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Top 3 best displayport cables in 2023:

On the paper, picking a DisplayPort cable is a rather simple task. I mean, we’re talking about to cable you use to connect your PC or mobile device to a screen – and a cable that was designed to be a streamlined version of HDMI and eliminate a lot of its nuisances (e.g. the long list of different types) for that matter.

I mean, what could go wrong? Well, nothing too serious, but keeping in mind that DisplayPort cables transfer the data in packages (meaning lose a bit and you’ll corrupt an entire package), knowing how to nab the quality offer does require some work.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best displayport cables to save you some trouble.

22 Best DisplayPort Cables In 2023: Detailed Reviews

So, welcome to best Display Port cables and how to rank them. For a start, you need to know they feature two main varieties – cables with standard connectors (most commonly used on PC monitors) and mini connectors (notebooks and Apple products).

Second, there are physical properties like length and the quality of the used materials. Finally, there are the tech specs like picture quality, audio, bandwidth, and resolution.

Based on these few considerations we compiled the list of 22 most kickass DisplayPort cables you can currently find on the market.

1. Cable Matters DisplayPort to DVI Cable

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Cable Matters is a pretty well-known manufacturer of computer accessories and their entry does an excellent job showcasing how it earned such a good rep. When it comes to the tech specs, they are pretty solid – the cable is HDCP compatible (you will be able to view protected content) and transfers the video resolution up to 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz.

However, it is a compelling, ergonomic design that helps this cable rise above the competition.

First, we have a nice, non-slip surface that makes connecting that much easier. The molder strain reliefs are spot-on as well. Once you screw them, they keep the cable firmly in place even if continue to move your device.

However, the main star of the show gold-plated connectors that, coupled with bare copper conductors and braid shielding create a very powerful mix that provides superior performance and connectivity.

Also, you get to choose from a number of different lengths ranging from 3 to 35 feet and you’ll get one of the most convenient ways to put your games and movies on the huge screen.

2. Rankie DisplayPort (DP) to HDMI Cable

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One of the main problems with DisplayPort cables is the slow rate in which they are adopted by smaller tech manufacturers. Essentially, their philosophy is “if HDMI ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Because of that, most of the consumers are left with the DisplayPort-compatible devices they can’t plug anywhere.

Rankie DisplayPort to HDMI cable solves this burning issue and allows you to effortlessly connect your PC to any HDMI-capable (read every) TV or monitor.

Besides this novelty, it should be mentioned that the quality of the cable is actually pretty good.

Once again, we have the gold-plated conductors, the inner braided foil shielding which reduces interference and improves the signal quality. It’s worth mentioning that cable comes in three sizes (6, 10 and 15 feet).

As for the transfer quality, it’s really great. We noticed no interference and managed to push the resolution up to 4K. The cable also supports 7.1 setups and transfers audio without any compression which is plain great.

All in all, if your TV does not support DisplayPort cable (which is very likely) this product might just be your personal savior.

3. Cable Matters 2-Pack DisplayPort to DVI Cable

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Cable Matters 2-pack DisplayPort to DVI cable has all the great building blocks of the previous cable coming from this manufacturer we reviewed above. You have the bare copper conductors, excellent wore insulation, foil shielding, braided shielding, adjustable thumb screws and those sweet, sweet gold-plated connectors. The port head may be a bit too big, but that’s no real issue.

As the name suggests, the cable operates on the same logic as the previous problem – it offers the people who don’t have DisplayPort-capable monitors a way of connecting their PCs and mobile devices. This time the output is transferred through DVI connector.

This might just be the cables biggest flaw since DVI is a far inferior way of transferring video than, let’s say HDMI. If you have the option two choose, we highly advise going with the latter.

If you are, on the other hand stuck with the good old DVI, you will be glad to know that the cable can stream the video with the resolution up to 1920×1200 / 1080P (Full HD) and be used in two-screen setups (of course, only if you have a multi-monitor graphic card and use one cable per monitor).

Bottom line, although cable relies on dated tech, it does its job more than well.

4. Moread Gold-Plated DisplayPort Cable

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Moread DisplayPort cable has all the building blocks that make a good streaming tool. For instance, the specs are off the charts. You are able to stream video in a wide variety of different resolutions and frame-rates, with the highest option scoring pretty good 3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz.

Even if you are into the hardcore gaming these numbers won’t disappoint you.

The design and build quality are not bad, either. The cable features high-quality gold-plated connectors, foil and braid shielding and bare copper conductors. All these ingredients combined produce excellent connectivity and reliable performance.

Or at least, they should. Namely, Moread’s transfer cable has one very small, but a potentially crippling design flaw. The whole thing is very slim and looks extremely good, but, when connected to some port, the cable feels very flimsy. One small nod and you will immediately lose the signal.

Still, we have to underscore that this happened only on some ports, usually the ones that already seen a lot of abuse.

5. AmazonBasics DisplayPort to DisplayPort HD Display Cable

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AmazonBasics DisplayPort cable is yet another very strong contender on this list. The product checks all the important requirements and makes very few mistakes along the way.

First, you have the abundance of length options (3 to 25 feet) that make cable suitable not only for gaming and video streaming but also for workstation extension. Also, the cable makes possible connecting a secondary monitor and creating mirrored displays.

The design is excellent, and cable heads feature slight dents that make putting the cable in and pulling it out without too much wiggling a breeze. We would, however, be much happier if we had at least the standard-issue locking pins.

The tech specs are on point as well. The cable supports resolutions up to 4K x 2K and with the refresh rate going up to 144Hz. Be warned though, you might get some compatibility issues and experience occasional flickering if you push the refresh rate above 60Hz (at least on some monitors).

The audio transfer is flawless and supports 7.1 systems.

6. Cable Matters Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable

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Cable Matters truly did its best to corner the DisplayPort cable market offering their customers products for every connection situation possible. This product allows gives you a male Mini DP connector on the one side and the regular male DP connector on the other.

More than a welcome situation for all the Apple users who need to connect their Macs to DP-capable monitors or HDTVs.

The very cable is pretty good and easily lives up to the manufacturer’s reputation. The supported resolutions go up to 4K and the audio transfer supports uncompressed digital 7.1 channels and lower. Gold-plated connectors are quality and can easily resist corrosion as well as enable the undisrupted connection. Braid shielding easily takes care of any possible magnetic interference.

There’s something to be said about the low-profile design as well. It’s slim and doesn’t really interfere with the cables around it. Surprisingly enough, once you put it into the port, the cable stays in place although it lacks locking pins.

Now, a number of users have reported that they received faulty units that didn’t show any sign of life or offered low-quality output. The manufacturer was quick to respond to the complaints and replace the faulty cables, but still, this is something you should be aware of.

7. iVanky DisplayPort Cable 6.6ft DP Cable

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Ivanky DP cable is what we can describe as the classic DP cable (dual male DP connectors) but in setup only. Truly, the manufacturer did its best to find new and interesting ways to make their product stand out from the saturated competition, and for the most part, their efforts have paid off.

For a start, most of the solid parts were pre-molded which is an excellent choice since it prevents unintentional cracking. It should be also that the choice of the materials is truly outstanding – connectors are made out of 24K gold, you get the multiple shielding and all the wiring is pulled off with high-performing 28 AWG tinned copper.

The slim aluminum alloy shell saves a lot of space and allows efficient cable management, and quality braided nylon protects the cables from moisture and provided another layer of resistance.

Speaking in terms of performance, the things are much more in line with other products we’ve seen, meaning you get your 4K @ 60Hz with the option to increase the refresh rate if you lower the resolution.

Still, with such a solid foundation this lack of innovation in the performance department is more than forgivable.

8. Accell DP to DP 1.2 – VESA-Certified DisplayPort 1.2 Cable

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On the paper, Acell DP to DP represents a pretty good standard-issue DisplayPort cable that can easily tackle a whole range of purposes we expect from this small piece of tech. However, the product simply features too many small quirks to be recommended as a worthwhile purchase.

But let us not get ahead of ourselves and speak about the positives first. The cable supports daisy-chaining of multiple monitors, transfers resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 (4K @ 60Hz, 1080p @ 240Hz), allows you to push 3D resolution up to pretty stunning 2560 x 1600 @ 60Hz, and pumps the throughput to 5.4Gbps for a strong total of 21.6Gbps.

The thing is well designed, features, quality materials and packs one incredibly satisfying one-touch latch button that unlocks the connector – an addition that wouldn’t feel out of place on any decent cable.

The main issue here is the way all these good building blocks are put together. Namely, the cables we tried out were extremely prone to damage, and the other users have reported that their units rarely outlived their first year.

The second problem is with compatibility. As long as you use the cable for the desktop mode, the things are fine. However, once you switch to gaming, your signal may go out of range. Be warned.

9. GearIT Gold Plated DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable

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GearIT is yet another strong entry on this list filled with great choices. What do we mean by that? Well, all the ingredients are there, and the performance is reasonably reliable.

The choice of the materials is, once again, great. You get your gold-plated latching connectors that produce some pretty strong connectivity, 28 AWG bare braided copper conductors that transfer the signal without any loses, and reliable foil shielding that allows interrupted performance. Also, you get the always good to see latch button to easily your connector.

As you would expect, the transfer ratio scores 4K resolutions (3840×2160) and uncompressed audio channels at 7.1, 5.1, and 2-channel audio formats.

So, these things are all ok, are there any noticeable problems? Well, yes and no. As long as you stay above 10 feet, the performance you’ll get will be pretty awesome. However, if you use some of the longer cables, you may experience huge compatibility issues with higher resolutions and 60hz monitors.

Too bad, because the product does have tremendous potential. If you don’t need that much extension, you may find a lot of value here, though.

10. DisplayPort Cable

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Although the variety amongst the DP cables is not all that great it’s interesting to see the product that shares so many pros and cons as the unit we just reviewed.

The building blocks are virtually the same – the DP cable supports high resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz and 1080p @ 120Hz, features beautiful quality contacts (though this time they are not gold-plated), uses 28AWG OFC copper for transmission, and its thick enough to transfer the signal without any loses (at least in some cases). Oh yeah, there is also a pleasant, ergonomic release button to make the list of the similarities complete.

Unfortunately, some of the problems of GearIT’s product are present here as well. Namely, we are talking about longer cables. If you go anywhere beyond 16 feet, you won’t be able to use resolutions higher than 1080p @ 60Hz. Lower lengths are not devoid of problems, so you might experience flickering on some monitors.

Also, as good as the connector looks and feels, it’s simply too bulky. If you are trying to cramp a lot of cables into a smaller space, this bad boy may cause you some real estate problems.

11. CableCreation 16.5 Feet DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable

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This cable may look a bit rough around the edges, but don’t let the look deceive you, CableCreation DP to DP cable hides a lot of value behind its unsuspicious design.

Let’s start the review with the fact that the cable is very well built. The materials are strong and robust, and the fact that most of the parts are pre-molded only improves already a good impression. If you look inside the cable (hypothetically speaking), you will see that the connectors are pure gold, conductors are made of high-quality copper, and you also get your braid shielding for reliable and uninterrupted performance.

The things became a bit controversial from this point on, though. Although it is nowhere clearly pointed out, this cable is based on the older DP 1.1 technology. That means you are not going to be able to stream video signal at refresh rates that exceed 100Hz.

However, you will be able to do a seamless extension because, although 16 feet long, the cable does what it does with grace. If you are willing to accept this one tradeoff and buy dated tech, you might be pleasantly surprised.

12. DisplayPort Cable, Capshi 4K DP Cable Nylon Braided

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Wow, talk about style and substance. Seriously, this cable has all.

But, let’s start with the design if nothing but for the fact it’s so compelling. So, you get the standard 24K gold-plated connectors and 28 AWG tinned copper. They are, however, wrapped up in a beautiful package dark gray pre-molded package featuring multiple shielding layers. If you like your tech looking mean and streamlined this is the cable for you.

However, all these things are pretty superfluous. What about the actual performance? Well, the tech specks check all the important requirements – the cable supports resolutions up to 4K x 2K, 3D @ 60Hz, as well as uncompressed audio channels at 7.1, 5.1, and, of course, 2.1 audio formats. There is another novelty brought to you by this technology.

The cable can either mirror the image from the computer or turn your TV into a separate display. What’s most important, all of these modes and regimes work flawlessly.

If we’d had to look for some complaints we would say that the length options you get on the disposal are not that great – you get to choose between 6 and 10 feet. But, if you are not in need of an extreme extension, this cable is one of the best offers on the market.

13. KabelDirekt – 8K DisplayPort (DP to DP) Cable

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To put it quite simply KabelDirekt 8K DP cable is a powerhouse product with the specs that can be hardly matched.

The foundations to this excellence are laid with the high-quality materials that are used to build and the excellent craftsmanship on behalf of the people from KabelDirekt. As you would expect, the cable features 24K gold-plated connectors and high-quality copper conductors. These elements are securely packed into the full metal housing and aluminum/mylar foil that both improve the cable’s durability and reliable, interference-free transfer.

Also, the connectors feature a very nice and unobtrusive locking mechanism that makes sure you won’t lose the signal due to cable wiggling, which is not the case with some of the products we reviewed above.

However, the main star of the show here are the killer specs. The cable is capable of transferring video with the resolution going all the way up to 8K. If you lower the res to 4K, you will still be able to get the refresh rate of excellent 120Hz. A true blast if there ever was one.

14. Club3D CAC-2068 DisplayPort to DisplayPort 1.4

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Speaking in terms of specs, Club3D is very similar to the product coming from the KabelDirekt we just reviewed above. Both of them offer unprecedented performance suitable even for the most demanding gamers out there.

What does that mean in numbers? Well, Club 3D can transfer video resolutions up to 8K @ 60Hz and all conceivable audio channels. If you scale down the resolution to 5K (5120×2880) you will still manage to squeeze the refresh rate of 60Hz, while the lower 4K UHD (3840×2160) will run smoothly at sweet, sweet 144Hz. Of course, the cable is backward compatible, so you don’t need to worry if you own older ports.

The area where this product is lagging behind KabelDirekt DP cable is the design. Don’t get us wrong, out of all the features you may want to see in your cable, the design probably comes at the last place. Still, it’s hard to deny the fact that Club3D looks very dated and rough-around-the-edges.

Fortunately, the strong build quality more than compensates for this slight flaw.

15. Infinnet DisplayPort 1.4 Cable 8K 60Hz

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Infinnet DP 1.4 is the third product in the row that raises the game and pumps up the video resolution you are able to transfer to gorgeous 8K, so some comparison with the previous two mentions will be inevitable.

For all of you that have just tuned in, the mark 8K stands for the resolution of amazing 7680×4320. This cable puts them on your screen with much grace at more than satisfying 60Hz (at this resolution it’s actually a small feat of wonder). Going down the resolution ladder will allow you to increase the fresh rate and potentially solve some compatibility issues.

That’s positions Infinnnet DP 1.4 cable as the perfect purchase for the demanding gamers or business people that need to project their videos on overly large screens.

It is also good to know that the choice of the materials used for the build is pretty good. The connectors are plated with gold, the conductors are high-quality copper and all that is neatly packed into a durable package that easily takes care of the outside electromagnetic interference.

The design could be a more inspired, though, and we wouldn’t complain if we’d got an additional layer of shielding.

16. Rankie DisplayPort (DP) to DVI Cable

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Much like Cable Matters which tried to offer any conceivable connector combination that features DP in any capacity, Rankie tried to get a piece of this lucrative cake as well. After all, not every screen features a DisplayPort capability, and the needs of customers are what keeps the business world going round.

This time we have the cable that transfers the signal from a male DP connector to good old DVI. That means the most of the DP capabilities will be lost since you are only going to stream video signal with the resolution going up to 1920×1200.

But, if this is your only option you will be glad to know that cable does a surprisingly good job retaining the quality of the stream, even if you use the length of 15 feet. This comes off as a result of the top-notch materials that were used for production. All the bells and whistles are here, including the gold-plated connector.

The fact that DVI features two reliable screws that keep the connector firmly in place doesn’t make the situation more difficult either.

17. Cablor Upgraded DisplayPort (DP) to HDMI Cable

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As we already mentioned when we covered some of the previous products, the adoption rate of DisplayPort technology is still pretty slow. That is why, even though your screen of choice might be DP capable, having one of the DP to HDMI cables in your pocket for the occasion when you need to take your device out of the home makes horribly lot sense.

If you want to go this route, Cablor Upgraded DP to HDMI cable should be at the top of your priorities. The unit is simply well-put together and does its job without any major performance issues.

The choice of the components is great (gold-plated connectors, pure copper core, and double shielding always put on a great performance), the supported resolution goes up to 1920×1200 which is pretty solid, and you also get nearly flawless audio pass-through.

Why nearly flawless? Well, if you using the older screen to display the video you may experience occasional audio drops. Of course, this flaw can be mostly contributed to the receiving device, but these compatibility issues could have been ironed during the production of the cable as well.

18. DP to HDMI Cable 6FT (2 Pack), Fosmon Gold Plated DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

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This neat package might be trying to solve the same issue as the previous we reviewed but it relies on a completely different philosophy. Whilst Cablor tried to win over the audience with sophistication and high quality, Fosmon opted to aim for your wallet.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the two cables you can find in this package are bad. They simply lack any interesting specs that will help them rise above average. But, on the other hand, you do get two DP to HDMI cables coming at a very lucrative price which makes one incredibly appealing value proposition.

As for the very cables, they are six feet long each, support PC resolutions up to 1900 x 1200, HDTV resolutions up to 1080p, and up to eight audio channels.

The connectors feature very nice gold plating which is a welcome surprise in this price range, but that’s it when it comes to advanced features.

For who is this package made for then? Well, predominantly for the people who spend a lot of time of the road, needs spare cables and don’t put too much focus on the quality of the video (e.g. doing presentations). A very novel market if think about it for a bit.

19. DP to DVI, CableCreation 6 Feet Gold Plated DisplayPort to DVI Cable

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Here, we have yet another cable trying to make the transition from DP to DVI as seamless as possible. As far as we are concerned, CableCreation’s product may be doing this admittedly demanding task most gracefully.

For a start, everything looks so well put together. Both DP and DVI connectors feature a gold plating, once they are put to their dedicated ports they stay in place without any wiggling and they can sustain a great deal of flexing without getting damaged.

Unfortunately, the resolution you will be able to successfully transfer is still locked to 1080p, but those are simply the limitations we have to live with in this kind of setup. You do however get the opportunity to choose between extended desktop or mirrored displays which is, by all means, a cool option.

So, what we are left at the end with is the excellent product that really does nothing wrong but is somewhat brought down by the dated technology it relies on. Still, judging the product on these merits would be horribly unfair so we can’t do anything but give it two thumbs up.

20. Accell mDP to DP 1.2 – VESA-Certified Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 1.2 Cable

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We have already seen one attempt by Accell to make a lasting legacy on this list in the form of one very promising mDP to DP cable. Unfortunately, the final product was ultimately betrayed by the poor craftsmanship and some minor compatibility issues. Let’s see have the people from Accell learned something from their mistakes.

The short answer is no. Great building blocks are once again in set in place. But, even in this department, some important components are lacking. This time, you don’t even get your traditional gold-plated monitors. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem since gold is not necessary for a seamless transfer. Still, this omission showcases a certain lack of effort put into product.

Theoretically, the cable is capable of transferring the 4K resolution at 60Hz and 1080p at incredibly high 240Hz. In reality, though, on most of the screens you’ll be firmly locked at 60 no matter which resolution you end up using.

Also, the build quality hasn’t got any better, either. Too bad, both these products had great potential.

21. UGREEN 6FT DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable

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And now, something completely different. Seriously, no matter whether you like its look or not, this cable will draw your attention as soon as you lay your eyes upon it which is not a small feat in the world of generic looking DP cables.

However, the interesting design Ugreen put on the market is not only the product of the manufacturer’s conscious effort to stand out as much as possible. The cable shell is made out of durable and nice-looking zinc, while the nylon braiding isolates the copper conductors.

This combination produces some incredibly reliable performance and pretty strong electromagnetic isolation. Gold-plated connectors and handy release button are there to make the whole thing even smoother.

What you get at the end is a cable that allows you to transfer 4K videos at 60Hz, 1080p at pretty solid 144Hz (not the best on the market, but performance is reasonably reliable) and use the all standard audio channel.

The main issue here is that the cable is somewhat stiff which makes setting up unnecessarily tedious.

22. UGREEN 4K UHD DP to HDMI Cable Male to Male Displayport to HDMI Video Cable

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Finally, we have Ugreen’s second contender on this list. This time, the up and coming manufacturer makes an attempt to successfully bring the worlds of DP and HDMI together.

Let’s start with the design since this feature was the previous product’s most appealing feature.

If you didn’t know the cables came from the same manufacturer, you wouldn’t be able to make a guess since they look drastically different. That doesn’t mean DP to HDMI features a bad design – it’s just a bit bland.

There is one drawback that is a direct result of this visual overhaul. The connector boxes are simply too big. If your port docks are busy, good luck finding a place for this purchase.

When it comes to the actual performance, the cable holds much better. The unit is made out of carefully selected materials (gold, copper, foil, and TPE once again make a killer performance combo), and produces a solid transfer rate that supports resolutions up to 4K x 2K at serviceable 30Hz refresh rate.

Keeping in mind the resolutions produced by the direct competitors this low refresh rate is something we can more than run with.

Bottom line, although the cable is probably not the best option for ultra-hi-res gaming, you will be able to squeeze some pretty excellent movie watching nights out of it.

Which One Is The Best DisplayPort Cable?

And now let’s try to sort the 22 cables we reviewed above and try to find the best Displaport cable out of the bunch.

This task is surprisingly hard for a couple of reasons. First, we saw a number of strong contenders here. Second, comparing DP to DP cables with DP to HDMI, or even DP to DVI cables is a pretty moot point. That is why we are going to select one winner from each of these three categories and round them up below.

Unfortunately, mDP to DP be cables will be omitted from this selection, but we won’t rob you of results – Cable Matters Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable is a clear winner here.

And now, it’s time for our top three picks:

Top DP to DP pick: KabelDirekt – 8K DisplayPort (DP to DP) Cable

This cable is awesome, period. Beauty and the beast combined into a singular package, KableDirekt’s product raises the DP to DP game to 8K level without ever dropping the ball. Strong build, great design, high specs, and what’s most important reliable performance make this cable a clear winner of this roundup.

Top DP to HDMI pick (Runner-Up): UGREEN 4K UHD DP to HDMI Cable Male to Male Displayport to HDMI Video Cable

Coming at the last place of this round-up, Ugreen 4K UHD DP to HDMI cable is far from the worst offering in the world of DP to HDMI cables. As a matter of fact, we found the final impression the most pleasing. The resolutions the cable is running on are very high, refresh rates serviceable and overall performance rock solid. If your favorite screen doesn’t feature a DP port, this is the choice for you.

Top DP to DVI pick (The Best Alternative): Cable Matters DisplayPort to DVI Cable

Although putting out quality DP to DVI cables is not a particularly rewarding task due to various technical limitations, Cable Matters carried out this duty with a lot of grace. To put it simply, the unit works nearly flawlessly and is bogged down only by the relatively low resolution it produces on the output. A true champ in this niche market.

What do you think? Do you agree with our choice of DP cables or you think we overlooked some worthy entry? Tell us what you think and share the article with your friends.

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