Best Beard Butter 2021: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Beard Butter

Top 5 Best Beard Butters 2021:

  1. Manskape Wild Willie’s Beard Butter
  2. Maestro’s Classic Beard Butter
  3. Live Bearded Beard Butters
  4. Detroit Grooming Co. Corktown Beard Butter
  5. Beard Guyz Butter with Grotein

Beard butter!? Is it, like, butter made from men’s’ beards?

No silly! It’s a beard conditioning product that anyone with facial hair should use.

“Hold up right there, buddy. I ain’t buying no sissy beard butter! A real man doesn’t need nothin’ in his beard.” 

Seriously, don’t be this guy.

Contrary to popular opinion, using such a product won’t increase your estrogen levels or make you cry more often. All it’s going to do is keep your beard silky and healthy, and make you look less of a savage and more of a gentleman.

What’s not to like? 

Now that you’re being reasonable like a real man, check out our article and find the best beard butter for you today!

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5 Best Beard Butters In 2021: Detailed Reviews

There are too many beard butters out there; way too many. If you’re new to this product, please, don’t go browsing for it online, as you’ll only get confused. 

To help you avoid all that nasty confusion and frustration, we’ve already done the hard work. Below you’ll find a list of the top 5 beard butters, so go on and give them a look.

1. Manskape Wild Willie’s Beard Butter – Best Overall

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“New beards” step aside; this one’s only for the beard care veterans. Manskape Wild Willie’s is a well-rounded butter, and it can be an excellent choice for folks looking for a new brand to try out. Let’s see what it’s all about!

Hailing from the great state of Georgia, this beard butter is made from all-natural organic ingredients. To ensure high quality and consistent texture, all the ingredients were hand carefully blended. Wild Wille’s does not contain any artificial colors, perfumes or anything that would spoil its “naturalness”.

This product is a melting pot of quality oils such as rosemary, cedar, argan, jojoba, to name a few. It’s also got a fair bit of yellow beeswax, which makes it suitable for beard styling. Folks with sensitive skin are in luck because the addition of castor oil will probably not cause you any problems, not to mention that it’ll clear out any dandruff from its path.

Now, it’s important to mention that unless you enjoy woody scents, you probably shouldn’t buy this product. The smell isn’t intense, but even that might be too much for some. Also, the butter is pretty thick and sticky, so it’s not very easy to apply it.

Aside from these little setbacks, we’re sure that you’ll love Wild Willie’s as it can only do your beard good!


  • Made from organic, locally-sourced ingredients
  • Hand blended
  • Great for beard growth
  • Great price


  • Not for people who don’t like a woody scent
  • Thick and sticky

2. Maestro’s Classic Beard Butter – Best For Light Beards

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The last thing that a guy with a thin beard needs is a thick greasy butter. Well, Maestro’s is a brand that’s made for light beards, and if you want to know what makes it so, please read on.

Maestro’s beard butter is water-based, unlike most others that use oil as their base. This key ingredient gives it a light texture suitable for weaker beards.

“Weak? There’s no such thing as a weak beard, buddy!” Of course not, our bad; all beards are mighty in their own way. We were referring to those which aren’t very bushy and unruly.

Now, since this product doesn’t have a consistency of its oil-based counterparts, it isn’t suitable for beard styling/shaping as it won’t be able to keep it in place. However, it’ll allow you to spread it very evenly, in a short time.

Some puritans may be thrown off by the long list of ingredients, and the suspicion that some of them may not be natural. On the bright side, it does have a lot of great stuff like castor seed oil, coconut oil, and mulberry bark extract.

Maestro’s will keep your facial hair hydrated and smelling like spring while soothing itchy skin. It’s not the cheapest brand, but if its description suits your needs, you won’t find a better one.


  • Water-based, great for light beards
  • Great hydrating effect
  • Coats the beard evenly
  • It has a pleasant, mild smell


  • Pricier than its competition
  • May not be all-natural

3. Live Bearded Beard Butters – Best No-Fuss Option

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Live Bearded is one of the leading brands on the market, and the ideal solution for the “no-fuss” buyer. This manufacturer likes to keep things simple, and this strategy seems to be effective because their product produces results.

When it comes to the ingredients, this butter doesn’t have too many. It contains coconut, almond, avocado, jojoba, and grape seed oils, as well as shea butter. This may not seem like much compared to its competition, but remember, less is more in case of Live Bearded.

The option that we’re presenting to you right now is unscented, but the company does make several fragrant beard butters. However, none of them seem to outsell the basic, unscented version, so this is the one we recommend you try.

With light to medium holding strength, this butter strikes the golden middle between easy application and styling properties. While it won’t be able to hold very thick and wiry hairs, it’ll work well with most people’s beards.

Now, be careful not to apply too much of it, as it is quite greasy, and it will make your beard look shiny and glued up. The butter is sold at a reasonable price, and it is a great pick for a first-time buyer.


  • Simple, all-natural ingredients
  • Reasonable price
  • Great for first-time buyers
  • Unscented


  • You have to be careful not to over-apply it
  • Can’t hold a strong beard

4. Detroit Grooming Co. Corktown Beard Butter – Best Tobacco Scent 

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If you’re not keen on beard butters with synthetic ingredients, but do like those with a manly fragrance, then do yourself a favor and check out Detroit Grooming Co. Corktown. 

Ingredient-wise, this beard butter is packed full of goodness. It’s got shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, and a couple more high-quality elements. The only ingredient whose origin is undisclosed is the tobacco fragrance, but we’ll turn a blind eye on it.

Speaking of tobacco, it is the overpowering scent of this butter, and this brand is probably the best choice if you like that smell. However, if you don’t, then skip this product because it might make you feel like a walking ashtray. We’re exaggerating; the scent is pretty mild. As for the texture, it’s surprisingly non-greasy, and it takes just a few motions to rub it into your beard.

A problem with this butter is that it wears off relatively quickly, and it won’t hold for an entire day. It seems that the beard absorbs it much quicker than it does some other brands. The smell, on the other hand, lingers on like you were born with it, which may be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences.


  • Suitable for most beard types
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Great for those who like a tobacco scent
  • Easy to apply


  • The effects wear off quickly
  • The smell lingers on long

5. Beard Guyz Butter with Grotein – Best Budget Option

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Looking for something that’ll thicken your beard up? Why not try Beard Guyz beard butter with grotein, a magic ingredient that’ll provide your facial hair with that much-desired fullness.

This beard butter feels more like a balm than a butter, which is its main strength and weakness at the same time. It’s not very thick, nor does it have that oily quality that many such products tend to have. It behaves more like a conditioner, which means that it’ll hydrate and nourish the beard, but it’ll not tame it.

The smell of this product is an undefined perfumey fragrance, and while it’s rather mild, it will definitely bother some folks. If you’re not much of a scent guy, don’t worry, because it dissipates pretty fast.

As we said, this butter won’t hold the beard in place, but it will help you neat it up by softening the hairs and making it easier for you to comb it. It doesn’t leave any residue or buildup, which is certainly a good thing. 

The complex formula contains twenty ingredients, and not all of them seem natural. However, there have been no reports of detrimental effects, so it’s completely safe to use it. Beard Guyz is dirt cheap, and budget-buyers will be happy with it.


  • Helps to moisturize and loosen up the beard
  • Gets absorbed very quickly
  • Mild fragrance
  • Cheap


  • Many folks don’t like the scent
  • Not good for styling

What Is Beard Butter?

Best Beard Butter

Beard butter (not the same as balm) is a product used for beard conditioning/styling, and any responsible facial hair owner should use it.

It keeps the skin on your face hydrated, it makes your beard soft and helps soothe irritation. On top of this, it smells great, it clears out dandruff and can be used for light beard styling.

The conditioning properties set it apart from beard wax, which is just used for sculpting/shaping the beard. 

What To Know When Before Buying A Beard Butter?

The risk of having countless products to choose from is that you might pick a crappy one or something that won’t suit you. Not to speak about wasting your money on overpriced mediocre butters, and trust us, there are loads of those.

To avoid such incidents, you need to learn all the key elements of beard butters so that you know exactly what to look for. Strap up, and let us teach you all about it, fella’.

1. Ingredients

  • First things first, here’s what you don’t want – chemicals. If the product’s ingredient list contains things that you can’t read, let alone pronounce, then don’t buy it. Simple as that. It’s common sense, but we’d like to point out that artificial compounds aren’t good for your beard or skin.
  • So, what do you look for? You want all-natural and, if possible, organic ingredients. In other words, just get something without any synthetic flavors, aromas, or colors, and you’ll be fine. 

2. Oils

When it comes to oils in beard butter, we can divide them into two groups – carrier and essential.

  • Carrier oils are the base, and thus the main ingredient, and their job is to exfoliate and moisturize the beard. The oils used for this purpose usually include coconut, jojoba, or argan oil, and most brands will have some kind of blend of those three. Folks who’ve got dandruff or itch problems ought to look for something with castor oil.
  • Essential oils are where the butter gets its scent from. Since these products are made for guys, you’ll find a lot of wooden smells like cedar, pine, or even lavender. In case you don’t like scents or they don’t work well for your beard, you can always go for a scentless butter.

3. Styling

  • Beard butter isn’t the best choice for guys who like to sculpt their beard into shape, as beard wax is better for that purpose. However, if you want to do some basic styling and neat things up a bit, then butter will do. 
  • Of course, there are better and worse brand choices regarding beard styling. You’ll definitely want a butter that contains beeswax, as it’s by far the best for the job. Beeswax is not something that you come across often in these products, as most brands use shea butter instead, so always take a close look at the ingredient list.

4. Beard Type

Everyone’s facial hair is different, so you can’t expect a single butter to work for every man. 

  • Depending on the kind hairs you have, and how thick/thin your beard is, you can choose between three holding strengths – light, medium, and strong. This feature is related to what we talked about in the previous section, as stronger butters have a higher concentration of wax.
  • Guys with unruly beards that go all over the place should look for medium to strong butters, which can keep the beard nicely shaped throughout the day. On the other hand, those with thin and straight facial hair probably won’t need more than a light butter. 

5. Cost

While we prefer to focus on the quality rather than the price, we realize that money is an important factor and so we’d to talk about it. 

  • We feel like you shouldn’t put just anything on your face, and that the product you choose needs to fulfill certain standards. However, this doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive, because, as we said earlier, there are many overpriced brands out there.
  • Now, instead of telling what price range is “acceptable”, we want to give you a method for making the best buying decision. When looking at lists such as ours, narrow down your options to three products that suit you the most, and then pick the one with the best price. 

Conclusion & Our Recommendations

Beard care is essential, no matter how manly you think you are, and we hope you understand this by now. If you agree with us and want to learn about our top three picks for today, then check out the following paragraphs.

The gold medal goes to Menskape Wild WIllie’s, a butter that turns men into gladiators. It’s got it all – the styling properties, the beard nourishment, and a pleasant woody smell. 

Right after it is Maestro’s Classic beard butter, and it is more suitable for light to medium beard thicknesses. In case you’re not a fan of thick and hard butters, feel free to try this one out.

Last but not least, there’s the Live Bearded butter for men who like to keep things simple. It is unscented, contains only the bare essentials, and will work for most beard types.

That’ll be all for today, guys. Remember always to keep your chin up high, but tidy up your damn beard first!

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