Where Do Stagers Get Their Furniture?

Did you ever question how home staging works in real life? Do you need to hire someone to do that for you, or you can do it yourself?

If you are up to sell your house, just putting up a sign “FOR SALE” won’t be enough. The real estate market is overburdened, and taking the current economic situation in most parts of the country, you are aware you will need to take a few extra steps to make a sale.

That is where home staging comes in handy. The point of home staging is in depersonalizing the house so that potential buyers can visualize living there, so it must be done properly.

Tastefully selected furniture and accessories will, for sure, help you impress the buyers, raise the selling price, and cut on selling time. That means hiring a home stager is a must. But filling an empty home is not as simple as you may think, so where do stager get their furniture?

So if you are ready to learn more, this article will help you understand home staging way better.

Where Do Stagers Get Their Furniture?

Knowing which and how much furniture you need for staging is just the beginning. The real work starts when you start looking for a place where you can rent or shop for all the necessities. This process might be painfully long and annoying.


Well, it is not as easy as grabbing the piece you like, and your work is done. Most own-to-rent furniture stores have strict policies and contracts you must obey before taking all you need. This is only natural since they tend to sell the furniture before leasing it, even those pieces that have already been refurbished. The great thing is that you can lease the furniture even if your clients are still living in the house.

These stores will let you take the furniture for a minimum six-month rental period. This can be very, very pricey, and in some cases, it would be more beneficial for your budget to buy the piece than rent it.

A better option is to rent furniture from a local consignment store. Although most also require an extended rental period, it goes around three-months, which is better and cheaper. The bad news is that if you’re looking to rent furniture from a consignment store while your clients are still living in the house, you may not have luck since they don’t want to deal with wear and tear.

There are also national consignment store chains like Wholesale-Interiors or CORT Furniture Rental that will rent their furniture for both professional stagers and homeowners that are DIY staging.

The great thing about renting from CORT is that you can choose to rent individual pieces or entire rooms for as little as a one-month lease. However, you need to know that their prices get lower with longer leases, so you might extend the contract for at least three-month and up and save some money.

Usually, the renting process runs as follows:

  • You will find the inventory on their website.
  • There is a spot where you enter the zip code and check whether the desired piece of furniture is available in your area. If it is, the rental price will be displayed.
  • Then you add all the required items to the cart; notify the rental period, and checkout with a credit card.
  • In most cases, your order will be delivered to your designated location within 48 hours.

If it happens that you need the furniture for a longer period than expected, you can renew the lease. If not, when the rental period is over, you can contact the rental company and schedule for them to pick up the furniture.

However, be careful; some companies require you to contact them one day in advance of the pickup, or they will automatically renew the contract for you. Remember, along with the costs of renting the furniture, you’ll have delivery and pickup fees too. The best way to cut on these costs is to look for a rental company that is located nearby your area.

Also, it is crucial to check up if the rental company has good services. You can check consumer feedback for rental companies on Yelp and HomeAdvisor, which will help you choose the right company.

Do Home Stagers Rent Or Buy The Furniture?

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Well, this mainly depends on the expected Return on Investment (ROI), and before making a decision about renting or purchasing, there are a few factors that should be considered first:

  • The first thing to consider is how much it costs to buy and how much it cost to rent?
  • If the decision is to rent, then the next question is how often it will be used?
  • If the decision is to purchase it, then how much will the storage fee be and how much it will cost to move the furniture to the current property.

The point is that the cost of leasing furniture for just a couple of times sometimes can exceed the price of owning it. So, in this case, buying it is a way better thing to do since you should expect to use this item at least five times per year. Of course, this means that the style is very neutral and that the furniture’s quality is exceptional. This way, your investment will significantly pay off since you can expect to use it in the next four to five years.

Furthermore, it is way better to invest in relatively small furniture, since they could be stored in the home or office when not in use.  My recommendation is to invest in pillows, blankets, mirrors, liners, flower vases, bathroom towels, and similar accessories, especially if you do not stage empty properties too often.

You can always rent bulky furniture (like a bed, side table, sofa, cabinet, table, chairs, etc.) and prevent overspending on inventory, which often results in negative cash flow.

So How Much Does It Cost To Rent Furniture To Stage A Home?

  • It could range from several hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the type of furniture you are renting, its quality, and the lease term. To give you a better idea, here I listed some of the main pieces of furniture and their monthly cost.
Type of furnitureMinimal price per monthMaximum price per month
Chair (for each)$30$750
Dining table$80$1,180
Dining chair (for each)$20$300
Head board$40$170
TV set$85$420
Ottomans and benches$105$315
  • So, for example, a 2,000 square foot home can easily cost somewhere between $2000 and $3000 per month to stage. Also, you need to know that a standard contract period is a minimum of three months, so you should be prepared to pay between $6,000 and $9,000.You can save money by renting furniture for only vital rooms in the house.
  • The top five spaces you must stage when selling house are the living room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, and master bathroom. If you decide to rent furniture only for these vital rooms, you should focus on these must-have staging pieces:
    • Kitchen area – barstools (in case there’s a counter) and dinette set (in case it’s an eat-in kitchen)
    • Living room area – sofa, end table or tables, lamps, area rug t that will define the space in open-concept layouts
    • Dining room area- dining table and chairs
    • Master bedroom area – queen or king bed (depends on the size of the room), dresser
    • Master bathroom area – towels and accessories to fill in the vacant space

How Much Value Does Home Staging Add?

  • According to some professional stagers, a staged home can bring in 6 to 20 percent more than the same house that was not staged. Also, 91% of homes that have been staged by the professional stagers get sold in a month or even less. This is very important since this way, clients avoid price reduction, and they will retain as much of the original price as possible.


So as you can see, hiring a home stager will make any house look attractive to buyers and worth the price. More experienced home stagers usually have a lot of furniture in their inventory, so in case that current staging is not attracting enough buyers, they can always rearrange it and make it look better.

Remember, an elegantly-furnished home will sell faster than a bland and empty house since buyers can actually imagine themselves living there. If no one is interested in coming to look at the house, no matter how good it looks, then the only fault is the high price.