The Best Tool Backpacks In 2023

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Top 5 Best Tool Backpacks 2023:

  1. Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tool Bag Backpack
  2. Carhartt Legacy Standard Work Backpack
  3. Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Service Technician Bag
  4. DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack
  5. CLC Custom Leathertcraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack

How many of you ended up injured while trying to transport your tools from point A to point B?

Tools can be insanely heavy.

But that’s not the worst thing.

The fact is that there are so many of them that your standard tool bag is overflown, and they keep falling out constantly. This results in stress, money loss, and a countless number of tools gone forever. That is not where the troubles end, unfortunately. How many times were you looking for a particular tool that was 100% here a moment ago, and now it is magically disappeared?

If you are tired of that, we are here to help you out by introducing you to the best solution ever. It is called a tool backpack, and it will change your life for better for good.

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5 Best Tool Backpacks In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tool Bag Backpack – Plenty Of Tool Storage

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If you are an electrician in search of the premium quality, reliable, and sturdy tool backpack, this model might be the perfect fit for your needs. Also, this backpack is specifically designed to reduce strain and fatigue.

The 55421BP-14 Electrician Tool Backpack is highly recommended if you are carrying around your tools with you daily considering its sturdy construction. They achieved that rugged construction by using a tough material that offers excellent mechanical support – 1680D ballistic weave. This material minimizes the chances of your backpack tearing or fraying. The interior is orange, which contributes to better visibility, even if you are working in dark spaces.

The bag is spacious with its 39 pockets to allow you to organize your tools neatly and most conveniently for you. It is slim and compact, yet it is a bit heavier, so you might not be too comfortable if you overload this backpack. Also, it features a hardened compartment where you can store your safety goggles without any risk.

If you often tend to overload your backpack, you will love to know that this backpack features double stitching that will prevent your backpack from breaking or opening in the stress-prone spots. The fully hard-molded bottom will allow you to put the backpack on the floor without any chance of moisture getting in.


  • Slim and compact
  • Crafted from 1680 D ballistic material
  • Equipped with 39 pockets
  • Double stitching
  • Molded bottom
  • Orange interior for better visibility


  • Slightly heavier than you expect

2. DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack – A Lot Of Versatility And Potential

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The DEWALT DGL523 backpack satisfies the demands and requirements of different kinds of professionals like electricians, technicians, and construction workers.

The manufacturers used top-notch waterproof ballistic material when crafting this backpack, so you can expect that the durability of this product is impeccable. It will withstand years of use without risk of bursting open or getting ripped.

The shoulder straps and a back are ergonomically designed and padded for more comfortable carrying; also, the handles are adjustable. What we really liked is the construction; they made it this way to allow weight to evenly distribute and provide you with more comfortable carrying and reducing fatigue. But be aware that shoulder straps might give up if you overload your backpack since they are not that sturdy.

It is very convenient since it offers ample storage space for all your tools, no matter if they are small or big.  All 57 pockets on this backpack will keep your tools safe. Inside the black and yellow interior, you will find a total of 48 pockets, and on the exterior, you will find nine pockets.

The double rigid stitching will also provide enhanced durability to your backpack as well as the pad geared bottom that is resistant to abrasion.  

The bright LED light is integrated on top of the backpack. This will allow you to see clearly in areas that are dim or with low lighting. What is great about this LED light is that it can be rotated to suit your needs better, and it has adjustable levels of brightness.


  • Versatile
  • Waterproof and sturdy
  • Features 57 pockets
  • Led light
  • Ergonomic design


  • Shoulder straps are prone to breaking if overburdened

3. CLC Custom Leathertcraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack – Ideal For Carpenters

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The CLC Custom Leathercraft 1134 Tool Backpack is a high-quality technician and electrician backpack tool bag that will not disappoint you no matter if you are a carpenter, construction worker, or involved in installation and repairs on HVAC.

The sturdy waterproof ballistic material is used for making this backpack; it is also equipped with durable stitches that will hold in place no matter what. The construction is a flexible construction with two primary compartments. Therefore this model is a very versatile backpack with two primary compartments. The first compartment is suitable for basic tools, and the second compartment is designed to hold power tools.

As for the number of pockets, the total number of them is 44, which is not bad at all. This backpack will easily withstand up to forty to fifty pounds. In the exterior, you will find a pocket that you can use as storage for the items that you use the most during the day. I

The bottom is not padded, which we consider as a flaw, but at least it comes with four rubber feet to ensure that it stays out of the water. Since we are talking about things that do not satisfy our criteria, we must mention zippers. They are just not durable enough to withstand daily use.

The additional ergonomically padding is built into the back and shoulder straps to ensure a more comfortable experience. Also, the chest strap is adjustable and will provide even more comfort. On top of the backpack is a handle to allow you to pick up the heavy bag with ease.


  • Sturdy
  • Waterproof and sturdy
  • Features 44 pockets
  • Holds weight very well
  • Ergonomic design


  • Low-quality zippers
  • The bottom is not padded

4. Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Service Technician Bag – Heavy Duty Choice

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If you are a professional to whom the safety of the tools is in the first place, then the Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC will certainly impress you with all the features it has.

Thanks to its specifically designed compartments and pockets that are very easy to access, this backpack will be a great option for contractors and workers as well as for those who are involved with HVAC systems.

The construction is rugged and very durable since the backpack is made from weatherproof 950 and 1250 PVC Impregnated Denier Nylon. The base of the backpack is built with tough 3-mm thick polypropylene material that will guarantee you no sharp tools stored inside will rip the bag’s material.

This might sound bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable to you, but believe us, this backpack is ergonomically designed and surprisingly lightweight. The EVA thermal-formed ergonomic back and shoulder straps padding will provide you the much-needed comfort and will prevent adjustable straps from slipping.

The pockets are designed from neoprene, and they feature a vertical pattern and various sizes. They are located inside as well on the outside of the bag. There are 56 pockets in total, which offers you the right amount of room and space for all your tools.

The patented center panel accommodates two storage bays with four compartments. These compartments also contribute to stability and won’t allow your backpack to tip over. Also, to allow you to hang your backpack properly, the manufacturers equipped this backpack with an aluminum hook. The price is a bit heavy, we must admit.


  • Sturdy and waterproof
  • Made from Impregnated Denier Nylon
  • EVA thermal-formed ergonomic padding
  • Equipped with 56 neoprene pockets and aluminum hook
  • Thick base


  • Expensive

5. Carhartt Legacy Standard Work Backpack – Great Value For The Price

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This brand is relatively unknown, but we decided to give it a go. This backpack is designed for handyman’s that do not need to carry a large number of tools every time they go to work. We must tell you that we were surprised how affordable and convenient this backpack is, considering it is not as spacious as all others are, mostly since it is the only one that comes with a laptop sleeve.

To construct this backpack, the manufacturers used 1200D polyester that will provide you with great sturdiness. This material is waterproof. The base of this backpack is reinforced with rubber Duravax abrasion-resistant material that will allow your backpack to stand upright.

It is a very versatile backpack with ten different pockets. On the exterior, you will find two large mesh pockets great for storing water bottles and gloves, for example. On the front side, there are two big pockets with zippers where you can store keys, smaller tools, pens, nails, screwdrivers, and more.

Inside the backpack are two large sleeves for a tablet and a laptop, which are around 15 inches in size. The free interior panel in the backpack can be used for storing smaller power tools.

This tool backpack has a padded back panel and well-contoured adjustable shoulder straps to provide you with the utmost comfort and reduce fatigue. The air-mesh back panel padding will allow the air-flow making wearing this backpack on a long hot day much more comfortable.


  • Affordable
  • Waterproof and sturdy
  • Made from 1200D polyester
  • Reinforced base with Duravax abrasion-resistant rubber
  • Suitable for carrying a laptop
  • Ergonomic design


  • Not spacious as other models from this list

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Tool Backpack

There is a wide variety of tool backpacks available on the market at this moment. They will all offer you some great features. Some will have more pockets, some features heavy-duty construction, some are larger, therefore, more convenient and so on.  

It seems like options are endless, and that can drive anyone crazy. But don’t fret we are here to help you understand all your needs before you go out there and buy the first backpack you come across.

1. Size Of The Bag

The size depends on your profession and how many tools you usually must carry with you at work. The carpenter will need a larger tool bag than an electrician; that’s for sure.

The bigger models usually measure around 15 inches in length and approximately 12 inches thick. The thicker the backpack, the more free space will be inside where you can store your larger hand tool and power tool.

But don’t get fooled by size; some backpacks look quite large, but when you open them, they are not spacious at all. This is because they are heavily reinforced to be able to carry heavy weight loads.

If you usually do most of your heavy work in your shop and you carry only essential tools with you on the worksite, then purchasing a small tool backpack will be more than enough.

2. The Material And Durability

The material always affects overall durability. Some materials are more durable than others, so regardless of the nature of your work, acquiring a sturdy backpack must be a priority to prevent it from falling apart on your way to your job.

Usually, sturdy materials like canvas, polyester, and even denim are used for crafting backpacks. Make a habit always to check the seams if they are double stitched since this will make sure that your backpack can withstand years of use.

3. Number Of Pockets

This also depends on your profession and how much tools your job requires. A great tool backpack will always offer you more pockets and compartments than you have used for. The more pockets your backpack has, the easier it will be for you to organize your tools and accessories. The more, the merrier.

However, make sure loops are elastic and tight if you plan to place tools, like wrenches, to prevent the tools from moving around. You may consider buying a backpack with pouches that come with covers on them to keep all your nails, screws, bolts, and nuts safe and secure.

4. Closure Type

Different types of backpacks come with different types of closures. The best option is always the ones with a zipper; it will keep tools safe and prevent them from falling out of the bag.

Zippers on the outer pockets are not necessarily, sometimes a magnetic snap, buckle, or hook and loop are enough to hold them closed and secured. But on the other hand, the interior pockets, especially the ones that are designed for small items like screws, must have zippers, or you will have a messy tool backpack full of nails and screws.

5. Base

A good tool backpack comes with a bottom that is reinforced and water-resistant.  Also, it is very important to pick the one that is stable so the bag can stand without falling. This is very convenient, especially if you need to pick a tool from the backpack that you have placed on the floor.

6. Comfort And Ease Of Use

If your profession requires that you take your tools everywhere, and it is always full of heavy tools, then you need a backpack that is ergonomic and comfortable as much as it can be.

You can tell how comfortable the backpack is by the amount of visible padding it has. The back must always be reinforced and equipped with lumbar support to prevent back strain and to distribute the weight of the tools evenly.

Pick the backpack with straps that are wide and heavily padded to prevent them from digging into your shoulders. Try to look out for the backpack with a sternum strap and hip strap for enhanced security.

7. Budget

If you want to get the best backpack, you must expect it to be more expensive than regular ones. But as we told you so many times, a high price does not mean high-quality. There are always some more affordable options that will offer you great value and quality.

Wrapping Up

The appropriate tool backpack will make your life easier. Not just only because it will keep all your tools neatly stored in one place, safe and sound away from the harsh weather. It is because most importantly, it will allow you to transport your tools without harming your body.

Best Overall Value: Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tool Bag Backpack

  • This model is beyond practical and versatile. It features a smart design that makes organizing tool as easy as it can be. You’ll always be able to access your tools quickly, thanks to a large number of pockets and durable, smooth zippers. Sturdy, reliable, and affordable. What else do you need?

Best Budget Option: Carhartt Legacy Standard Work Backpack

  • This backpack is a dependable companion since it is designed to repel rain and resist tears and abrasion. It offers a convenient interior panel with a laptop sleeve, key fob, pen loops, and areas for smaller tools. If your job does not require carrying a large number of tools but requires taking a laptop every time, then this is your pick.

Premium Pick: Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Service Technician Bag

  • If you’re looking to buy the most functional and reliable backpack than we advise you to go for the Veto Pro Pac Tech, yes it will cost you a small fortune, but it offers quality like no other.

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