Real Estate License Revoked : What Now?

Revoke is a word that almost always carries a negative connotation. 

It goes without saying that having your real estate license revoked is a good cause for concern since getting it back might take a while. 

If you’re already in the real estate industry, you might’ve heard rumors about this occurring more often lately.

But why is that? 

In this article, we’re going to discuss exactly why and how a real estate license can get revoked.

What are the potential consequences and what steps to take to get it back. 

Since this is a legal matter, be prepared for a few $5 words and legal terms to be thrown around for the sake of accuracy. 

Although, we will try to make everything as easy to understand as possible.

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How To Get Your Real Estate License Revoked?

The real estate license renewal process is done online. 

You will answer a few questions regarding further education, child support, and criminal conviction. 

Sort of like a survey, one that your livelihood depends on. 

Answer the questions truthfully; this is very important. 

If it turns out you lied and your license gets suspended, it can be twice as hard to get it reinstated for that reason alone. 

Being a real estate job requires a certain amount of ethical behavior. 

After all, you’re in the business of selling homes that someone will own for decades. 

If you’re just in it for the money, you might start making decisions that only you profit from. 

That being said, let’s see the potential reasons for license suspension. 

1. Uneducated

  • The education questions pertain to if you’ve completed the necessary courses that are part of your real estate education.
  • Contrary to popular belief, once you get your real estate license, even though you spent some time studying for the real estate exam, you are still obligated to participate in real estate courses. 
  • Call it what you will, maybe the state is just after your money, but failing to complete those courses can result in your real estate license getting canceled. 
  • If you can’t provide proof that you’ve completed the required courses, even though you might have said yes on the survey, you might be looking at a suspension. 
  • The state of California has rather severe punishment for this.
  • If you fail to prove the completion of those courses before your license has expired, that suspension becomes permanent. 

2. Childless

  • You’ve completed the first part of the survey. Now it’s time for the child support questions.
  • If there is an ongoing legal process concerning your child support payments, you need to make that clear. 
  • If you’re behind your payments, you run the risk of suspension. 
  • There’s only one piece of advice here that we can give you. 
  • Don’t mess around with this stuff; pay the child support regularly. 
  • If real estate is the only source of your income, this can mean twice the trouble.
  • Besides paying court fees and lawyers, you won’t be able to make any money to actually cover all those costs. 

3. When It Rains, It Pours

  • The final questions are tied to any possible legal proceedings you have going on.
  • What do they mean by this?
  • If you’ve been convicted of a crime, you need to specify exactly what that crime was. 
  • You have to describe the entire situation, when it happened, what court, what type of offense or crime you’ve committed.
  • You also need to provide the legal document you’ve been issued at the start of the proceedings. 
  • If any other license you had was suspended or revoked, you need to specify which license and why. 
  • Are there currently any criminal charges against you in the court of law? Again, a description of the entire situation is necessary.
  • Basically, if you’ve been involved in breaking the law of any sort, be it directly or indirectly, you need to let them know.
  • This, naturally, does not apply only to the state you are in and that issued your license. It applies worldwide. 
  • Now you might be thinking, “so, all I have to do is answer truthfully, and I’m good, right?“. 
  • No, the fact that you’ve answered truthfully absolves you of being labeled a liar and a perjurer.
  • But it doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. 
  • There’s also one more thing to mention. 
  • Suppose you have a real estate firm, or you’re a broker, and you get your license revoked. 
  • In that case, all of your agents are also in danger of having their licenses suspended or revoked as well. 
  • The more responsibility you have, the bigger the consequences for all around you. 

How To Get Your Real Estate License Back

Rdl Real Estate License Revoked

If the reason for your license being revoked or suspended is failure to complete the required courses, there is a solution. 

You can get a conditional license.

This means you have a year and a half to complete the required courses and pass the exam. 

Depending on the state you live, you should inform yourself regarding the rules that that state has in place. 

If you fail to follow those rules, for example, not completing everything on time, your license will be suspended. 

Again, it all depends on the state you are in, so read the law carefully and then make the best decision there is; an informed decision.

We covered this in the previous section, but it doesn’t hurt to go over it again. 

  • Pay the child support on time. 
  • If the reason for license suspension is exactly that, take care of it as soon as possible and emphasize that it was a one-time thing.
  •  If it happens again, you might kiss your real estate career goodbye. 

The last one is a little bit tricky. 

  • There have been instances where a convicted individual gets their license revoked, only for it to be reinstated a few years later. 
  • The reason for this is often because that individual has, in some way, redeemed themselves and dealt with the cause (addiction, for example). 
  • The important thing here to note is, you need to bring proof of rehabilitation (like the example of addiction mentioned above) or that you’ve been released from the criminal charges against you. 
  • The more compelling the proof, i.e., the evidence you brought forward for the renewal of your license, the higher the chances of having the decision in your favor. 
  • A lot of things are taken into account.
  • How serious the offense was, how long ago it was, the offender’s age at the time, whether he or she presents any potential risk to the well-being of the public, etc.
  • Even though the law is presented as some kind of a white and black type of eternal document, a lot of the time, it’s just shades of gray.

What Not To Do If You Get Your License Revoked

  • This is just mostly common sense, but if you got your license revoked, you cannot be a part of any activity related to real estate.
  • You might feel like it was undeserved and unfair that your license was revoked, but failure to comply with rules can get you in even more trouble.
  • Start working on your case for getting your license back and steer clear from any unlawful behavior. If the sign says 30mph, you stick to 25.  

License Revoked – Final Word.

As we said, there are three main reasons for this happening. 

Your lack of interest or information concerning further education.

Every state has its requirements, don’t mess around with this stuff. 

The courses aren’t even that long. Sitting down for a few hours listening to another taxpayer talk for a bit is not the hardest thing in the world.

If you forgot or thought you could dodge this, there is a solution for you. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Not paying child support is also a sufficient reason for getting a ban.

Not much to say about this. 

Just pay the damn thing and pray to God your kid is not going to have the same problem.

Lastly, if you find yourself on the other side of the law, be honest about it. 

For every situation, there’s an out. 

Do your best to prove you dealt with the issues that got you there in the first place.

 And, yeah, actually deal with those issues. Honesty is your biggest ally here. 

Although initially, it might look like having to renew a real estate license is just another way the government scams people out of their hard-earned money, there is rational reasoning behind this process. 

Real estate agents are there to help people find a home.

If left unchecked, they might turn into money-making machines that have pure disregard towards others.