Best Hard Candy 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Hard Candies 2022:

  1. Torie and Howard Organic Hard Candy
  2. Werther’s Original Butter Hard Candies
  3. Brach’s Mixed Candy
  4. Washburns Old Fashioned Hard Candy
  5. JOLLY RANCHER Hard Candy

Hard candies are something we all grew up with and most of us still love!

We’ve been enjoying them since we were little kids, and it takes only one taste of delicious hard candy to take us back to our childhood and those carefree times. 

Hard candies have been around for a long time and the reason they are so popular is that they come in a variety of flavors, colors, and shapes. From rich fruity flavors to mouthwatering caramels, the choices are endless!

So, how are you supposed to choose the best one? Well, it’s not an easy job, so we’ve decided to help you and make our list of the best hard candies on the market! If you’re interested to see what candies made our list, keep on reading!

5 Best Hard Candies In 2022: Detailed Reviews

1. Torie and Howard Organic Hard Candy – Best Overall

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Did you know hard candies can be healthy? Torie and Howard Organic Hard Candies are one of the most healthy yet very delicious hard candies out there! 

Torie and Howard are a couple who started their own candy business with an idea to make only organic hard candies without added chemicals or allergens, so their candies are non-GMO and they don’t contain any gluten, nuts, wheat, dairy, eggs, casein, soy, corn syrup, and absolutely no dyes, flavors or preservatives!

This is a two-ounce package and inside you get a mix of lemon and raspberry hard candies. These candies are made of high-quality materials and all of the ingredients are organic. The flavors are natural and to give them the beautiful yellow and red colors, they used natural ingredients, like red cabbage, purple carrots, organic carrots, organic apples, and organic blackcurrant! The couple behind the brand believes in protecting the environment, so they made the tin to be completely reusable and recyclable.

The sweet taste of Meyer lemon and the zippy raspberry make a perfect combination, but if you don’t like these flavors, you can also choose between pomegranate and nectarine or blood orange and honey. One great tip from Torie and Howard is to drop one of these candies in your lemonade and you get an organic sweetener!


  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Allergens-free
  • Recyclable tin
  • Organic, natural, fruity flavors
  • Comes in 6 flavors


  • The taste is milder compared to candies with artificial flavor

2. Werther’s Original Butter Hard Candies – Our Premium Choice

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If you’ve ever tried Werther’s Original Hard Candies, then you know how irresistible their sweet taste of caramel is. The secret of this deliciousness is that they’re made with real butter and real cream. They are also gluten-free which means you can enjoy them if you’re allergic or you avoid gluten.

Werther’s Original hard candies are made in Germany, but they’re famous around the world. Each candy in this large 34oz bag is made with only the best ingredients. The candies provide a unique experience as they melt in your mouth, and after they melt, they become creamy! You can really taste the delicious caramel and the cream. 

The candies in this bag are individually wrapped which is very convenient because you can carry a couple of them with you at all times and have one whenever you want! Also, the wrapper protects them from moisture!

Because of the butter and cream, these candies are not suitable for you if you are lactose intolerant, or for vegans who stay away from dairy. The list of the ingredients, among other things, includes soy, wheat and cane sugar syrup which can be possible allergens. The candies also contain some artificial flavors. However, these hard candies don’t have a lot of calories compared to most others, so you can enjoy them occasionally even if you’re on a diet!


  • Real butter and real cream
  • Melts in your mouth
  • Distinct caramel taste
  • Individually wrapped
  • Low-calorie candy


  • Contains some allergens
  • Not great if you’re lactose intolerant

3. Brach’s Mixed Candy – The Best Budget-Friendly Hard Candy

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In this 5lbs package by Brach’s, you get so many delicious hard candies at a very reasonable price! This party mix contains 400 various candies and each one of them is individually wrapped. They include Butterscotch Disks, Starbrite Chocolate Mints, Butter Toffee, Cinnamon Disks, Star Brites Peppermints & Spearmints, and Strawberry filled hard candies. There is something for everyone!

The fact that they’re individually wrapped will help with their shelf life, because the wrappers keep moisture and dust away from the candy. However, it’s unlikely that these delicious candies will stay for too long in your cupboard! Once you start enjoying the variety of candies, it’s difficult to stop! They are also ideal for children’s birthday parties and for holidays like Christmas or Halloween.

Another great thing about Brach’s Party Mix is that all of the candies are low in calorie and low in sodium. One piece of candy contains around 7mg of sodium and 20 calories. They are also fat-free, which makes them a great choice if you’re on a diet and you crave something sweet from time to time!

Some of the ingredients, like whey powder and butter oil, make these candies not suitable for vegans and people who are lactose intolerant. Keep in mind that the candies also contain some artificial ingredients, like added flavors. There are also some allergens, including soy.


  • Incredible mix of candies
  • All individually wrapped
  • Low-calorie, low-sodium, fat-free candies
  • Reasonable price


  • There are some allergens and dairy

4. Washburns Old Fashioned Hard Candy – Traditional Christmas Candy

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When you think of Christmas, memories of certain candies come to mind. Our grandmas always had a pocketful of these old fashioned colorful hard candies ready to give out! We’ve been enjoying the Washburn’s candies since 1856, and with time, the taste of the candies has only got better!

The reason people have always enjoyed these hard candies so much is because of the nice assortment. In one canister, you get a variety of candies in different tastes, colors, and shapes. We still love them now, but you can imagine how much people loved them back then when there weren’t nearly as many choices when it comes to sweets!

This is a great two-pack deal where you get two 8oz boxes filled with different candies. As we already mentioned, Washburn’s candies come in a variety of colors and flavors. Keep in mind that the company uses artificial flavors, and the candies may also contain some allergens. This is because they are made in a facility that processes peanuts, nuts, dairy, soy, wheat, and eggs.

The candies are made with both natural and artificial flavors and colors, and the artificial ones are U.S certified, and safe to use with food. This means it’s maybe not the best idea health-wise to have these candies every day, but you can enjoy them from time to time, especially around holidays!


  • Traditional candy that reminds us of our childhood
  • A variety of tastes and colors in a canister
  • Sweet and delicious flavors


  • The candies contain artificial flavors and allergens

5. JOLLY RANCHER Hard Candy – Best Sugar-Free Candy

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Jolly Rancher candies have been a favorite for generations. Originally introduced in 1949, these hard candies are still one of the most popular candies in the U.S, and many of us have been enjoying them since we were little kids!

This is a 3.6oz bag and compared to some other packages of hard candies, this one is not that large. However, many people enjoy it because of the variety of flavors that come included. Each bag has raspberry, grape, watermelon, and apple candies, so there’s something for everyone’s taste!

Each candy is individually wrapped which is great because you can carry a piece or two with you at all times, and have one whenever you crave something sweet. These candies have very bright and beautiful colors, so you can even use them to decorate desserts. Just crush them and sprinkle them onto cookies, cakes, and other baked goods and you’ll have a beautifully decorated dessert! You can also find a recipe online for Jolly Rancher Pops, a delicious and refreshing treat that you can enjoy on a hot summer day!

The good thing about these candies is that they are sugar-free. They contain some sugar substitutes that may cause a laxative effect if you’re allergic or sensitive or if you eat too many at once. Although they are sugar-free, the candies have a high amount of carbohydrates, so they’re not exactly low in calories, but they are fat-free, and cholesterol-free!


  • Sugar-free hard candies
  • A variety of flavors
  • Fat-free and cholesterol-free


  • Contains sugar substitutes

How To Store Hard Candy

Best Hard Candies

Whatever type of hard candy you decide to buy, you’ll want to store it properly, especially if you buy large packages. When you don’t store hard candy properly, you can end up with sticky candies no one really wants to eat. This happens if you keep the candies in high temperatures or very moist places.

You should avoid high temperatures because the candy will not only become sticky, but it can also melt and become inedible. Of course, you should also avoid very low temperatures, because the candies are already hard. The ideal environment is a dry, room temperature place where your hard candies won’t melt or become sticky. 

Individually wrapped hard candies will likely last longer than those that aren’t wrapped because the wrappers actually keep the moisture away from the candies. However, there is one handy trick you can use with candies that are not wrapped. Store them in an airtight container and sprinkle some granulated sugar all over them. The sugar works as a moisture absorber and your hard candies will stay dry and delicious!

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Things To Consider Before You Buy Hard Candy

It’s understandable that you’ll choose the type of hard candies according to your taste and preferences, but there are some things you should consider before you do that. Make sure to check the ingredients, not only for allergens, but also for artificial flavors, preservatives, and other not so healthy things.

1. Ingredients

  • Ingredients are important to consider, especially if you are a health-conscious person. Most of the hard candies have a lot of calories, fats, sugars, and artificial flavors. In this list, we’ve included something for everyone, so there’s also healthy candy made entirely with natural, organic materials.
  • Another crucial thing concerning ingredients is that you have to check for possible allergens. The most common are nuts, soy, corn syrup, wheat, and dairy. However, always make sure to check the list of ingredients, in case you are allergic to any food or if you’re lactose intolerant. In some cases, with sugar-free candies that contain sugar substitutes, you may have some negative effects if you’re allergic to those.
  • The next thing you can consider is gluten. Whether you’re allergic or you just avoid it, you can find many candies that are gluten-free! Some candies are also suitable for vegans, for example, candies made with natural ingredients, without dairy!

2. Packaging

  • The packaging is not the most important thing to consider when it comes to hard candy, but you should give it some thought. If you prefer candies that come in beautiful decorative boxes, there are so many amazing options to choose from. Not only are these boxes attractive, but sometimes they’re even eco-friendly because they’re recyclable.
  • The next thing when it comes to packaging is whether the candies are individually wrapped. Although it creates more waste, some people prefer these wrapped candies because they can carry them in pockets or purses. The wrappers also make the candies last longer, because they keep moisture away.

Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Now that we’ve reviewed the top five hard candies on the market right now, it’s time to choose the best of the best, and we’d love to tell you our final choices and recommendations!

Best Overall: Torie and Howard Organic Hard Candy

  • Torie and Howard hard candies definitely deserve the number-one place on this list. They are organic candies made with only natural ingredients, without any artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, dairy, soy, corn syrup, wheat, and eggs! We’ve tried, but we have to admit it’s very difficult to find a bad side of these delicious candies!

Our Premium Choice: Werther’s Original Butter Hard Candies 

  • For many years now, Werther’s Original Butter candies have been very popular around the world. These delicious German delights are made with real butter and cream, and they will give you a wonderful experience as the heavenly caramel melts in your mouth!

Best Budget-Friendly Pick: Brach’s Mixed Candy

  • In this amazing 5lbs Brach’s Party Mix, you get a variety of delicious candies. There is something for everyone’s taste, from Butterscotch Disks and Starbrite Chocolate Mints to Cinnamon Disks and Strawberry filled hard candies. You get 400 hard candies for a super affordable price!