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Top 3 best boomboxes in 2023:

Boomboxes are back in the game! Maybe you are too young to remember, but during the ’80s and ’90s, the only way for you to take your music along with you was by carrying a boombox or as they call them then a ghetto blasters.

No matter how you call them nowadays, these new modern boomboxes have the ability to play music from a wide range of media.  Mp3 files, AM/FM radio, cassette tapes, CDs, and even streaming services via auxiliary ports and Bluetooth. And they are way more comfortable to carry around than before.

Having all this in mind, I understand it is complicated to choose the right boombox.  So in this review, I will help you find out which are the ten best boomboxes the market has to offer you today.

What To Look For When Buying A Boombox?

Before buying a boombox, you should be aware that each model is a story for itself, and you can’t expect two boomboxes to perform the same. Some are smaller and easier to carry around but has lower output, or they are larger and heavier, but their priority is to have better sound quality.

Here is the list of 6 most important things to look for if you are planning to purchase a boombox.

1. Type

Depending on the construction boomboxes can be:

  • Cassette Boomboxes – Believe it or not, but you can still found this type of boomboxes nowadays. There are even some manufacturers who still build them; they also have a wide range of connectivity options to choose from and the Bluetooth streaming too. They are still relatively popular and bought by nostalgic collectors.
  • CD Boomboxes – This type is still the most popular type of boombox. And it is obvious why. Most of the owners of the CD boomboxes listen to CD’s they burned themselves, and it’s way easier to store CD than any other media type.
  • MP3 Boomboxes –  MP3 boomboxes play music straight from storage drives contained within the boomboxes. And there is one more great thing about MP3 boomboxes the track can’t skip when you move them around too much, which is typical for the CD boomboxes.

2. Portability And Size

The point of the boombox is too be portable. You don’t want to end up with a too big or too small device. When picking out the right boombox, you must be able to lift it and carry it around effortlessly. 

But if you pick out some lightweight boombox, you should know that you will miss some essential features like speaker quality, output options, or connectivity options.

3. Quality Speakers

You can’t expect that a portable device will provide the same sound quality as a sound system, but the overall speaker quality is an essential feature, and you should pay attention to it. 

The only problem is that if you choose a boombox with high-quality speakers, you need to know that they will drain your battery life faster than you expect.

4. Sturdiness

If the point of the boombox is to be portable and used outside then, logically, it needs to be very durable, and able to withstand some bumps and falls. So look out for boombox that has a sturdy protective layer so you can be sure it won’t get damaged.

5. Connectivity

A lot of modern boombox models will offer you many connectivity options like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities. That will allow you to use your boombox as a portable speaker for any other device you have with you. 

High-end boomboxes are a great choice because they can connect to any other device or even to another boombox regardless of the operating system.

6. Storage

Some models are equipped with storage drivers or drivers for USB or SD card. Of course, those models are a bit expensive than regular models, but you can store a lot more music on them than on some standard CD or cassette-based models.

10 Best Boomboxes In 2023: Detailed Reviews

Now that I have presented to you all the features you need to look in the boombox before you decide to purchase it, it is time to go through the list of the best boomboxes you can find on the market today.

1. JBL Waterproof Portable

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JBL Boombox Portable has a sturdy and lightweight design and its waterproof so it can be used in any weather and pool parties. The carrier handle is designed to make this speaker easy to carry around. But as we speak of design, there is a little problem; this model has an oval design so it can roll over very easy.

It has a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 20000 mAh, which is great because you can use it for hours without worrying that the battery will go down.

This model has dual charge power bank. That means that high-capacity battery powers speakers and also make the speakers a power bank. It also has dual USB charging ports to charge your mobile devices too. 

The speakers work on lower frequency spectrum and come with dual bass radiators and 4 active transducers. They also have two different listening modes the indoor and outdoor, with equalization settings that you can easily switch between with just the touch of a button.

You can also easily connect them with more than 100 other JBL speaker designs and have a surround sound because it’s equipped with JBL Connect+ capability. 

So, this set delivers a great sound with hard-hitting bass despite the music genre or volume. You can easily carry it around with you, but you must be prepared to spend some serious amount of money for this device.


  • Dual charge power bank;
  • Features powerful transducers and bass radiators;
  • Weatherproof and rugged design;
  • JBL Connect+ capability;
  • High capacity rechargeable battery;
  • Four transducers and two bass radiators;


  • High price;
  • The oval design makes it easy to roll over.

2. Pyle PBMSPG190

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It is specially designed for outdoor activities like street performances and parties. Thanks to its sturdy exterior, the interior components are protected from damage in case of falling or an object hits it.

The boombox comes with two input jacks one for a microphone and other for a guitar. It has wireless connectivity, 3.5mm Aux Input, USB slot that supports MP3 files, a radio system to connect to FM. The speaker also features a long-lasting built-in rechargeable battery with 2000mAh capacity. All this makes the speaker ideal for street performers.

But the fm radio reception is not so great; it is hard to dial in a specific radio station no matter if you try manual or automatic tuning.

This Bluetooth enabled boombox comes with a subwoofer and two speakers. The subwoofer measures 6.5 inches and two speakers, each measuring 2.5 inches. This allows you to enjoy high and low notes. It creates incredible bass, so it is possible to hear all the details in audio. But if you prefer an extremely loud boombox, this is not the device for you.

This speaker has a detachable belt for carrying the speaker. This comes very handily because you can hook the belt when carrying it and unhook it when you want to use it. The speaker is equipped with a digital screen that displays details in a digital format. So this allows you to easily control and view more information about the track that is currently playing.


  • Comes with two inputs for microphone and guitar;
  • Durable exterior housing;
  • Comes with a subwoofer and two speakers;
  • It is equipped with a detachable belt;
  • It has a digital screen display;
  • Aux inputs and USB port.


  • Not loud enough;
  • Tuning the radio is a bit complicated.

3. G-Project G-BOOM

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G-Boom is a very sturdy Bluetooth boombox with a rugged exterior that keeps interior protected and has a well-designed base that reduces chances of falling over. By the look, it is not very attractive, but it is very stable and will serve you for many years.

The carrying handle on this speaker is sturdy and reinforced, so it allows you a better grip and safety while carrying the speaker.

The speaker comes with equalizer settings with presets; they allow you to set full, extra, or bright bass. G-boom features powerful sound thanks to bass that is powered by a robust 2.1 speaker configuration. Also a dual rear-firing bass ports and  Maxx audio digital sound processing for maximum bass.

Also, it comes with an internal battery that can last up to six hours without recharging it, but this battery life span is not big enough for its size.

This model can connect devices via Bluetooth, and with an AUX input too. You can easily connect and charge your mobile device using a 3.5mm output into the speaker’s AUX input. But it will only work if the speaker is plugged in the main power bank. If you lost the Bluetooth connection, you would not be automatically reconnected, which is a big flaw.

This model has onboard control so you can skip, play, or pause tracks wirelessly by pressing the controls.


  • Sturdy grip and exterior;
  • Rubberized base;
  • Onboard controls;
  • Equalizer settings;
  • Aux input.


  • Battery life span is not long enough;
  • Bluetooth will not reconnect automatically;
  • USB will work as a charger only when the boombox is plugged in the main power bank.

​4. Sony GTKXB7BC

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The Sony GTKXB7BC is relatively light, and you can pick it up easily and carry it around with yourself. There are four simple buttons, located on the top of the boombox, and each has its purpose. One is for turning the speaker on, second for extra bass, and two for adjusting the volume.

The LED lights are also located at the top, and they feature multicolor lighting patterns. The LED lighting is creating a party-like environment by illuminating the surroundings in accordance with the rhythm of the playing beats. 

This boombox features a two-way design. You can put it horizontally for a more classic set up, or put it standing upright. You can be sure that the posture of the boombox does not affect the quality of sound. This guarantees you that your boombox is stable and safe.

You can connect any device to your speaker and play music from anywhere thanks to connectivity via Bluetooth and NFC. You will never be limited with using this boombox because you can hook it up with your TV or other devices by using an AUX.

All the ports are located behind the speaker. This includes the party chain ports, AC for power, audio input and output, as well as USB port where you can plug your flash disk or USB card, reader. 

Unfortunately, this model does not come with a rechargeable battery, that means it is AC powered, which can be a problem if you are hosting a party outside. Overall this boombox has some great features that justify the high price of this product.


  • Features great bass;
  • Comes with varieties of connectivity options;
  • LED party lighting;
  • Ability to connect multiple devices and speakers;
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around;
  • Sturdy;
  • Streaming music via NFC or Bluetooth.


  • Does not come with rechargeable batteries;
  • High price.

5. Panasonic RX-D55GC-K Boombox

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This model has all CD player, MP3 player, stereo, radio, tape recorder, and boombox all in one! 

The Panasonic RX-D55GC-K has high power and high-quality sound output thanks to the two-way four speakers. It has dual voltage so it is compatible all over the world and it can fit any electric outlets. The boombox  has AC for both 110 V and 240 V.

The Panasonic boombox plays diverse audio formats such as CD-R/RW and MP3s in the CD player; it plays tapes, also has an FM/AM radio reception with frequency range within the 50 kHz , 9 kHz  and 10 kHz. And if you need to record something, there is a  tape recorder too.

Sometimes you can confront the problem of not recognizing the disc but always first check out if the CD is scratched or if the quality of CD-R/RW is low before thinking that something might be wrong with the boombox.

This model has a front panel with a USB port so you can use the boombox for digital audio player playback. This allows you to connect other music devices with the boombox with a USB cable. This player uses a feather-touch cassette deck mechanism.

A very nice addition is a remote control. This allows you full control of the tuner, tape and CD player. This is very handy because you do not need to control the device manually. This makes life easier; if you are far or too busy to come near the boombox, you can easily manipulate it with the remote control. 

Overall this is an excellent appliance because you have all the functions in one product so you will save some storing space and it is easy to carry around. The price might be higher but remember if you purchase this product you will save some money because you only need to buy one product instead of four.


  • High-quality sound;
  • Two-way speakers;
  • CD, CDR/ RW & MP3 player
  • Dual voltage;
  • Comes with front panel music port;
  • Comes with remote control for tuner, CD, and tape;
  • AM/ FM radio & CD cassette recorder;
  • Cassette deck comes with a feather-touch mechanism.


  • Higher price;
  • Problems with reading low-quality or scratched discs.

6. Auna Roadie

Image Credit:

This boombox has a unique design the CD player is on the top; the center features a small LED screen, and around it is a ring of LED lights that continuously change color. On the sides, you will find two large speakers with LED lights that change color with the beat of the music. The boombox comes with a fixed handle, so it is easy to carry it around.

Roadie features a CD player, and also, an FM and AM radio receiver, but it can’t find a radio station automatically. Because of that, this model has an extendable antenna for better signals. Also, you can listen to your favorite music by plugging in an MP3 player or your USB stick. And let’s not forget that this boombox features an AUX input and Bluetooth capabilities.

So I already mentioned that the boombox comes with a Bluetooth connection that allows you to connect and stream music from your phone or any other devices wirelessly. You can use the AUX input to connect any of your devices to this boombox with the help of an auxiliary wire. This allows you to listen to music anytime and anywhere.

The auna Roadie can be used either via batteries or through the conventional way of powering it via the AC power cord. Also, this boombox can be powered by six C-type batteries which allow you to take it and use it anywhere, but because of the size of the boombox batteries will be consumed fast.

The unique feature with this boombox is that it has a programmable playback mode. You can list up to 20 tracks for a CD and 99 tracks for an MP3, and it is capable of both repeating all or just a folder, and it can even work on a shuffle feature.


  • Unique design;
  • Loud and quality speakers;
  • Easy to carry around because of the fixed handle;
  • LED lights that change color with the beat of the music;
  • Can be used for FM/AM radio playback;
  • Can play CD’s as well as playing music from USB and wirelessly;
  • This model can use two sources of power;
  • This model comes with a programmable playback mode.


  • Consume batteries very quickly;
  • Radio stations can’t be found automatically.

7. Sony CFDS70BLK

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This Sony boombox is all you need if you want a basic home multi-format audio system for an affordable price. This is a very reliable and easy to use system that is ideal for outdoor use.

This boombox features a classic front-facing cassette tape deck that offers a useful record feature too. But there is one surprising oversight the cassette player does not feature automatic reverse which is bad because most of the tapes will be dual recorded.

It also features a CD/CD-RW player and USB ports for your digital music collections. This model is handy for anyone who is nostalgic and has an extensive music collection on audiotape, MP3 CDs and CD-R/RW’s.

The CD and MP3  formats can be set to shuffle or programmed to playback exactly as you want it. This boombox also works as an FM/AM digital radio tuner; it comes pre-programmed with 30 stations, and also includes a sleep timer. There is an antenna built into the unit that can be extended and directed if you need superior reception.

This system delivers great stereo quality thanks to Sony MEGA BASS Technology. The boombox features a big LED screen that allows users to easily navigated through playback options. 

It is also equipped with 19-hour rechargeable battery making it a very handy for outdoor use. The boombox comes with a standard A/C charger and features a headphone jack on the left-hand side of the device.


  • Excellent Quality Multiple Format Playback;
  • Features multi-format audio system;
  • Sony MEGA BASS Technology;
  • Doubles up as an FM/AM digital radio tuner;
  • Equipped with 19 hrs rechargeable battery;
  • Comes with 30 pre-programmed stations and a sleep timer;
  • Affordable price.


  • Cassette lacks automatic reverse.

8. Toshiba TY-CRS9 Portable CD Boombox

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This boombox has a traditional style design, It is compact but lightweight, and it is quality constructed, so it is an excellent choice as a portable CD player. It also has a handle on top and a telescopic antenna if you need better reception. 

One of the great features of the TY-CRS9 is the LCD panel you can easily find the controls and use the boombox without the need to turn the lights on. 

You don’t need to plug this boombox to charge it. You need six UM-2/C batteries, and the boombox is ready to go, and it also comes with a power cord so that you can plug it in an electrical socket too.

This boombox support all types of CDs that include CD-R and CD-RW. This is not just a CD player it also has FM and AM radio tuning capabilities. It has a 3.5 mm Auxiliary audio input jack so that you can connect your smartphone too and listen to your favorite music. If you need to be more silent, you can also plug headphones too.

But while we still talk about connectivity, I must disappoint you this model does not come with USB port or SD card slot, no Bluetooth connection and does not support MP3 songs.


  • Compact, lightweight, and portable;
  • Durable;
  • Has FM and AM radio tuning capabilities;
  • Use two sources of power;
  • Support all types of CDs;
  • Equipped with 3.5 mm Auxiliary input;
  • You can use headphones.


  • No USB port or SD card slot;
  • No Bluetooth connection;
  • Does not support MP3 songs.

9. Sony Compact Portable Stereo Sound System Boombox

This Sony boombox has a retro look and technology that allows you to listen to cassette, CDs, MP3 player and MPEG 1 Audio Layer-3 AM/FM. It is equipped with an Aux input, so you can play music using your smartphone.

This player is straightforward to use; it comes with a user manual that has clear instructions so you can learn how to use the basic functions in no time. The carrying handle makes it convenient to bring it with you anywhere.

Thanks to Mega Bass Technology, you will experience the deep, room-filling sound of excellent quality. This means no matter if you are playing music or listening to someone speak, the sound will be clear. The brand’s Mega Bass Technology makes it an excellent boombox to use it outdoors as well as indoors.

When we talk about powering up this boom box, it can use two power sources the AC power cord or six sizes C Dry Batteries, but they are not rechargeable. Battery life can support CD playback for approximately 10 hours, FM recording programs for 23 hours and tape playback for 15 hours all at volume 23.

There are a few small downsides like no existence of USB connection or wireless connection or remote control. On the other hand, it has AUDIO In jack so you can connect this boombox with your smartphone, iPhone or iPad. You can only play one CD at the time. 


  • Easy to use and carry around;
  • Features multi-format audio system;
  • Compact and sturdy design;
  • Use two sources of power;
  • Long battery life;
  • Equipped with AUDIO In jack so you can connect this boombox to your phone or any other music player.


  • Batteries are not rechargeable;
  • There is no USB or wireless connection;
  • Lack of remote control;
  • It can only play one CD at the time.

10. DPNAO Multi Portable CD Player with FM Radio Clock

Image Credit:

If you are looking for something more modern, then you might take a look at this particular review. This is a small, lightweight, flat, and compact DPNAO Portable CD Player Boombox that can guarantee you a great sound volume and quality for its size.

This boombox can play CDs, stream music from your mobile phone, MP3, computer, and other audio devices. You can also play music stored on a USB drive or SD card because it comes with a USB port. You can tune in to an FM station, and it comes with ten stations presets. This boombox also has a recording function.

The boombox comes with preset equalization settings for rock, classical, pop and jazz; also it has a large blue LCD that shows numbers in large format so you can use it as clock and alarm. If you need some privacy, you can always plug an earphone in the boombox’s jack output, and it comes with a remote control too.

My favorite feature on this boombox is the pull-out metal stand that allows you to prop the device on a table or you can mount it on a wall. But if you mount it on a wall, you will have a problem to reach out the jacks that are located on the back of this device.

This model runs on two power sources a six AA batteries, or, you can use the power adapter and plug it into a wall socket. Unfortunately, this model does not come with rechargeable batteries.


  • Modern lightweight design;
  • It is portable;
  • It is a versatile audio player;
  • Great  sound quality;
  • Very loud for its size;
  • Use two sources of power;
  • Comes with ten stations preset and remote control;
  • Metal stand at the back that allows you to prop the player on the table or mount it on the wall.


  • Batteries are not rechargeable;
  • Jacks are located on the back so it can be a problem if you decide to mount the boombox on the wall.

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

If you are looking forward to hosting parties on a long summer night out in the open, you require a great boombox that will help you keep the atmosphere right.

Don’t worry; I am here to recommend you the top 3 picks that you should consider buying.

Best Overall Value- Panasonic RX-D55GC-K Boombox

If you decide to purchase this product you can be sure you are  practical and cost-effective at the same time. This is a trusty high performing product that you can recommend without any risk.

Best Budget Option-  Sony CFDS70BLK

This model offers an excellent quality performance that is above its cost, and it will easily satisfy all your needs. And thanks to the reputation of the Sony company you can be sure you will get an impressive and very reliable product. I highly recommend this boombox to anyone who is on the low budget.

Premium Pick-  JBL Waterproof Portable

This is an investment that you won’t regret, and it will last you for a long time. This is very robust weatherproof boombox that you can easily take with you anywhere you want, and you can be sure it won’t get damaged easily. So if you are not on the budget and you are not afraid of spending some money, please consider this product as your best-buy option.

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