The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets In 2023

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Top 3 best egyptian cotton sheets in 2023:

We are all aware of just how awesome cotton sheets can be – especially during the hot summer months. Seriously, who doesn’t like a strong and durable piece of sheet that can easily stretch, take a lot of abuse and miraculously remain cool even when the temperatures are wreaking havoc.

But, what would you say if we told you can get all the things we mentioned, but even better?

If you feel intrigued welcome to the world of Egyptian cotton, a unique plant variety which, due to its favorable geographic origin and the way it is picked, produces finer yarns, and, in turn, stronger, more delicate and more flexible fabric.

Still, even though Egyptian cotton makes one excellent base material, not every cotton sheet features the same quality.

If you wanted to buy one of these bad boys and make your summer that more pleasant, we’ll round you up top ten most popular picks and see which one of them is the best Egyptian cotton sheet.

The Things You Should Know Before Buying An Egyptian Cotton Sheet

So, we already mentioned that not every bed sheet features the same quality. Keeping in mind the quality of Egyptian cotton as a material these differences may seem menial – but only at first glance.

Remember – an average person spends a third of her or his life sleeping, and you are no different. Bottom line, if you want to feel rejuvenated after these long night hours and spend your sleeping time smart, it is in your best interest to check as much of the marks we will count down below.

1. The Place Of Origin

One would assume that the sheet that carries the phrase “Egyptian cotton” in its name would feature the cotton hat is actually produced and handpicked in Egypt, but, unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

As a matter of fact, far too many vendors put these popular buzzwords on their products under the pretense that their sheets were produced in the Egyptian tradition or some other poor excuse.

If you want to know you’ve got the right stuff, you should first look at the price. Egyptian cotton sheets are traditionally a bit more expensive than other varieties.

Second, authentic Egyptian cotton sheets feature the “100% Egyptian Cotton” certification issued by the Cotton Egypt Association.

2. Thread Count

Thread count is one of the most important properties of a good sheet. The more threads you get, the firmer and more durable your sheet will end up. Now, one of the main advantages of Egyptian cotton is that it allows the production of finer threads.

As a result, the sheet manufacturers are able to produce fabrics with more threads per square inch, and as a result, stronger integrity that doesn’t come at the cost of softness or the ability to allow the seamless flow of air.

Still, even when taking into account the nature of Egyptian cotton threads, you should not expect more than 700 per inch. Anything beyond 800 is almost certainly an artificially inflated number that needs to be thoroughly examined.

On the other hand, going below 400 will still provide a solid performance, but you will lose some of the inherent benefits of the materials. Take the number of 400-700 threads per inch as your sweet spot.

3. The Way The Sheet Is Woven

Although we can spend weeks talking about the sheet weaves we will try to simplify things as much as possible. Essentially, the cotton weaves can be divided into two distinct groups – crisp and soft, with percale and sateen being the two most important representatives of each group.

Let’s take a quick look at them:

  • Percale – Percale sheets feature the same number of warp and weft threads. The cotton is combed and woven very tightly which lends the sheets durable build and that pleasant crispy surface so many people like.

In this case, the preferable number of threads should be between 200 and 400 (go up to 600 only if you prefer heavy fabrics).

  • Sateen – Sateen (not to be confused with satin, which is a type of the material and weave) sheets are far silkier and smoother than their percale cousin. They are also lighter and easier to tear, so you should probably skim them if durability is your top priority.

If you want a reasonably strong fabric that will still preserve its softness, you should choose the thread count that ranges between 300 and 600.

If we encounter some other important mentions like, for instance twill, we will quickly cover them on-the-go.

4. Color

When it comes to the choice of colors, we have to admit that Egyptian cotton is definitely not amongst the most versatile materials out there.

As a matter of fact, most of the major manufacturers sell their sheets in neutral whites and grays while very few of them offer any kind of pattern.

Still, since quality Egyptian sheets are capable of outliving most of the furnishings, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to match your pieces with your sheets instead of vice versa.

If you, on the other hand, need to match your pieces with existing pieces, mercerized cotton which holds dyes much better and features deep, rich colors might prove to be a much better alternative.

5. Organic Origin

Egyptian cotton can be produced in a wide variety of ways. In some cases, local farmers tend to use GMO seeds and synthetic pesticides, which could potentially raise some concerns, especially if you consider yourself an environmentally conscious person.

You need to be aware, though, that Egyptian cotton sheets are already costly, so the organic origin may additionally inflate the price.

10 Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets In 2023: Detailed Reviews

And know that we know the most important things that make a good cotton sheet, let’s take a look at some of the most popular models currently floating the market and see how they compare to the high standards we’ve set.

1. Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Queen Set

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With its headquarters in the USA and bases located in Egypt and India, it seems Mayfair has everything in store to position itself as the heavyweight champion in the Egyptian cotton market.

And truly, their line-up of chic and quality cotton sheets has gone out of the way to make Mayfair a household name.

We are happy to report that their latest iteration in the queen size cotton series stays true to this illustrious lineage and raises the game on the new level.

Before we proceed to other considerations, let us first point out that we are talking about genuine 100% Egyptian-produced cotton that was hand-picked and individually tailored. The thread count amounts to incredible 800 threads per inch which grants a very strong structure and years of pleasant use.

Of course, even though the thread-count is very dense you still get the smooth fabric surface and excellent heat management that is the inherent benefit of Egyptian cotton.

Speaking in terms of this package, you get your 90 x 102 inch flat sheet, 60 x 80 x 15 inch fitted sheet and two neat 20 x 30 pillowcases. The material features a decent level of elasticity, so you shouldn’t have any problem fitting a variety of accessories in them.

It is also good to know that sheets come in 17 different colors that perform surprisingly well over extended periods of time, so whatever your furniture options might be, you ought to find a fit for your bedroom.

Overall, an excellent product we can’t do anything but praise.

2. eLuxury 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set, Full Size

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E-Luxury is yet another manufacturer that doesn’t require too much introduction. Their sheets are usually top-tier and bring on the table strong build and pleasant performance.

What this full-size set does to stand out from the competition, even amongst its own ranks, is to raise the number of threads per inch to whole 1000. What makes this number even more impressive is that it’s truly genuine and not achieved through cheap tactics like multithreading.

Such a high thread count produces the fabric that may prove to be too heavy for some users, but, at the same time offers unprecedented durability. Once again, the cotton is certified to be 100% Egyptian so we have no doubts about the overall quality.

The thing where this, otherwise excellent product somewhat falls short is the fact that the fabric picks up dirt and stains fairly easy. Fortunately, all of the included pieces are washing machine compatible, so this problem can be easily mitigated.

Still, we’d like if we didn’t have to wash our set that often.

As for the very pieces, we can find in the package they cover the usual flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. This time, the number of colors you got to choose from is cut to 10, but that still grants more than enough variety.

Bottom line, we are talking about an excellent and very durable product with very few divisive points. If you don’t mind a heavier sheet and a couple of additional rounds in the washing machine, this might just be the package for you.

3. URBANHUT Egyptian Cotton 4-Piece Sheets Set

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Egyptian cotton market is very competitive. The very nature of the material grants at least some degree of quality. That is why even though we go down the list of the product, their quality remains top-notch, and Urbanhut’s four-piece king size set has no problem staking the claim of the best product on the list.

Once again, we have a very dense thread count of as much as 1000 threads per inch, and once again, the manufacturer isn’t making any false pretenses about this number – what you read is what you get.

So, we are talking about a very durable and heavy piece of fabric – some people may like this fact, some people won’t. The manufacturer made the smart decision to counterbalance this supposed sturdiness with sateen waving that gives the material incredibly pleasant and silky surface.

A killer combination if there ever was one.

Another thing we liked a lot is the fact that, although the pieces are produced to fit a king size bed, you are left with enough spare material to put this thing even on thick 15-inch mattresses and puffy pillows.

Throw into the equation a nice set of 11 different dyes and elastic hems that keep the sheets firmly in place and you’ll get one excellent package with very few compromises made along the way.

The only thing we found underwhelming were wrinkles you will find even after the most casual power naps. But, that’s what you get with sateen weaving, so we don’t have too many reasons to complain.

All in all, an excellent purchase.

4. Precious Star Linen Luxury Hotel-Bedding 100% Egyptian Cotton

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Once again, we have a beautiful king size set that raises the thread game to 1000 threads per inch trying to win over the audience with impressive numbers and catchy taglines. The good news is that the TC is genuine – you do get your 1000 threads interwoven into this heavy and pleasant fabric.

The bad news, at least looking at the things from the market perspective, is the lack of any other interesting feature that could be properly marketed. So, we have a pretty solid product that really does nothing horribly wrong but struggles to remain relevant in the wake of the harsh competition.

Still, the standard four pieces you can find in the package are sufficiently good looking, high weaving density that doesn’t come at the expense of comfort (as a matter of fact, the set is incredibly pleasant to sleep on), and pre-shrunk build that makes sure that the dimensions you get are the dimensions that will remain after washing.

Of course, we are talking about the 100% Egyptian cotton so you can count on all of its inherent perks.

On the other hand, there are a couple of things that are not that great. The choice of dyes is, this time, dialed down to only six, and the fabric attracts more wrinkles than we’d like to.

However, these are not a major complaint, so you shouldn’t really write this product off.

Still, with the competition so heavy there is no reason to lend it too much attention either.

5. Superior 100% Egyptian Cotton 5-Piece Solid Sheet Set

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With such a strong base material as Egyptian cotton, one could reasonably as the question – What exactly can go wrong here? Well, even the best materials in the world can be underplayed with poor craftsmanship. And although we hesitate to call the craftsmanship of this sheet set poor, it is definitely underwhelming.

But, let us start with the positives. Much like in the previous cases, this package contains a high quality organically grown 100% genuine Egyptian cotton which is always a blast. Also, the number of threads per inch is brought down to 650 (still a very high count) which is a welcome change of pace for all the users that need something softer and lighter in the hot summer nights.

Finally, you get easy maintenance, traditional elegant design, and as much as 17 colors to choose from.

Unfortunately, it is hard to escape the feeling that this thing is simply not woven together all that well. Couple that with a somewhat thin thread count, and you’ll get a fabric that is very soft and easy to tear.

Another thing we didn’t like is that after just a couple of turns in the dryer, the material will become so wrinkled you won’t have any other choice than to spend at least half an hour ironing all the set pieces.

Bottom line – this sheet set is not awful. It’s just plagued with too many small problems to keep a count of. Keeping in mind that we’ve seen a couple of far more competent products in this price range, we say you should skip this one and spend your money elsewhere.

6. CHATEAU HOME COLLECTION 800-Thread-Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

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If you’ve ever spent a night in the hotel and happened to get an Egyptian cotton sheet the chances are you’ve got a Chateau set. The reasons behind this wide presence in the hospitality business can be attributed to two reasons – Chateau’s sheets look great and they are pretty affordable (well, as far as Egyptian cotton sheets go).

This sheet set is no exception. The pieces look pretty stunning (this time the beauty of the set comes from its simplicity) and the manufacturers have opted to use the sateen weaving that lends the fabric the silky smooth surface (at least on paper). Also, you get to choose from 18 dyes so you’ll find the right fit no matter how demanding you may be.

As for the thread count, this package strikes the perfect balance and clocks at 800 – not too dense and heavy, and not too thin to be subjected to wear and tear. We also have to point out the craftsmanship, which, at least in the case of queen size set we tried, was excellent.

What these strong foundations ultimately amount to is the sheet set that looks the part, features excellent heat management and gives you a lot of options to play with.

Unfortunately, there are some pitfalls. Namely, the sateen weaving is not nearly as smooth as manufacturers intended. As a matter of fact, some users may find the surface too “scratchy”.

The other thing we’d like to point out is durability – It’s not that great. Not poor,  but not nearly as good as some of the other entries we saw.

7. Boll & Branch Luxury Queen Sheets

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It doesn’t take more than one good look at this package to see that Boll & Branch aims for luxury. For a start, you get a visible notice the product was made under Fair Trade agreement which is always good to see. Take another look and you’ll see that this is actually a five-piece set that, besides the regular four bed pieces includes a reusable laundry bag. A nice addition.

Once we finally get inside the package we can see that the quality of the cotton is superb. However, the thread count is this time kept at very low 300 threads per inch. Now, Roll & Branch is a manufacturer famous for the softness of their product, and this queen size set is no exception.

Still, 300 TC is, by all standards, pretty low and we can’t escape the feeling that a bit higher number would grant the sheet better structural integrity. Also, after just a couple of washes, this traditional softness starts to fade so it’s justified to ask what exactly are you buying here.

Also, although it’s very spacious and designed to accommodate mattresses that are thick all the way up to 17 inches, the sheet is not stretchy at all, which may pose some problems with bedding.

All these problems are not that uncommon for a product of this type. But at this price point, they are very hard to tolerate.

So, to conclude – there are a lot of good things going on here, but the price point sets the expectations bar so high for this product, it never quite manages to reach it.

8. Thomas Gene 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

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In a world of Egyptian cotton, the name Thomas Gene requires very little introduction. And, true to its name, this famous manufacturer made sure to leave a good impression even before you open the package. We are often not too keen to give product easy points based on things like packaging, but this one’s so classy we just can’t resist the urge.

When it comes to the very content of the package, the things mostly remain top-level – you get your standard four-piece set made from genuine Egyptian cotton which was woven into the fabric with pretty impressive 1000 thread count (no cheating here – you really get 1000 threads per inch).

What this amounts to is a pretty heavy fabric that’s still very pleasant to use and manages extreme temperatures rather well. Also, the dimensions of the whole thing are pretty generous. The king size set we tested was able to easily “devour” a huge 18-inch thick mattress.

So, we are talking about quality and well-made product. Its shortcomings if we can call them shortcomings at all are purely subjective. The set’s overall design is pretty minimalistic and may look bland to someone.

The fact that you get to choose only from two dye varieties (white and charcoal) doesn’t truly help this lack of visual appeal. Still, all of the pieces look very elegant and subdued, so we wouldn’t call this an obvious flaw.

Talking into consideration its very moderate price, this package makes one very interesting purchase option you should definitely keep on the radar.

9. Kotton Culture 4 Piece Sheet Set Premium 100% Egyptian Cotton

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Compared to the previous package coming from Thomas Gene which used a pretty appealing minimalistic approach to push its product into the market, it’s hard not to see Kotton Culture as a company desperate to impress.

This time, the price is much lower, the choice of different dyes is bumped and the package is covered with popular buzzwords. All these things are signs of a bad product. This time, though, our hunch failed us – Big time.

You see, although not nearly as good as some other entries we’ve seen on this list Kotton Culture’s four-piece queen size set we tested makes one of the best value propositions. Talking into consideration the quality of the competition that’s saying a lot.

So, the package contains the standard four bedding pieces that are made from genuine Egyptian cotton and woven into a pretty strong 1000 TC fabric that’s reasonably soft, produces very few wrinkles and allows free flow of air to make hot nights much more pleasant.

Its durability and sturdiness are not exactly brilliant. After a couple of months of use, the fabric will start losing its properties until it finally reaches some baseline you can take for granted. Durability could also be a bit better.

The thing is – all these pros and cons are something we are used to seeing in this product range, but the performance we’ve got was far above this price point. Even if you damage your sheets with constant washing, replacing them altogether won’t cost you too much money.

We give it a recommendation.

10. Pinzon 400-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Pleated Hem Sheet Set

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And for the very end we have the product that plays a similar game of number like Kotton Culture but with much more mixed results. Let’s start with the positives, shall we?

This neat piece of fabric is as cheap as it gets, at least in the world of Egyptian cotton. And we are happy to report that, for what you are asked to pay the sheets put on one incredibly decent performance. This time the thread count is kept at 400 threads per inch which both keeps the price in check and sets the sheet as a lighter alternative to stuffed 1000 TC competitors.

The dimensions of all four pieces you can find in the package are pretty solid and you won’t have any problem wrapping up a 17-inch deep sleeping mattress with its accessories. Also, you get the choice of five different dyes all of which look pretty elegant.

Unfortunately, the design of the individual elements is all but. You can call us conservative, but we much rather prefer clean fabric over the ribbing we’ve got here. Still, as old Latin proverb says, about the tastes it should not be discussed.

The much bigger problem here is the overall quality of the fabric. Don’t get us wrong, nothing falls below the standards we’ve set for this price point, but we are talking about a very low price point. So, expect to see the fabric downgrade after a couple of washing, and a decent amount of unintentional exfoliation during long summer nights.

Final Thoughts – Top 3 Products We Dig The Most

So, as we can see the competition on this list is incredibly harsh. All these products are at least decent. They are made from great material and offer baseline performance that never fails to satisfy. In order to find the best among them, we’ll have to resort to minutiae and personal preference.

Ready? Here we go.

Top Egyptian Cotton Sheet: eLuxury 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Honestly, the top spot could easily go to Thomas Gene, or even Urbanhut. They are all that good. However, we feel that eLuxiry’s sheet makes the least compromise between price, quality, weaving, and the available options. Sure, there are some very minor gripes, but nothing you can’t live with.

Runner up: Thomas Gene 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

You’ve seen it coming – Thomas Gene is a company that has to earn a spot at the very top at any roundup in this category. The reason why we gave a slight nudge to eLuxury is a better variety and slightly more consistent performance. Still, Thomas Gene is a close second if there ever was one.

Best Value For The Money: Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

When we talked about the Mayfair’s product we mentioned that we haven’t found any noticeable flaws, and we stills stand behind our words. However, this package is simply stuck in its low price range – when it’s good it outperforms its price but never reaches the quality of some other products. There is a lot of value to be found here, though.

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