The Best Insoles For Work Boots In 2023

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Top 3 best insoles for work boots in 2023:

Are you ready to find the best insoles for work boots on our market? We are more than prepared to help you make the right decision!

Work boots are, by definition, heavy and rugged, which makes them uncomfortable to wear. Unfortunately, there is no escaping them as they are an essential part of your working equipment.

So, what can you do?

It would be best if you used specifically designed insoles that will support your feet better and make your work boots more comfortable. There is an array of such insoles available for every type of work you can think of, so, all you need to do is find the pair that fits your needs best. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

If you follow our tips and read our guide, finding the best insoles for your work boots will truly be a breeze.

The perfect insoles for your work boots will help you relieve the pain and stress you are already experiencing but also prevent further issues, so don’t wait – find the ideal pair today!

The Things To Consider Before Buying Insoles For Your Work Boots

If you skip this section, you could end up choosing completely wrong insoles for your work boots and miss out on all the benefits they would otherwise provide you with. Therefore, make sure that you get well acquainted with all the factors worth considering before you do decide which ones to buy.

We have made the job easy – simply read our list of all the things that you need to check before you make your final decision.

1. Material

The material the insoles are made of is the most crucial factor you need to consider as it has the highest impact on how comfortable and supportive the insoles will be. Most often, the most comfortable insoles are made from EVA or memory foam, or at least a similar material. Why is that so? This type of material takes the shape of your foot and adapts to it, making it ideal for all kinds of users.

2. Arch Support

The correct arch position is crucial if you want your feet to be pain-free. Unfortunately, most of us have quite a low arch or flat feet, and if your job requires much standing or walking, you are sure to feel discomfort rather quickly.

If the insoles you choose to buy for your work boots have the proper arch support, they will be able to help stop or prevent pain by supporting your arch and keeping it in the correct position. In time, such insoles can even permanently restore the correct arch position, especially if you wear them regularly.

3. Shock Absorbing Features

If you wear your comfortable work boots every single day soon enough, you will begin to feel debilitating discomfort and pain that will make your job much harder. Even when you return home, and take your boots off, you will have a hard time walking and enjoying your free time you had been waiting for so eagerly.

The reason for all this might be in the number of shocks your feet have to endure during your workday. How can you prevent this horrid scenario?

Buy shock absorbing insoles that will significantly reduce the stress your feet have to endure while you are working and not only prevent pain but also save your feet for your free time so that you can enjoy more when off work and not only go straight to your bed to lift your tired feet and rest.

4. Breathability

You do not want to get into trouble with nasty bacteria or mold, don’t you? Of course not. It is therefore essential to choose the insoles that will allow your feet to “breathe” as that will keep them dry and healthy.

How To Install The Insoles Into Your Work Boots?

If your work boots have removable insoles or none at all, the job will take a couple of seconds. Simply go out with the old insoles and in with the new ones. You might want to apply a bit of glue at the back of your new insoles so that you are sure that they will stay put.

What If Your Work Boots Already Have Non-Removable Insoles?

Don’t feel despondent; removing the non-removable insole from a work boot is quite an easy task regardless of its name that suggests otherwise. You have a couple of options, but we have found that using the hairdryer is the most expedient method.

Use a hairdryer to blow the hot air onto the insole until the glue that holds it melts and you can remove it from the boot. It might take a bit of patience, but you will get the job done for sure.

How Often Should You Change the Insoles in Your Work Boots?

If you wear your work boots on a daily basis, you will have to change the insoles every three to six months depending on their quality of making and durability.

Why should you do this? Well, after some time, the insoles will change and lose their efficiency, making them more or less useless to wear. They might even develop bad odor or tear, but that will happen only if you have waited for too long. If you proceed to wear such insoles, you risk making the pain and discomfort even worse or even developing some severe conditions.

How To Maintain Insoles For Work Boots?

Wash them when they look or smell like they are dirty – it is as simple as that! Take them out and soak them in warm soapy water for about five minutes or so. Next, brush them gently and rinse them with clean water. Let them dry and then place them back into your work boots.

10 Best Insoles For Work Boots In 2023: Detailed Reviews

We have covered some of the basics, so let’s see what the best insoles for work boots you can currently find on our market are.

 1. Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insoles

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Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insoles will not only feel comfortable but also support your feet properly throughout your working day. It is especially important to have such support if you already suffer from some condition related to the muscles or ligaments located in your feet. Even if you don’t, it is good to act preventively and avoid such issues in the first place.

All these benefits come from the patented Anti-Fatigue Technology that Timberland has created. The secret lies in the flexible synthetic material and supportive cones that compress and rebound with each step you take.

In this way, the energy from the impact is diffused throughout your feet, and all the shocks are absorbed, leaving your feet pain-free and able to withstand all the hardship thrown at them. As a result, you can be active and on your feet for longer and thus more productive as well.

The OrthoLite layer that covers these insoles guarantees that they will automatically adapt to your feet and cradle them in all the right places for utmost comfort. It is also designed to relieve pressure in all the key points and provide dynamic arch support.

The mesh material makes sure your feet stay cool and dry at all times, keeping them free from harmful microbes and unpleasant odors. They are thick and somewhat spongy, but they do not feel heavy at all.

2. Superfeet Orange Premium Insoles for Work Boots

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Superfeet Orange Premium Insoles are designed with Aerospring dual comfort foam and thus provide your feet with a superb level of support. The foam has different density depending on the area of the foot it is supposed to cradle and that guarantees excellent comfort throughout their entire length.

Who should buy these insoles? These insoles are the best choice for all of you suffering from plantar fasciitis or experiencing regular tension or pain from pressure induced by your work boots.

Besides the high-arched design, Superfeet Orange Premium insoles also feature a rather thick and deep heel cup designed to both absorb the pressure your feet need to endure and keep them in the proper position during all your daily activities.

The thick heel also enables you to maintain a proper posture and spinal alignment, which is also highly important for good work performance. The biomechanical design makes sure that all the shocks are absorbed in a timely manner and that you feel stable at all times.

These insoles feature both high volume and high profile, and that means that you need to be prepared to take some time to get used to wearing them as they will take up a significant amount of space in your work boots.

The top fabric is all natural and organic, and as a result, your feet are safe from odor-causing bacteria.

3. Footminders COMFORT Orthotic Insoles for Work Boots

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Footminders Comfort Orthotic insoles have been designed by podiatrists to help combat various foot conditions including the widely present Plantar Fasciitis. Indeed the support they provide is rarely found on the market.

Starting from the firm and sturdy black material they are made of to the high heel which makes sure your feet get extra support and shock absorbency- these insoles are made to relieve most common issues that can cause trouble at your work site.

High arched design provides adequate arch support at all times as well as adds to the overall stability. These insoles possess exquisite orthotic-quality too and can thus help align the feet or even fix pronation issues.

Do not worry! Although these insoles are undoubtedly rather firm and highly supportive, that does not mean that they are uncomfortable. In fact, it is quite the opposite!

Thanks to the soft gel incorporated into the heels and the balls of the feet area and generous cushioning all around you are sure to experience all-day comfort too. Therefore, we recommend these insoles to people who work outdoors and need to be in constant motion.

We also need to mention that the profile on these insoles is medium, which makes them suitable for the majority of users with both low and high arches.

Finally, the microfiber material that covers these insoles is easy to maintain and will not make your feet sweat excessively, thus preventing unpleasant odors and infections as well.

4. Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles

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Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles are one of the most popular insoles made by this renowned company, and that is for all the right reasons and well deserved. First of all, these insoles provide excellent arch support due to their semi-rigid structure that allows for both firmness and flexibility.

They are ideal for flat feet as well as plantar fasciitis – an issue that troubles many of us these days. People who suffer from mild to moderate pronation or metatarsal pain can expect improvements in their condition as well.

The Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles have exquisite cushioning as well, and that is provided by the help of EVA foam base and plush top layer. The original Variable Cushioning Technology is a cherry on the cake when it comes to the utmost comfort.

It, therefore, needs not to surprise us that these insoles are podiatrist-recommended too!

There is more – the comfort foam is coated with unique anti-microbial fabric that keeps your feet safe from bacteria and fungus. As a result, your feet will always look and smell good. No need for your colleagues to spawn you!

This anti-microbial fabric reduces friction, heat, and is easy to maintain too. The insoles can be wiped clean trouble free and back in your work boots in no time at all.

It is also great to know that you can buy these insoles regardless of the type of arch you have – low, neutral, or high. They are versatile and support all arch types as well as a variety of shoe types, including your work boots.

5. CarharttInsite Technology Footbed CMI9000 Insoles

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The CarharttInsite Technology Footbed CMI9000 insoles are produced by the same company that stands behind the good name of the famous Carhartt work boots. If you ever owned a pair of those, you already know the high level of quality they maintain, and there is no need for us to assure you of anything.

We will still do it anyway.

Joking aside, this company has been on the market of tough work attire for decades, and they still invest serious money into their research. In fact, their CarharttInsite Technology Footbed was designed only after they have analyzed about 100,000 3D foot scans – that is how serious they are when it comes to their products.

As a result, we have yet another great product – CMI9000 insoles that are utterly comfortable but also durable. They might not be the best at support, though, but it is all compensated when you start working.

Namely, these insoles excel in grip and impact protection, making you feel safe and protected at all times. Special Ax Suede material they are made of increases grip by 30% so there is no chance your foot will slip and get injured.

There are two layers of foam that not only provide comfort but also reinforce the base of your feet and absorb the shock. An additional third heavy-duty Tetrapod layer is also there to disperse compression when you do the heavy lifting or other tough jobs.  However, it does not limit your moves, and your feet can be as agile as ever, if not better!

Be prepared to feel a bit uncomfortable at the beginning as these insoles take quite a bit of room in your boots and require some time to get used to.

6. Superfeet Green Shoe Insoles for Work Boots

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While we are already talking about the most popular products, we cannot but mention the Superfeet Green Shoe Insoles which are, without any doubt, the undisputed champion of this company.

They are most appreciated for their legendary heavy-duty shock absorption and exceptional support they provide. This is how they continue to exist (with a very few small changes) ever since 1977.

Why people still buy them? The answer is simple – they are affordable, and they work.

Besides, Superfeet Green insoles offer professional-grade orthotic support that can only enhance your performance at work. Their high volume allows you to use them in both tight and loose fitting footwear.

The comfort is guaranteed by the full-length foam that not only protects the entire foot, including the heel cap but also helps in keeping it stable in your work boot. The strategically placed cut-outs provided added natural shock absorption.

The best news – they last for ages or 12 months or 500 miles, to be precise.

Who are they for?

If you have issues such as pronation or feel the tension in your knees, ankles or hips – they might be for you! Their primary role is to keep your heels in place and provide constant arch sustenance.

The odor-fighting coating is there to take care of your good reputation among co-workers too! Don’t expect them to fit into narrow shoes though – there is no chance!

7. Spenco Total Support Original Shoe Insoles

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Spenco Total Support Insoles are designed for all the workers that have to endure extended stress on their feet throughout their working hours. They offer various forms of support, including the patented 3-POD Modulation System.

The 3-POD Modulation System is, in plain English, a system that consists of pods that are of different levels of hardness and are strategically positioned underneath your feet.

Their role is to absorb and alter the ground forces reaching your feet while you work you to perform better at what you do. It also battles over-pronation and the pain it causes. As this feature is paired with the anti-friction top coating, you will be able to work long hours on your feet no trouble at all!

The forefoot crash pad is also there to provide more cushioning underneath the ball of your foot and relieve any pain you might be feeling in this area.

Thanks to the EVA foam layer, these insoles will fit and conform to almost any feet, but you might experience a problem if your feet are unusually wide as they are a bit narrow.

On the bright side, for your utmost convenience, these insoles bring about the technology that prevents not only unpleasant odors but painful blisters as well. You can easily wash them by hand, and air dry them in no time at all!

8. Samurai Instant-Relief Shoe Insoles

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Samurai Instant-Relief insoles are designed with people who have flat feet and fallen arches on the mind. Therefore, if you have these issues and you don’t want to spend a fortune on big-ticket custom-made orthotics, but you still have to work on your feet on the daily basis, these insoles can help you stand all day and not feel any pain or discomfort.

In time they can help gently correct the overpronation too. There is an array of sizes to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect match. Moreover, these insoles are rather thin and can thus fit into almost any work boot or shoe.

If you are worried that they will quickly lose their shape, don’t be; there are plastic plates in the bottom that prevent such a scenario. Besides, although they are thin, the foam they are made of is quite dense and is sure to keep its form long as well as provide excellent cushioning for your tired feet.

You will not even need to get used to wearing them as they are low profile and will not feel bulky or heavy on your feet.

Remember though; these Samurai insoles are appropriate only for those of you who have low or fallen arches if you have high arch look for another option on our list.

9. Sof Sole Men’s Air Orthotic Insoles

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The Sof Sole Air Orthotic insoles feature a neutral arch contoured design and can thus be used by most people who wish to enhance the performance of their work boots and feel more comfortable at work.

If you work on concrete, you will be pleased to know that there are gel drops in the heel and forefoot that will make your steps feel soft.

These orthotic insoles feature a reinforced nylon arch support plate that improves your motion control as well as promotes alignment. The Skydex air bubbles located in the heel area absorb the shock during your heavy-duty activities, leaving your feet stress and tension free.

How comfortable are they?

We say-very much! Not only will you feel like walking on the clouds, but your feet will stay cool and dry at the same time. That is all thanks to the Coolmax fabric top cover and the Hydrologic moisture management treatment which is meant to hinder bacteria and fungus growth and prevent unpleasant odors.

Are they perfect?

Of course not. They are rather thick, require some breaking in, and cannot fit into many other types of shoes. If you plan to use them only for work boots, you are good to go. These insoles are also inappropriate for those of you with overpronation issues.

10. Happy Step Shoe Orthotic Insoles

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Happy Step Shoe Orthotic insoles are a budget-friendly option for all of you who are searching for support and cushioning but have a rather thin wallet. Do not despair, though, as they are not a compromise by any means!

In fact, these insoles offer numerous features their far more expensive counterparts do. First of all, there is a full arch shell that promotes motion control and secures side-to-side stability

The memory foam these insoles are made of is soft enough to provide comfort but at the same time dense enough to support your feet and cushion them.  This foam seems to be of good quality and durable too.

The materials are lightweight and breathable so that you never feel like your feet are becoming stuffy or smelly. As a bonus (especially considering the price) there are active carbon fibers that eliminate odors as well.

Being low-profile insoles, you can fit the Happy Step insoles in most shoes, but do not expect them to slip into your dancing shoes- it ain’t gonna happen!

Are there any downfalls?

Honestly, at their price and maximum level of comfort and support they provide, who cares about the downfalls?

Final Thoughts – Top 3 Insoles For Work Boots You Can Currently Buy

Are you ready now? Close your eyes. Clap your heels together three times, and your work boots will take you back home – pain-free! All thanks to the best insoles for work boots.

Which pair won? Passing the judgment was quite a task, but we had to do it so here we go:

Best overall value: Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insoles

They were the first we tried and reviewed, but the good impressions still lingered in our minds nine great products later… need we say more?

Best budget option: Happy Step Shoe Orthotic Insoles

The Happy Step insoles are ridiculously affordable, and yet they do not feel like a compromise at all. We enjoyed the exquisite comfort and support throughout our working day and had money to go for after-work drinks. Quite a deal, don’t you agree?

Premium pick: Superfeet Green Shoe Insoles for Work Boots

Superfeet Green Shoe insoles are not the best-selling product of this renowned company for no reason! The might be a bit expensive in comparison to out two previous picks, but you sure get what you have paid for – both quality and durability!

There is no place like home; we agree with Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. However, there is no use coming home staggering and going straight to your bed to rest your painful feet. Avoid that – buy the best insoles for your work boots and enjoy throughout your day (and night)!

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