The Best Snowmobile Gloves In 2023

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Top 5 Best Snowmobile Gloves 2023:

Are you an adrenaline junkie?

If you are, then we are sure you are close and familiar with all kinds of snow sports.

One of our all-time favorite snow activities is snowmobiling.

But this adventure can go in the wrong direction easily if you do not wear proper protective gear. Here I do not think only on helmet and snowmobile suits. I mean high-quality protective snowmobile gloves.

Usually, people do not pay a lot of attention when buying them, so they end up with frostbites and hypothermia. Not pleasant at all. Riding a snowmobile is a great experience worth remembering. Make sure you remember it in the best way possible by purchasing the best snowmobile gloves that will keep you warm and safe.

Keep in mind that protection is the best cure.

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5 Best Snowmobile Gloves In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Outdoor Research M’s Adrenaline Gloves Skiing Gloves –   Incredibly Flexible And Functional

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These waterproof and windproof gloves are the most functional ones on our list. They are the least bulky models, so you can easily move around in them, drive your snowmobile, ski, or play in the snow anything you want literally.

They do allow flexible movement, but the grip is not so firm, so they are not suitable for work outside like shoveling, for example. They are made from 100% polyester to be more precise; it features a 70D Nylon Shell.

The inner side is insulated by 198g Enduraloft, so they will keep your hands warm even when the temperature drops to -30 degrees Fahrenheit. The insulation is breathable, so it will also keep your hands dry all the time.

The durable nylon fabric is paired with AlpenGrip patches on the palms to enhance durability and prevent abrasion. They are really easy to take off and adjust since they feature a ladder-lock wrist cinch. To prevent cold air from coming inside the glove, they come with a monocinch gauntlet closure that also guarantees a snug and secure fit.

We have great news for you; these gloves are easy to maintain. They can be washed in a washing machine. The price for this pair is higher, but they offer great value for the price, and they are crafted from high-quality materials, so the price is justified.


  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • 198g Enduraloft insulation
  • AlpenGrip palm patches
  • Hands stay warm and dry all the time
  • Ladder-lock wrist cinch
  • Machine washable


  • Price
  • The grip could be better

2. Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Glove with Removable Touchscreen Liner – Extremely Warm And Breathable

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If you plan to spend this winter mostly outside skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or maybe snowmobiling, you will need a war protective gear from head to toe. Most importantly, you will need to protect your hands and fingers from frostbites.

Burton Gore-Tex gloves will help you stay warm since they are made from 100% polyester material, which makes them very flexible and soft. The inner side is insulated with DRYRIDE Durashell two-layer fabrics paired with Gore-Tex removable insert that protects your hands from cold and keeps them dry.

As we said, the insert is removable, and it will quickly dry when needed. This liner makes these gloves multifunctional since you can wear just the liner when shoveling, or just the shell during chilly spring days, or combine the two when temperatures are low.

The palm and fingers are coated with Screen Grab synthetic leather patches that give you stealth touchscreen control with any finger and provide a great grip when you hold handlebars of the snowmobile.

The gloves will stay tightly fitted to your wrist, thanks to the adjustable cuff strap. These gloves are best for harsh winter conditions considering they feature a hidden heater/vent pocket that can hold a disposable hand warmer.

The only bad thing is that they must be washed by hand and they will cost you a bit more.


  • Made from durable polyester
  • Flexible
  • Warm with additional heat pocket for disposable hand warmer
  • Gore-Tex removable liner
  • DRYRIDE Durashell two-layer fabrics keep your hand war


  • Pricey
  • Hand wash only

3. OZERO Winter Gloves Cold Proof Thermal Ski Glove – Perfect Holiday Gift

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OZERO unisex winter gloves are a perfect choice for winter activities like skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, or just hiking since they are waterproof as well as windproof. Wearing this pair in snow activities guarantee you your hands will be shielded from unexpected blizzards or wind chills.

They are crafted from deerskin suede leather and polar fleece. 

A deer suede leather palm is reinforced with a big leather patch to provide superior grip, which is very important when holding handlebars of the snowmobile. This material is also abrasion resistance, breathable, and sweat resistant. The polar fleece back provides thickness, warmth, and comfort when wearing the gloves.

The Heatlok system is a high-tech patented system of hollow fibers and microfibers that provides warmth without making gloves bulky. This system traps the air and uses it to create a thermal barrier to keep the warmth inside the gloves. This layer, paired with the polar fleece lining, will keep your hands warm even if temperatures drop to the extreme cold -30 degree Fahrenheit.

They also feature a long sleeve. That means that the elastic wrist band and 2.5 inches wide knitted cuffs that snuggly fit around your wrists and provide extra protection against cold wind and snow.

The only downsides are the sizing and maintaining. If you are not careful enough when washing them, they will shrink, so avoid washing machines and clean them by hand. About sizing, it is recommended to double-check the measurements of your hand.


  • Great value for the price
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Unisex model
  • Heatlok system
  • Excellent grip
  • Long sleeve


  • Hand wash only to avoid shrinking
  • Sizing

4. MCTi Waterproof Men’s Snowboard Snowmobile Cold Weather Gloves – Budget Friendly Product

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MCTi gloves will make your hands feel warm even when it is too cold to bear outside. Since they are windproof as well as waterproof, you can wear these gloves and enjoy your snow adventures without risk.

Because of the 3M Thinsulate insulation, it ensures 100% protection from cold wind, snow, and allows heat production. Thus, multifunctioning is the biggest quality of these gloves since you can wear them when skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling.

The palm is fully covered by Nuback material, and fingers are coated with rubber providing flexible yet strong grip. The thumb is equipped with nose-wiping fabric. They are pretty thick, so they are not suitable for bikers, and you will experience a hard time trying to open up the door or pick something out of your pocket.

The inner layers are very soft and comfortable, but they can also sometimes retain excess moisture, which can be uncomfortable if it is too cold outside. It features a small zipper pocket that comes in handy when you need to carry keys, cash, or cards.

Every hand is different in shapes and sizes, so an adjustable wrist strap will allow you to custom fit your gloves and prevent cold air getting inside. To sum it up, considering the price, it is very easy to keep aside the moisture issue since it will rarely occur.


  • Affordable
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Nuback palm and rubber-coated fingers
  • 3M insulation for extra warmth
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Small zipper pocket


  • Sometimes retain moisture
  • Hard to open the door when wearing them
  • Not suitable for bikers

5. Carhartt Men’s W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove – Say No To Numb Fingers

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Carhartt is well known for its highly-rated gear, so this pair of gloves is no exception. These waterproof and windproof gloves are insulated against the cold to keep your hands warm for as long as you are outside. But remember they can protect you from the cold temperatures that do not go under 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

They are crafted from 100% polyester, so they have a soft shell, which means they are a bit bulkier than some other models, but they are extremely flexible, which is great for people who ride bikes or work outside during the cold weather. 

They also include reinforced polyurethane palm and finger patches to prevent slipping so you can still have a strong, flexible grip as you enjoy in your winter activities or snowmobiling.

FastDry technology prevents retaining moisture, which is very important since your hands can’t stay warm if they do not stay dry. To provide snuggly extra fit, they come with a tightening buckle so you can adjust the width to fit your wrist perfectly. This way, you will enhance the warmth inside your glove since the cold air can’t sneak inside.

The only drawback is that they are not machine washable. So if you get them dirty, you will have to spot-treat them to clean them.


  • Crafted from 100% polyester
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Softshell provides flexibility
  • Polyurethane palm and finger patches for better grip
  • FastDry technology
  • Tightening wrist buckles


  • Hand wash
  • Not suitable for extremely low temperatures
  • Bulkier than other models

How To Choose The Best Snowmobile Gloves?

When trying to choose the right pair of gloves for snowmobiling, there are some crucial factors you must keep in mind to be sure your hands will stay warm and safe at all times. That is why we enlisted all in this buying guide to help you prevent possibilities of getting frostbite and hypothermia.

Once you have these things in mind, you won’t be able to make the wrong choice.

1. Gloves Or Mittens?

This dilemma is based on personal choice. The truth is that you can use either of them, even if I do better, prefer mittens.  But like everything else they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

The mittens are warmer, but they are not as flexible as gloves. If your snowmobile has controls, it can be tricky to use them since you won’t be able to control it as much as you want. While on the other hand, gloves allow you total control.

Also, the important factor is the way you ride as well. If you are riding gently and casually, the mittens will work just fine. However, an aggressive rider must wear gloves for better protection of hands.

2. Warmth

The insulation and the inner liner of gloves determine the amount of warmth it can provide. One of the most important parts of the glove is the inner lining. Gloves lined with fleece or cotton are a great choice since they are very warm. Also, these materials retain heat, so the glove will stay a warm extended period of time.

Another thing is the insulation that prevents retaining the moisture. Typically manufacturers use insulating materials such as 3M Thinsulate and Primaloft.

3. Waterproof And Windproof

The gloves for harsh winter conditions always must be water-resistant as well as wind-resistant. When it comes to keeping water out of your gloves, materials such as Nylon, Gore-Tex, and polyester provide the best waterproofing properties.

During winter, the air is cold. That is bad news for your skin, so you need to prevent it from getting into the gloves and harming your hands. Like we already said, materials such as Nylon, Polyester, and Gore-Tex are great choices for stopping the wind from harming your skin.

4. Breathability

Your hands must breathe in the gloves and stay dry. The good breathability increases comfort and allows you to wear your gloves for a long time.

5. Strapping

Strapping is important. The best glove for snowmobiling will have straps to ensure that they always stay in place and fit you perfectly. Also, they need to stop snow and wind from getting into your gloves.

6. Reinforced Palm Material

The palm of your glove is in constant contact with high abrasive parts of your snowmobile since you must hold the handlebar grips almost all the time. That is why it is important to buy gloves that have reinforced palm area that is resistant to wearing off. They must withstand frequent abrasion.

The best materials for reinforcing palm areas are leather or plastic; some companies even use both. We still recommend leather since it provides a better grip on your handlebar.

7. Sizing

All gloves come in sizes. You won’t benefit from a glove that is too big or too small for you. Gloves that do not fit you are useless when it comes to snowmobiling because it won’t let you control it properly.

Make sure you measure your hand well before picking a glove. Remember, your gloves should always be long enough to cover the gap that will be left by the jacket.

This is where cuff length plays a prominent role.  Some people might prefer a shorter wrist material length since they are a better fit, some prefer a longer one so they can be tucked into the clothes.

8. Touch Screen Responsiveness

It is great if you do not need to remove your gloves to use your phone. That is why many people consider this feature crucial. Some models feature responsiveness into all fingers, while others incorporate responsiveness into the index finger only.

9. Extra Features

Some companies add certain features to make gloves more convenient to use.

There are gloves that come equipped with a little zippered pocket where you can place your key, money, or ski pass. Also, some can feature an inner pocket where you can fit additional disposable warmer if needed.

There are also models that have nose-wiping material built in the thumb finger. For additional security, there are gloves with the glove clips to allow you to keep them together when they are not in use and prevent loss.  Some are even reflective so that you can easily find them in the dark.

Final Thoughts 

Buying the right pair of gloves for snowmobile seems like a hard task. Honestly, it is since your safety and protection depends on it. So before purchasing the first fancy pair you see, do some homework and browse the market, you will see there are plenty of brands that can offer you great value for the relatively low price.

Best Overall Value: Carhartt Men’s W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove

  • Carhartt is a well-known brand that produces durable, reliable, and comfortable gloves. As they like to say, your hands are your tools, so protect them the best you can with the gloves that will outwork them all. We can only agree with them and recommend you to purchase this pair. 

Best Budget Option: OZERO Winter Gloves Cold Proof Thermal Ski Glove

  • Lightweight, breathable, extremely warm, and good looking are the words that best describe this pair of gloves. They are designed with the intention of keeping your hands warm all the time so you can relax and focus on having fun in the snow. The price is great, considering all the features they offer, and the big plus is that they are also a unisex model.

Premium Pick: Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Glove with Removable Touchscreen Liner

  • No matter how low the temperatures go, you can be sure your hands will stay warm and safe in these gloves. In case that is not enough for you, they feature a small venting pocket where you can place a disposable heater. Neat, right? However, these will cost you, but you can’t put a price on your safety.

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