Notary Signing Agent Salary: What’s The Best You Can Expect?

When we’re talking about switching or picking a career, the principal talking point is the salary. Sure, you may want to pick a job that you enjoy and love doing, but you’re not going to enjoy it as much if you can’t earn a living that way.

So, the salary is the number one talking point. There is no way around it – and it’s the same way with pretty much any job.

You were looking into notary signing agents. It may seem like an interesting, maybe even fulfilling job – good enough to even consider switching jobs.

You know, at least, that the notary signing agent salary is decent. However, is it more than that?

If it’s only decent, should you start working towards getting that job? Is there even a point to doing that?

Luckily, we know all the answers. So if you need information on notary signing agent salary, job description, and so many other things, continue reading our article to get the answers you’re looking for!

What Does A Notary Signing Agent Exactly Do?

To start, you have a basic idea of what a notary signing agent does. You’re not quite sure about it all, though.

Don’t beat yourself up – that’s only natural. Many people don’t know, and it’s fine. Some things you’ll figure out in this article, and some things about signing agents you’ll figure out once you’re hired.

First of all, let us start by saying what the notary signing agent exactly is. A notary signing agent is a notary specifically trained to sign legal documents regarding loans and mortgages.

So, to become a notary signing agent, you must obtain a notary license first. The signing agents are notaries public, with experience or specific training so they’re qualified to sign loan documents.

The notary signing agents are independent contractors. They do not work for lending companies or government agencies, they work for themselves, as they have to be completely impartial when it comes to signing documents. Since they work independently, they work ‘on-hire’ for escrow companies, mortgage companies, title companies, and signing services.

Notary signing agent salary is earned with the execution of loan documents – their job is to make sure that everything is carried out properly. When we say properly, we mean according to the law, that the document has all the necessary signatures. Sometimes, the notary signing agent will even deliver the documents to the lending institution. 

Since they do not work for any of these companies as an employee, but an independent contractor, they must remain impartial. Their job is to ensure everything is up to par and legal according to the notary laws in that jurisdiction.

A notary signing agent must never offer legal advice to any party involved. They must not explain or interpret anything related to the matter, or alter any part of the document. Their job is to make sure everything is legal, and if it is, sign the document. If it’s not legal in any way they must not sign it. The documents must be prepared by the parties involved, and the notary signing agent must not meddle in that.

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What Are The Most Important Things That A Notary Signing Agent Must Do?

  • Verify the identity of the person(s) signing the loan
  • Make sure that all documents are written in English, that they can be read and understood by the loan signer, or that they can be correctly translated and explained to the loan signer by a third party
  • Ensure that the documents are all signed or initialed in all the spaces
  • Sign or notarize the documents
  • Ensure that the signed documents are returned to the lending institution or organization

What The Notary Signing Agent Must Refrain From At All Times?

  • Giving or offering advice about loans, loan applications and anything loan-related to any party involved
  • Giving opinions about any information listed in the documents that are up for signing
  • Notarizing a signing for which they may receive financial compensation, other than the payment for notarizing the document
  • Notarizing their signature, as the notary signing agent cannot be an involved party in loans, and another notary must notarize their signature

Becoming A Notary Signing Agent

Rdl Notary Signing Agent Salary

Some people believe that it’s not easy to become a notary. On the contrary, it’s easy peasy, and you can apply for a license from the comfort of your home in most states.

Some states require that you take a written test, and that’s about it. And some other states don’t require much, just your online application – that’s how easy it is.

Of course, many people look into the notary job because it seems like a lucrative career choice. However, we’ll talk about that more later on.

Additionally, you do not have to receive any official training when it comes to becoming a notary signing agent. All you need is a state-issued notary license (commission) and that’s about it.

However, if you want to find great success in this field, you will require some official training. You can check out local notaries and ask them to help you out.

If that’s not possible for any reason, you can look online – there are so many online courses that could help you get better at your job. Being better means a higher notary signing agent salary!

You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to get the license. All you truly need to do is fill out the application and perhaps take the test!

Notary Signing Agent Salary

What’s so great about this job are the hours. You don’t have to work this job full-time, or at all times it can be considered more of a part-time job or a side hustle.

If you already have a job you like, you can be a notary signing agent to earn some extra cash. Or maybe you want to work as a notary full-time but you’re not ready to give up your steady career yet.

All in all, you would want to figure out if being a notary signing agent pays well enough to cover all your bills and refresh your savings account even a little.

Well, let’s talk about salary. Notary signing agents are paid per appointment, and appointments last an hour. During that time, a notary performs their duty and if all looks good, notarizes the documents.

For this hourly appointment, the notary is paid between $75 and $200. The price is usually similar to the price of other notaries in the area. 

That all comes down to an average income of a US notary of $40,000 annually. The highest-earning notaries earn more than $90,000 per year – not bad.

The average median income may seem low, by all means. However, do keep in mind that most notaries only do it as a side hustle, rather than a full-time job.

A notary signing agent salary solely depends on how hard you’re willing to work. There is no fixed income, only the amount of appointments scheduled and carried out.

Also, do note that notary signing agents that work for escrow companies tend to earn the most. Their appointments are paid in the range between $125 and $200.

So, if you’re in it for the money, you may want to look into an escrow company to be their on-call notary signing agent.

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Notary Signing Agent Salary – Conclusion

To conclude, a notary signing agent salary depends on a few factors. It can be a salary higher than any state average, and it can give you a nice, comfortable life.

On the other hand, it solely depends on your dedication to this job. If you want to earn more than just a living, you will have to schedule a lot of appointments, among other things.

Also, you will have to invest in some ads to make more traffic. Perhaps, you can even consider moving your office to a busy part of town and making a big, flashy sign.

It may seem redundant, but if your town has already a few notaries nearby, it will be tough to rule out the competition. Becoming a successful notary signing agent takes work, but it certainly pays off!

Furthermore, you should look into escrow companies. The job pays rather well, better than working as an independent notary signing agent. Notary signing agent salary can be a good side hustle, but it can be a good full-time job, too!