The Best Leather Briefcases In 2023

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Top 5 Best Leather Briefcases 2023:

  1. Augus Leather Briefcase for Men
  2. Time Resistance Leather Briefcase for Men Handmade
  3. KomalC 16 Inch Buffalo Leather Briefcase
  4. Samsonite Bonded Leather Attaché
  5. Polare 16” Full Grain Leather Briefcase

If there is one item in the world that screams corporate, that must be a leather briefcase. No matter what your profession is, running across the street with this bad boy in your hands will instantly make you look 200% more professional.

Joking aside, briefcases are an essential part of corporate and office life for a good reason. Although cell phones did a lot of heavy lifting to make our professional clutter on the bare minimum, we still have to deal with tons of folders, memorandums, documents, and even drag around our good old laptops.

Having a neat way to wrap all these things around and carry them across the city makes this horrifying image far more bearable.

But, as you can probably guess, not all briefcases are equally good-looking or functional. Some of them are a plain waste of money.

So, allow us to quickly go through the top five most popular units you can find in the store nearby to see which one of them makes the best leather briefcase the money can currently buy.

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5 Best Leather Briefcases In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Augus Leather Briefcase for Men – Best Leather Briefcase Overall

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It’s always good to see the product that seems to check all the right boxes. Augus Leather Briefcase we are going to cover here is definitely one of these products. Seriously, we were hard-pressed to find any flaws with this product.

Let us move them off the table first. The YKK zipper on this unit has one small flaw. Namely, we have noticed that we picked up the interior fabric more than we are used to.

So, the caution is prescribed. But, as long as you use the zipper carefully, you won’t have any problems.

The rest of the briefcase is a pure joy to use, as well as look at. For a start, the whole thing is made from 100% grain leather that scores a beautiful worn-out look and even better craftsmanship. With proper care, this briefcase can last a lifetime.

When we move to the convenience department, things do not look shabby either. On the contrary – the unit features central laptop padding that can host devices up to 15.6 inches, as well as two side compartments that can be used for everything ranging from tables to small office items.

Of course, both compartments are equipped with smaller pockets that will keep all these things firmly in place.

Throw into the mix strong hooks, pleasant handles, and even a rear-mounted trolley strap, and you’ll get one darn gratifying package.


  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Durable materials
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient compartments
  • Very good-looking


  • The zipper could be better

2. Time Resistance Leather Briefcase for Men Handmade – Best Premium Leather Briefcase

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Time Resistance Leather Briefcase is a product designed to shock and awe. That doesn’t mean any of its other features are compromised. But, if you want something that will help you make a strong impression, look no further than this product.

So yeah, with its stylish Italian design, full-grain cow-hide leather, and outstanding craftsmanship, this briefcase is pure class. The manufacturer was even kind enough to pack the unit with a gentle dust bag that will help you keep this beauty in pristine condition. Top-notch.

But, what about functionality?

Well, it should be evident that, with such a slim design, this briefcase was not intended to pack many pouches. What you do get, though, works like a charm. Central compartment unit is very gadget-friendly (it scores the size of 15 inches), and two ancillary compartments are both decently-sized and feature neat organizers for pens and cell phones.

And that’s not all – the main buckle feels very firm and secure, the handle is effortless to use, and you even get the opportunity to attach a neat and equally stylish padded strap.

Are there any flaws? Well, a couple. The buckle sometimes seems to vigilante for its own good, which kinda undermines the overall convenience, and, despite all good things we said, the price can be too steep for an average consumer.

But, that doesn’t change the fact that we are talking about one incredibly good product.


  • Incredibly stylish
  • Hand made
  • Device-friendly
  • Slim design


  • Buckle could be more consistent

3. KomalC 16 Inch Buffalo Leather Briefcase – Best Affordable Leather Briefcase

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Some people like their briefcases well-organized and compartmentalized to the tiniest detail. Others just want to have enough space and keep the price on the bare minimum. If you think you belong to the latter group, you will get a blast out of this product.

Sure, you won’t get an organizer for every single pen, and you will have to be a bit more careful when carrying sensitive items and devices. But, you will, at least, be able to squeeze in a tremendous number of pieces of various sizes. And yes, that includes 15.6-inch laptops as well (the main compartment is padded).

On the outside, you can find two large pockets that can carry cell phones and wallets, but we would much rather keep these valuable things inside the bag. But generally speaking, we are more than satisfied with the available storage options?

What about materials and craftsmanship? They are definitely decent. This slight reservation comes from the fact that although the briefcase is made from full-grain hunter buffalo leather, some stitches appear sloppy, and the fasteners are not that great. Namely, the pins appear cheap, and the straps are easily worn out.

Still, when we consider the price of this thing, we are more than willing to look away from these small drawbacks. Yes, KomalC Buffalo Leather Briefcase is a steal and definitely worthy of your attention.


  • Good price-value ratio
  • Quality leather
  • Worn-out look
  • Plenty of room


  • It could be better organized
  • Sloppy craftsmanship

4. Samsonite Bonded Leather Attaché – Best Attaché Briefcase

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Attaché briefcases are great. Sure, they are missing the strap you can use when your hands get tired. But, on the other hand, they are on-point, well-organized, professional-looking, and, in spite of slim design, they feature a surprising amount of storage space. 

Samsonite Bonded Leather Attaché stands as a perfect example of all the things we have mentioned above.

For a start, this thing looks beautiful. On the outside, you get durable leather with a matte finish. On the inside, you get fine linen that both looks great and protects all the items you have stored in some of the organizers.

And you do get an excessive amount of organizers – at least for the briefcase of this size. We are not joking – no matter what you want to carry, ranging from 15.6-inch laptops to an ordinary pen, you will find a neat place to slide it in.

When it comes to the very performance, things feel solid as well. The padded handle could be a bit more ergonomic, but it’s still enjoyable to use, and the safety locks are on point.

Of course, no product is without flaws, and this attaché briefcase is no exception. The thing we were most disappointed with was the quality of the stitches. Although we hadn’t had the opportunity to use the product in the long run, some areas felt very flimsy.

It could be just our unit, though.


  • Stylish and spacious
  • Beautiful matte leather
  • Well-organized and secure
  • Device-friendly


  • Stitches are all over the place

5. Polare 16” Full Grain Leather Briefcase – Best Vintage Leather Briefcase

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Last but not least, we have one incredibly stylish briefcase that tries to evoke the look of… Well, the bygone times. When we strolled with it down the street, we definitely felt the flavor of Old West and XIX-century roughness.

But, don’t let this vintage look fool you – this neat bag coming from Polare has everything a modern businessman needs to get from point A to point B. What do we mean by that? The interior is indeed highly compartmentalized and features soft padding that will keep all of the items inside safe.

Also, the size of these organizers is very device-friendly, so you will be able to find a proper place for all of your laptops, phones, and tablets.

The materials on display are also pure quality. We haven’t expected anything less from full grain leather put together by professional artisans. We would also like to point out that the unit features multiple carrying options that allow you to use it not only as a briefcase and messenger bag but backpack as well.

And now, let’s take a turn for the dark side. Although the bag looks great on the outside, the linen is sticking out in some places, which somewhat spoils the impression. The other problem is that fasteners are too rigid to be used efficiently. You will need a fair amount of effort to get them loose.


  • Beautiful vintage look
  • Quality materials
  • Well-organized
  • Interior padding


  • The fasteners are too rigid

Things You Need To Consider To Get The Best Leather Briefcase

And there you have it – five popular (and great-looking) products competing for the title of the best leather briefcase on the market. Which one of them should you buy? Well, we definitely have our opinion, and you will find it further down below.

But, before we proceed to winners and sinners, we have to cover one more thing. Namely, although they look simple, briefcases feature a lot of variety. How useful they will ultimately end up will depend on what you need from it in the first place.

For instance, why would you drag a heavy laptop-ready bag if you are only going to carry a couple of folders and pens? You get the point.

So, we will give you a short buying guide that will help you find your dream match. We will start with…

1. Size And Storage Compartments

We have already briefly mentioned this consideration a couple of passages above. However, the topic is still worth going a bit more in-depth. Ideally, your future briefcase should be spacious enough to fit all the items you are usually carrying around and be compartmentalized in a way that will prevent these items from turning in a jumbled mess.

So, before you make any final decision, do your best to make a shortlist of things you are using on a daily basis. When you are finished, try to find the unit that will allow you to neatly store all these things in and leave some room for unexpected pickups.

2. Type Of The Briefcase

Despite all variety out there, most of the briefcases can be divided into three main groups. Let’s break them down and take a look at their pros and cons.

  • Soft-sided – This is a group of briefcases is by far the most common, and with a good reason too. Soft-sided units are affordable, lightweight, convenient, and very easy to maintain. But, we have to admit that they don’t exactly provide the best protection to the items inside.
  • Hard-sided – These briefcases are a polar opposite of their soft-sided cousins. Although they feature leather exterior, they are reinforced with hard materials like aluminum. That makes them pricey and heavy, but also incredibly durable. Skip if you are not transporting precious items.
  • Attaché – The first thing that crosses your mind when you think about briefcases, attaché units are classy as hell, reasonably expensive, and offer robust protection. They are not nearly as handy as soft-sided briefcases, though.

3. Material

Ok, we are covering leather briefcases, so considering materials seems a bit off. But, even in this niche market segment sense, you do get two options to choose from.

  • Leather – Leather, in the narrowest sense of the word, describes the material that is made from the outside of a hide that’s been tanned. It’s hard, durable, and able to deal with harsh weather conditions. Still, due to its inherent roughness, leather is also far less convenient. Works best with attaché and hard-sided briefcases.
  • Suede – Unlike leather, suede is produced from the inside of the hide. It’s far softer, more versatile, and features a very appealing, freshly brushed look. However, this convenience (and killer look) come at a price – suede is not that durable and notoriously hard to maintain.

4. Interior Of The Briefcase

Even the materials that are made from softer materials like suede can offer a right level of protection if its interior is reinforced or padded (or both). So, when you are buying a briefcase, take a peek and see how things look inside. Fragile items like electronic devices can be easily damaged if they are not adequately cushioned.

5. Buckles And Straps

We could just as easily call this section ease of use, but the quality of buckles and straps goes beyond this simple consideration. So yeah, your briefcase should be convenient and easy to strap/unstrap. But, not to the point where every Joe will be able to rob you.

So, try to find a balance between the two extremes. Quality stitching, durable materials, and anti-theft buckles should prove to be more than up to the challenge.

Also, if you are going to spend a lot of time on the move, shoulder strap pads are an absolute must.

6. Features

Finally, let us talk about the features. Although briefcases are not incredibly feature-rich products, they can sneak in a couple of neat additions that can make your life a lot easier. Some of these additions include the likes of:

  • Adjustable handles
  • Built-in USB ports and power banks
  • Anti-theft security options
  • Laptop bags

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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

All the things we covered above should help you to find your perfect pick. And now, let’s see what we consider to be the best leather briefcase of this roundup. We have to admit that all the products we listed here were nothing short of excellent. Some of them excelled in one area, others offered something else.

So, we had to settle with the broadest appeal. Keeping that in mind, here are our top three picks.

Best briefcase overall: Augus Leather Briefcase for Men

  • This briefcase seems to have it all – it looks good, features excellent design, and offers enough space to store all of your valuable office items. We have encountered some minor issues with the zipper, but when we got used to it, we even these small problems were gone—a great purchase overall.

Best premium briefcase: Time Resistance Leather Briefcase for Men Handmade

  • When it comes to the class, Time Resistance knocked it out of the park with this briefcase. But, don’t think even for a second this product is a one-trick pony. Here, the style never comes at the expense of the functionality. But, if you want to parade with this bag on your shoulder, be prepared to invest a hefty amount of money.

Best affordable briefcase: KomalC 16 Inch Buffalo Leather Briefcase

  • KomalC Buffalo Leather Briefcase doesn’t have any high aspirations. But, with a price so low, it really doesn’t have to. It offers a lot of storage space, the materials are great, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to get one. A more than fair trade if you ask us.

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