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Radar Logic Daily Prices

The Radar Logic Daily™ Price is a single value representing the price per square foot paid for residential real estate in a defined Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) on any given day. Data are gathered from public source records and then translated by our proprietary algorithms into an accurate reflection of the values paid in actual arm's-length real estate transactions.

Financial instruments based on the Daily Prices are offered and traded in the Residential Property Index™ (RPX™) market. For a list of dealers licensed to offer products in the RPX market, click here.

Frequency of Publication:  Daily, every business day (each metropolitan area will be published on a consistent lag of not more than 63 days after the date on which real estate sales “closed”).

Unit of Measurement:  Price per square foot (PPSF)

Technical Specifications:  Ventana and Radar Logic have developed a methodology for examining the vast amount of data that exists in the real estate market. Our patent-pending technology leverages advances in computing power, modeling algorithms, and innovations in statistical analysis in order to translate this data into the Radar Logic Daily Prices.

Metro Areas Covered:  Radar Logic Daily Prices are currently published for 25 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in the United States and the Manhattan Condominium market. A composite price is also published that reflects data from all of the 25 MSAs. We intend to expand our coverage to include more metropolitan areas. To see the areas currently covered, click here.

1-Day, 7-Day and 28-Day Prices:  Radar Logic produces three Daily Price values based on 1-day, 7-day and 28-day time periods. The 7- and 28-day prices are not moving averages; they are calculated with the same methodology as the 1-day price, but using an aggregate of all transactions for the current published transaction date plus the prior 6 or 27 calendar days. (As the time window moves forward each day, the 7- and 28-day prices are updated.) For further clarification, see our Methodology page.