Home Stager Salary: What’s The Expected Salary For Home Stagers?

You may be tired of your old job. Or you just want to end the chapter in your life and start a new one. We’ve all been there at some point. 

Sometimes, the job that was once so fulfilling can become so stressful that you start dreading going to work. It’s not even about the money anymore, sometimes you just want out.

During lunch hour, people usually go out o eat. Today, you didn’t – you wanted to research possible careers you could switch to.

Real estate is a good career field, for example. There are many different jobs in real estate, so you started to read into it.

The job that really got your attention is the job of a home stager. Before this, you didn’t even know that home stagers exist!

Now that you do, the job of a home stager seems interesting. It could really become work you enjoy going to, but there is the unanswered question – home stager salary.

How much can you expect to earn as a home stager, what’s the home stager salary? Continue reading our article to find out!

Home Stagers – What Do They Do, Exactly?

A home stager is a person whose job is to stage homes to make them look more attractive to potential buyers. Home stagers are often hired to stage the home for an open house.

Home staging can be done with occupied or vacant homes – it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that the home now looks more inviting and appealing. Furniture is either brought in or taken out so the place looks better, and a flush look is achieved.

The whole idea is based on the feeling the buyer gets. The home stager wants the house to feel home-y and inviting, so the buyer feels compelled to buy it. Sometimes, home staging is more simple than that, as it can take just a little rearranging to get the job done.

So, their job is to make sure the house sells. A home stager is usually hired if the sellers want to sell the house as soon as possible, or if the house isn’t doing so well on the market. 

Home staging may seem like a pretty easy job, but in reality, it’s not so easy. There are so many details to take care of, but it can be a fun career, nonetheless.


  • When the home stager is hired to do the job, they have to depersonalize the house. The idea behind home staging is that the buyers feel like they’re walking into their own home.
  • If they can spot someone else’s photos or unique things, in their mind it will be clear this is not their home. The home stager works to prevent that, as they want the buyers to be able to imagine themselves living there.
  • So, the home stager will work to remove things that make the house personalized. The house should look well decorated but without excess things and someone else’s memories.

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Paying Attention To Details

  • Aside from depersonalization, the whole look of the house should feel just perfect. Like it’s a renovated home – your home, and you’re about to move in. 
  • There are so many details to take care of. The first thing the home stager would do is get rid of the clutter. The clutter and mess are almost a reminder to buyers that this is not their home.
  • However, it’s almost an art to create a clutter-free house. If you take out too much stuff, the house will seem bland and unattractive.
  • The house should be spotless and thoroughly cleaned before anything else. For some houses, it’s enough that it’s perfectly cleaned for it to be sold!
  • Also, that’s the most important detail that needs to be taken care of. If the house isn’t spotless, it doesn’t matter how well decorated it is – it will not sell!
  • A few vases and small items will put an accent on the nice furniture and lighting, creating a good vibe in the house. For some houses, a little goes a long way, truly.
  • On the other hand, the home stager will always work to repair some things that ruin the decorum. If the basic things aren’t functioning properly, it will not be a good look overall.
  • Putting an accent on the best features in the house will attract more prospective buyers. How the furniture is placed, how light the rooms are, decorum and similar things – it all counts. It all accounts for the overall feeling – and if it’s a good one, the seller could get some very good listings!


  • As we already said, sometimes a flush look can be achieved with just a little rearranging. However, some houses and apartments can be rather challenging to be made appealing.
  • This may be the worst scenario for the seller, but it’s just a challenge for a good home stager. Home stagers love a challenge, it means they can put their magic fingers to work!
  • Sometimes, a few decorative pieces and decluttering don’t go as far. That’s where some new furniture comes along!
  • The home stager will sometimes even go as far as to purchase a few pieces for the house, to make a better look. Usually, those pieces are just props, since the furniture doesn’t have to be functional, it just needs to appeal to buyers.
  • There are home staging companies that work on making houses attractive, especially in the US. These companies usually have a variety of furniture available in their warehouse.
  • The home stager just has to pick some out and transport it into the house. Once the house sells, the furniture and all props are taken back into the warehouse.
  • It may seem like they’re tricking the prospective buyers, but they’re not. The buyers are buying the house not for what it is, but for what it can be. If the house seems warm and inviting, with a lot of light and nice furniture, the buyer will feel like staying there!

Why Don’t Real Estate Agents Do The Home Staging?

Rdl Home Stager Salary

Usually, the real estate agents don’t dabble in making the house feel more attractive because they don’t have the time. Realtors are paid with the commission on every sale. 

The real estate agents may not even know how to make the house feel more appealing – their job is to sell the place. That’s why the agents will hire a home stager!

After all, home decorators exist for a reason. The real estate agent doesn’t have time or even an idea of how to improve the house, but home stagers do. It’s their job to create a home out of a house!

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Home Stager Salary – What Do They Earn?

A home stager doesn’t earn a fixed salary. They make the price based on the volume of work. Some houses require only a few things to be done, like some cleaning, rearranging, and adding a few accent props.

On the other hand, a challenging house will be more expensive to make beautiful. It takes a lot more time and even adding furniture to create a good look.

The prices for these jobs range from a few hundred to $5,000! It all depends on the job and the amount of work required to make the house appealing.

The average income for a home stager is $48,000 annually. Of course, this varies a lot – on the volume of work and the amount of work you have to put in each project.

Home Stager Salary – Conclusion

To conclude, a home stager salary is more than decent. You can easily make so much more than just a living.

A home stager usually has to work a lot in the beginning to get a good reputation. Once a home stager becomes known between realtors, getting jobs is a piece of cake.

It takes a lot of work to make a home warm and inviting, but being a home stager is so grateful. Sometimes, in just a few hours you can see that you created a whole new look.

Some houses require new furniture, repairs, so many props, and details to make it sell. A good home stager will just be challenged by this, nothing more! For a home stager, this just means more money and more fun decorating!

All in all, being a home stager can be lucrative and well paying. It’s certainly a good career when you want to leave your old job because it became too dull!