Can A Teacher Also Be A Real Estate Agent?

Teaching is perhaps one of the most important careers in the world. Especially if we’re looking at the benefits teaching has to society.

Teaching young children or even college and university students is one of the most important roles those people have. If the teachers do their job right, they will create a new future for those children and young adults.

So, being a teacher is never easy and it can pose a challenge even in the most patient people. It’s safe to say that teaching is not a career option suitable for everyone.

You may have had enough of a teaching career and are looking for a new field to work in. Or, perhaps the salary isn’t enough for you and you’re looking for something part-time to get some extra cash.

So, you decided to look into real estate. It seems fun and it can be rather lucrative – you can earn a lot just by working with a few clients!

There is only one question to be answered first. Can a teacher also be a real estate agent? Is there a legal obstacle to teachers getting a real estate license? Continue reading to find out the answers!

What Does A Real Estate Agent Do?

At some point, every one of us has worked with a real estate agent, with an exception of a few people. So, it’s easy to get a good idea of what a real estate agent does for a living.

But let’s say it anyway. A real estate agent works with clients to help them sell, buy, or lease a property. They work as an intermediary, and they have a license that makes them qualified for the job.

Real estate agents are trained to work with moving properties, and they have exclusive knowledge about the real estate market. They know the current conditions, how it will affect real estate in the future, and so on.

A good real estate agent will advise you on the right moment to sell or buy a home, or something else. Their job description is so much more than just selling and buying.

Real estate agents can work with two different types of property – residential and commercial. Residential property is something everyone comes across with, at one point or the other.

Residential property is a property made for living in. so, houses, apartments, apartment buildings, even vacation homes, are all residential property.

On the other hand, commercial property is made for businesses. So, commercial property is usually office buildings, warehouses, factories, land, and similar places.

These two are two completely different markets. That’s why real estate agents usually prefer to work with only one type of property.

Tracking changes in the two markets can be rather tough and time-consuming. In smaller cities and towns, a real estate agent usually has no choice and has to work with both types of property to achieve the desired volume of work.

Real estate agents don’t receive a fixed rate for every client they work on. They are paid a good commission, which is a percentage of the sales made on the property.

So, their paycheck can vary each month. For some, this is a con, but for other people, it’s a pro – because you get more money when you work more!

Real estate agents can work at a brokerage, or they can work independently. In reality, many realtors choose to work as an independent contractor, rather than the first solution.

The reason behind that is because working at a brokerage requires a desk fee to be paid each month. The desk fee can be rather expensive, and that’s why agents avoid it.

However, working at a brokerage has certain benefits to it, too. When you have a desk there, you get access to walk-in clients, because brokerage never refers the clients to agents working independently.

So, Can A Teacher Also Be A Real Estate Agent?

Yes, a teacher can also be a real estate agent. There is no legal obstacle preventing a teacher from getting a real estate agent license.

There is no reason why it would be illegal, though. Getting a conflict of interest in these two fields is highly unlikely. There are no compliance rules when it comes to teachers becoming real estate agents, but you should always check with your school board to get the okay.

We can safely say that teachers can enjoy doing real estate. Many teachers are hired full-time, but their job doesn’t take more than just a few hours a day.

Many teachers have extra time to spend working as a real estate agent. To conclude, it is a great idea to start working as a real estate agent!

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Why Is It A Good Idea To Become A Real Estate Agent?

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First of all, because working with clients usually starts at 5 pm, when the clients finish their work. Most classes a teacher has have finished by that time. So, you can easily have an early dinner or take some time to relax and meet some clients after that.

Also, most teachers have a long summer holiday, unless they’re teaching a summer class. Even if they are, there is still a lot of time to work as a real estate agent.

Furthermore, summer is the peak time to work as a real estate agent. So, this is a good pro towards working both jobs!

Another good thing is that these jobs are similar in a way. Of course, they have their differences, but both jobs require a lot of prep work.

The preparation of the lecture or preparing information for the client is pretty much the same. You have to talk about the information that is important for the subject, whether you’re teaching a class or talking to a client.

Working with people is a similarity, too. Getting out information and knowing your way around people’s emotions is a trait that will serve you well in either job.

Moreover, real estate could bring a dash of excitement into your work life. The lectures may change, but you’re still working with the same students, in the same classroom/scenery. Can a teacher also be a real estate agent – yes, and the similarities may surprise you!

Real estate is far more exciting than that. Change of scenery is almost constant – you’re working with different clients and different properties all the time.

Problems at your job as a real estate agent are constantly changing. It’s an exciting field of work, and you’re less likely to be tired of doing it after just a few years, whereas teaching can become exhausting much sooner.

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Why Is It A Bad Idea To Become A Real Estate Agent While Teaching?

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to start working as a real estate agent while you’re working as a teacher. But, what are the cons of working these two jobs?

Well, for once it can be time-consuming. If you’re doing it for the money, and people usually are, it can take a lot of your free time.

You can start feeling tired all the time because suddenly, you’re not working 30, 35 hours a week. It can easily go up to 50 or 60 hours, without you even noticing before you feel the burnout.

What’s a con too is that teachers usually cannot afford to leave the teaching job, even if they’re doing great in real estate. The reason why is that most brokerages don’t offer health insurance or a pension plan.

It can be hard to let go of the security the teaching job offers, especially if you don’t have these perks at the real estate job. If the real estate remains a side hustle, it’s usually for the best. So, if you’re wondering can a teacher also be a real estate agent, it’s best to think it through first!

Can A Teacher Also Be A Real Estate Agent?

To conclude, we will answer the question: can a teacher also be a real estate agent?

Yes, they can!  In reality, the real estate gig can make a good part-time job for any teacher. Teachers usually have the time and good communication with people to make at least a decent real estate agent, if not more!

It’s a good idea for a teacher to become a real estate agent. From our research, the pros certainly outweigh the cons in this question!