Real Estate Agents Benefits: Why Should You Hire A Real Estate Agent?

If you are planning to purchase a house or sell your property, you have most probably faced a dilemma: Should you hire a real estate agent or not? 

Real estate agents fees can be quite hefty and might deter you from hiring one. However, should that be reason enough not to work with agents or realtors? 

We believe that saving money on fees and commissions should not be your priority when making such significant life-changes such as changing your home. Even if you have had a bad experience in the past, that should only motivate you to find a better agent to work with this time around.

There are numerous real estate agents benefits that you can profit from too. A good real estate agent can make your transaction easier, whether you’re selling, buying, or investing in a property.

Before we start, take a quick look at how the real estate agents are paid:

How Realtors Get Paid

All the Real Estate Agents Benefits

1. Real Estate Agents Can Save You Valuable Time

  • Even if you know exactly what you want, searching for a new property is sure to be a time-consuming task. We all live busy lives, and even when money is not tight, time is. 
  • So, why waste your time sifting through all the different options when someone else can do that for you? We are sure you can think of much better ways to spend your days. 
  • A good real estate agent will only need a list of your requirements to make you a selection of properties that are right up your alley. All your must-haves will be met without you lifting a finger.  You will not have to waste your time going through houses and properties that do not tick all your boxes.
  • An experienced real estate agent will shortlist all the available properties based on your wishes and your budget. The agent will also help you go through the buying or selling process without unnecessary stress. 

2. Real Estate Agents Have Vast Experience and Market Knowledge

  • You can never know all the current real estate market trends and conditions better than a real estate agent. It is especially important to hire one if you plan to become a successful property investor and you do not have any experience in this field.
  • The top real estate agent will offer you the knowledge of the housing market that he or she has built through the years. The best agents can predict how mortgage interest rates, the unemployment rate, and various other factors that can affect the current real estate market.
  • The best among them will have intimate knowledge of the house-by-house market, no matter if you plan to sell or buy a property. The info found on the MLS can be helpful, but if you are interested in more details, you should hire an experienced agent.
  • It is always wise to choose a local agent because only that will give you a genuine insight into a certain neighborhood you are interested in. A local agent can tell you where all the good schools are and whether a particular community increased market value over the past years. 
  • Suppose you are searching for a promising project in a specific area. In that case, an experienced local agent can help you determine whether a certain neighborhood is good for investing your hard-earned money or not.
  • There is no chance to gather all the valuable info, such as the ratio of list-to-sold prices, average sales prices, or an average price per square foot for properties that are similar – not on your own. Even if you can, why bother when someone can hand this information to you, and you can make an informed decision in far less time.

3. Real Estate Agents Grant You Access to Professional Networks

  • All the real estate agents have the same goal – to get to know each and everyone buying or selling a house. In time they will surely come up with a valuable list of trusted providers they prefer working with due to a good experience in the past. Why not use their network for your benefit?
  • For instance, if you plan to sell the house, you’ll need to find many home-repair professionals to get your property in top condition and ready for sale. You will also need a staging and title company and maybe even a landscaper. If you do not want to have to deal with unprofessional companies and individuals that will waste your time and money, hire a top real estate agent, and he or she will give you a list of reputable professionals you can rely on.
  • If you are looking to buy a property, the scenario is more-less the same. You will need to deal with all kinds of professionals such as appraisers, inspectors, and real estate lawyers. If you want to avoid the trouble of reaching each of them individually, ask your real estate agent for access to his or her buyer’s network. 
  • If you plan to become a real estate investor, but you do not have any previous experience, your agent’s professional network can help you start creating a network of your own. In time, you will learn which professionals you can trust and rely on so that all your property investment deals can be a success!

4. Real Estate Agents Can Predict Problems

  • Whether you plan to buy or sell a house – you need it to be in excellent shape. Only such a house will attract enough potential buyers and allow you to set your price high and make a quick sale, or, on the other hand, not produce sudden repair costs after you buy it. 
  • Unfortunately, if you are a first-time seller or buyer, it is more likely than not that you will not be able to predict all the potential problems. In order to avoid these potentially disastrous hazards, hire a real estate agent. 
  • The experienced real estate agents have seen it all and their trained eyes can spot a problem in the making. No issue will remain hidden whether it is a roofing matter or an insect invasion. 
  • All real estate agents collaborate with home inspectors to provide the owner or the potential buyer with the most detailed report regarding the house problems. Thus, if you are a buyer, the agent will advise you which repairs to request. If, on the other hand, you are a seller, the experienced agent will help you find the most efficient and cost-effective ways to fix any issues in the house you plan to sell. In this way, a real estate agent protects your interests and can help you save thousands of dollars.
Rdl Real Estate Agents Benefits

5. Real Estate Agents Help You Set the Optimal Price You Should Ask For or Pay

  • You either love your house or hate it – either way, your emotions will cloud your perspective! If you are attached to your home, you will probably overestimate its value, and your asking price will be much higher than it should be. Negative emotions can take you on the wrong side of the equation, too, and lead to undervaluing your home. 
  • A real estate agent will be objective and identify real estate comps to make sure you’re in the right range. In this way, you can sell or buy a property at the optimal price.
  • An experienced real estate agent can set the price of your property just by looking at it.  If you already have an asking price, an agent can advise you if it’s realistic. If your property is overpriced or underpriced, they will help you determine an accurate and realistic listing price. 
  • Only such a price will attract enough potential buyers for you to sell the house quickly. Buyers’ agents will help you decide how much to offer on the house not to lose it to other interested parties.

6. Real Estate Agents Have Negotiating Skills That Can Get You the Best Deal

  • It doesn’t matter whether you are selling or buying the house – you want to get the best deal! Achieving that goal is not an easy task if you are on your own. If you are not endowed with superb natural negotiation skills, you should find someone who has vast experience negotiating in the real estate realm. 
  • Real estate agents are skilled negotiators due to their experience. They will tell you what works and what doesn’t. Realtors have no emotional stake in the outcome, and thus they can focus on what is important. 

7. Real Estate Agents Can Double As Home Staging Agents

  • If you want to sell your house quickly and at a good price, you need to make it good-looking! If you stage your home well, the potential buyers will start imagining themselves living in it.
  • There are staging agencies you can pay to do the job, but an experienced real estate agent can do it too. Staging homes for sale is not a difficult task when you know what buyers are looking for. Realtors have certain tools and resources they can use to attract more buyers. 

8. Real Estate Agents Can Access The Off-Market Listings

  • Real estate agents can grant you access to off-market listings! Even though most of the time it is enough to rely on MLS listings and websites, some great properties are not widely publicized. 
  • Agents are always on the lookout for a “For Sale” property and can thus probably provide you with a wider selection of investment properties you can then choose from. 

9. Real Estate Agents Are Usually Marketing Gurus As Well

  • If you market your property well enough, you will have no problem attracting buyers. Hiring a real estate agent that has been working in the real estate industry for at least a few years can help too. The relator has marketing strategies that will attract more potential buyers.
  • If you decided you need a retailer, check what different states can offer:
Employment Of Real Estate Agents By State

The Bottom Line

A real estate agent is the best ally you can have when buying, selling, or investing in a property. As you could see throughout this article, the benefits of having a realtor at your side are numerous. 

If agents want to have a long and successful career, they need referrals. Therefore, their clients need to be satisfied with their service. As a result, every agent will try to make you happy as you can be!