bag to buy; making a single mistake can leave you with a bag that needs a replacement every few months.

My list of the best tool bags reviews is consisted out of high-performing, flexible, and durable bags on the market today. I have carefully selected them for you, so I can assure you that you will get one that fits your needs and at the same time doesn’t overburden your budget.

Best overall value: DEWALT DG5543 33 Pocket Tool Bag

If you need to carry heavy-duty tools, this is the right bag for you. The compartments are neatly designed, and that will help you to organize your tools accurately, and it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. So in the end, you will end up with a practical and comfortable tool bag for a great price.

Best budget option: CLC Custom Leathercraft 1100 Multi-Purpose Clip-on Zippered Poly Bags 3 Pack

They are great if you need some additional pockets on your tool bag or you want to make it all more organized.  The value of these bags is way above their price.

Premium pick: Milwaukee Elec Tool Jobsite Tech Bag

This product maybe seems too expensive for your budget, but believe me, if you choose to purchase this bag you won’t regret it. The built quality is outstanding so that I couldn’t resist recommending it to you guys.

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