The Best Sponge Mops In 2023

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Top 5 Best Sponge Mops 2023:

  1. Libman 2010 Nitty Gritty Roller Mop with Green Cleaning Pads
  2. Rubbermaid Commercial PVA Sponge Mop
  3. Mr. Clean 446268, Magic Eraser Power Squeeze Mop
  4. Casabella, Painted Steel Original Mop
  5. Quickie 051TRI Sponge, Super Squeeze Mop

I am not a big fan of cleaning the house mainly because it takes hours and hours to get the job done right. But if I hate something more than cleaning, that has to be dust, dust everywhere! 

So I embraced my faith and made peace with a vacuum cleaner and mop. But, I got tired of using the vacuum cleaner every time I want to pick up some dust, pet hair, and grimes. 

That’s where the right kind of sponge mop will help you out. The new generation of mops features cleaning pads that are made from advanced materials. They will easily remove any spills, stubborn stains, dust, grimes, and even pet hair.

So today, we will focus on finding the best sponge mop on the market. Please check out my top 5 picks to help you boost your all-around cleanup routine.

5 Best Sponge Mops In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Casabella, Painted Steel Original Mop – The Best Classic Sponge Mop

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This is one of the most popular models out on the market these days. So, if you are a fan of a good old classic sponge mop, you will love the simple and vintage design of this model.

This sponge mop is lightweight and built to last. It features a sturdy metal pole that can easily be adjusted to the height you require. Also, you will love the heavy-duty rust-resistant lever that will allow you to wring the sponge to the maximum so you can be sure your floors will dry out fast after every use.

The sponge on the mop head is made from cellulose and has a rugged texture that will help you scrub your floors thoroughly without any risk of scratching it. The rugged design is handy because it will help you pick up different kinds of dirt, including crumbs, and pet hair. But unfortunately, the sponge does not absorb the water as well as the manufacturer claimed.

Of course, you will need to replace the sponge after some time, which is very easy thanks to the quick-release mechanism. Some of the users occurred that the quality of replacement sponges does not match the quality of the original sponge that comes with a mop. Also, manufacturers claim that this mop comes with a lifetime guarantee. But on the other hand, many users encounter problems when they wanted to return the product.


  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Straightforward to use
  • Rust-resistant lever for maximum wringing
  • Mop features replaceable head


  • The sponge is not super absorbent like manufacturers claimed
  • Replacement sponges are not high in quality as the original sponge
  • Many users complained about not being able to return the product

2. Rubbermaid Commercial PVA Sponge Mop – Amazing for Hard Floors

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As the name already says, this mop is the best option if you need it for commercial purposes. It is a perfect cleaning tool for hard floors like ones in schools, offices, institutional facilities, and many more.

Like the previous model, this one too comes with 37 inches adjustable metal pole that can help you handle all hard-to-reach areas. The mop is designed to be sturdy but lightweight, so you will be able to clean numerous rooms in one go and not feel like you need a break.

Any excess water that can remain in your sponge will be easily removed by pulling on the lever located on the front. This lever features very durable springs that will allow you to control how much water you want to remove from the sponge.

This mop uses a rigid PVA sponge that is resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals. So if your cleaning routine includes using those chemicals, this mop is your go-to model because it will remain in great condition longer than any other. Also, PVA sponges are very absorbent and will assimilate a considerable amount of water. So taking that into account, avoid using them to clean rooms with hardwood floors!

Be aware that this sponge mop comes without a built-in scrubber. The metal screws in the mop head that holds the sponge in place, unfortunately, are not rust-free. This may cause a hard time when you decide to replace the sponge.


  • Great for hard floors and commercial use
  • The PVA sponges are resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Great absorption
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Equipped with 37-inch long adjustable handle


  • Comes without a built-in scrubber
  • The screws are prone to rust

3. Mr. Clean 446268, Magic Eraser Power Squeeze Mop – Unique & Great Sponge Mop

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I am aware that at first glance, with its white plastic design this model won’t leave a good first impression. But have a little faith in me and let me reassure you. 

This sponge mop is a heavy-duty model, and it delivers remarkable cleaning power. It is designed to last longer and to enable you to remove dirt, pet hair, and debris with 50% more power than your standard sponge mop.

As I already mentioned, it is constructed from durable plastic while being quite lightweight for its size – that will come in handy if you want to remove cobwebs from your walls, for example. The plastic lever is not strong enough to wring your sponge in just one go, so you will need to repeat this action a few times until you get the result you want.

If you have sensitive skin that is prone to getting blisters when mopping the floors, you will love this one. The handle is equipped with a rubber grip that will allow you to apply extra pressure and avoid hurting your hands. I must mention that handle rotates very easily, so until you get used to it, you may have some hard time using it.

The thick removable sponge is highly absorbent and suitable for use on marble, tiles, vinyl floors, stone, and wood floors too. The sponge comes with a built-in scrubber that will gently remove dirt without damaging the floor finish. Because the sponge is made from melamine foam, they will disintegrate with time, so you will need to purchase a replacement pad more often, which can be pricey.


  • Suitable for different kinds of floor
  • Extremely lightweight
  • The handle comes with rubber grip
  • A thick removable sponge is highly absorbent
  • Comes with built-in scrubber


  • Plastic lever is not strong enough to wring the sponge in one go
  • Replacement pads are pricey

4. Libman 2010 Nitty Gritty Roller Mop with Green Cleaning Pads – Great for Tiles & Ergonomic

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If you have a tile floor, you know how easy the dirt gets in between tiles and how hard it is to clean these areas and make your floor spotless and clean. This sponge mop comes as a solution to this problem.

Libman 2010 Nitty Gritty Roller mop combines two different types of cleaning tools in one, a high-quality sponge and a firm-bristled scrub brush. Changing between these two sides is very easy thanks to lever with roller mechanism that will also let you wring the sponge and squeeze out all excess water.

The metal handle on this mop is slightly curved, so this way, the entire surface of the sponge can linger on the floor. This design will allow you to cover more ground and make cleaning easier. Also, this model is the only one on this list that features an ergonomic handle for more comfortable use. This mop might be the heaviest one on today’s roundup, but don’t let that discourage you.

The sponge is replaceable, highly absorbent, and 10 inches wide. If you take a better look, you will see that this sponge comes with small green circles. The purpose of those circles is to lift away all kinds of sticky spots from the floor. 

The built-in brush has long stiff bristles that are perfect for scrubbing persistent stains and dirt or removing pet hair. The bristles are made from recycled material, so this model is environmentally friendly.

The mop is very straightforward to use and durable, and you can use it on all types of hard floors. The only thing I can state as a disadvantage is that in some cases (applying too much pressure), the sponge may disconnect from the mop head.


  • Durable and straightforward to use
  • Combines two different cleaning tools in one
  • Features curved handle for covering more ground
  • Ergonomic handle
  • The sponge is highly absorbent
  • The scrubbing brush is made from recycled material


  • The sponge may disconnect from the mop head occasionally

5. Quickie 051TRI Sponge, Super Squeeze Mop – Great for Wooden Floors, Not Perfect Though

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This mop shares the same design as the Mr. Clean sponge mop I enlisted in this article. This model is suitable for all types of floors, but it is highly recommended to use it on wooden floors because it is equipped with a highly absorbent cellulose sponge.

The handle is made from durable metal, and it is 47 inches long, so you will be able to access all hard-to-reach areas. Because it is quite light for its size, you can even use it on the walls. This mop features an automatic wringing mechanism that will squeeze all excess water in no time.

You will find a built-in soft scrubbing brush to help you get rid of all kinds of stubborn stains and scuff marks from your floors or any other type of surface easily. Also, this mop comes with a dustpan.

The mop is equipped with a super-absorbent, dual-layered sponge that is made from cellulose. This means it will easily absorb soapy water and clean your floors without leaving any traces behind. Using this cellulose sponge mop on wooden floors will provide you deeper cleaning and guarantee you faster drying time without risking damage to the floor finish.

The sponge is replaceable, but the two screws that suppose to hold the sponge in place fail to lock correctly after some time, so you may occur some problems when changing the sponge head. Be sure not to use too much pressure when mopping the floor because you can easily detach sponge from the head.


  • Suitable for all types of floors
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Features automatic wringing mechanism
  • Comes with a built-in soft scrubbing brush
  • Equipped with dual-layered super-absorbent sponge


  • The screws that have a role in holding the sponge in place don’t lock properly after some time
  • Under too much pressure the sponge may detach from the mop head

Why Should You Use A Sponge Mop?

The point of using a sponge mop is to save as much money as you can on other cleaning tools and products. A good sponge mop is very versatile and will allow you to clean all sorts of floors from tile, vinyl, stone, to hardwood. They should be long and lightweight enough to allow you to clean the walls and reach all the hard to get areas.

Sponge mops are straightforward to use – all you need to do is fill your bucket with water and add some cleaning solution of your preferences. The wringing mechanism will help you remove all excess water without much effort. And that is pretty much it; you are ready for action.

Essential Things You Should Consider When Buying A Sponge Mop

We all seem to be lost when buying a new product, especially if we do it for the first time. And who could tell that buying a sponge mop can be a science? But trust me, it is. 

There are a few different types of sponge mops, and they all have different purposes. So I hope that you will find my information useful and successfully find the right mop for you.

1. Pole And Handle

If you are in doubt when choosing the right length of the pole, you should consider purchasing a sponge mop that comes with an adjustable pole. They will come in handy when you want to mop away the cobwebs from your walls or to mop the floor beneath your bed. Also, mops with an adjustable pole are easier to store.

Always try to find a mop that comes with an ergonomic handle or at least has the rubber grip for more comfortable use.

2. Sponge Material

The sponge is an essential part of every mop, so you must pay attention and choose wisely. Depending on your needs, you can choose between synthetic sponges, microfiber sponges, and cellulose sponges.

If you clean your floors with some harsh chemicals, you should consider buying cellulose sponges because they are by far the most chemical-resistant. Synthetic sponges are the most durable ones, and they are great if your cleaning involves thorough scrubbing. But if you are looking for a mop for occasional light cleaning with water only, then you should buy the microfiber sponges.

3. Weight And Ease Of Use

The weight is significant because it will determine the way you will use your mop. The lightweight mops are more comfortable to maneuver around floors and walls, so they have a better chance to be used more often than some heavier models.

4. Wringing Mechanism

When we talk about the wringing mechanism, there are three different types of mops:

  1. Sponge mops with a built-in lever on the pole or a handle. When you pull the lever, the sponge moves and automatically squeezes the water out.
  2. Sponge mops with a slotted plastic piece that you need to pull around and manually squeeze the sponge to remove the water.
  3. Sponge mops without wringing mechanism. They come with a particular bucket that will help you to remove the excess water manually.

Conclusion & My Top 3 Picks

Hopefully, this article provided some info about the features you should consider before purchasing the right type of sponge mops for your needs. All five models that I enlisted above are great products, and I highly recommend you to purchase any of them. But it is time for me to reveal to you my favorites:

Best Overall Value: Libman 2010 Nitty Gritty Roller Mop with Green Cleaning Pads

  • The Libman mop is tough enough to clean all the nooks and hard to reach places around your home. It is very durable and features a great sponge that will do wonders for your floors, porches, patios, and all that with a mess-free wringing mechanism.

Best Budget Option: Rubbermaid Commercial PVA Sponge Mop with Handle, FGG78004

  • The Rubbermaid is the perfect choice for cleaning up spills and dirt from all types of hard floors. This mop features an adjustable pole and a high-quality firm PVA sponge that will enable you to scrub your floor with ease leaving it bright and spotless.

Premium Pick: Mr. Clean 446268, Magic Eraser Power Squeeze Mop

  • This magic eraser mop is all about heavy-duty, and it is suitable for all kinds of floors and walls. This mop is reliable and highly efficient. From spills, sticky spots, to pet hair, this mop will handle it all without risk of damaging your floor finish.

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